Agriminders (AUS)

Chris Russell explores the critical issues affecting the next 50 years in Australian agriculture. In each episode Agricultural Scientist Chris speaks with the key intellects, custodians or 'Agriminds' tasked with securing the future of our food and fibre production in Australia and discusses how Australian agricultural issues can also have a larger worldwide impact.


Agriminders (AUS)

Zero Tolerance Part 1

Are the fears around glyphosate legitimate? Glyphosate has arguably been one of the most transformational agricultural innovations of the last 50 years. However, following a recent court case in the USA, may now be under threat as a readily available tool in the hands of farmers due to cancer fears. Host Chris Russell speaks to Managing Director of Monsanto Australasia, Mr Tony May, about his company's position on glyphosate and where he sees the current court actions leading. Chris also speaks to the Chair of Grain Producers Australia, Andrew Weidemann, about his feelings around this issue as he is arguably both the beneficiary and potential victim of this technology as a grain producer himself.
00:47:31 3/21/2019

Past Episodes

Glyphosate has facilitated major productivity increases and reduced environmental stress due to over-cultivation over the last 50 years. However, it has been classified as "probably cancer causing agent" by the International Agency for research on Cancer (IARC). How was this classification decided and what does it mean? Agricultural Scientist, Chris Russell, speaks to Cancer Epidemiologist and member of (IARC), Professor Lin Fritschi, who explains how and why glyphosate was classified as a "probably cancer causing agent" by this sub-group of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and what this means for farmers.
00:24:08 3/21/2019
Climate Change - Will we successfully adapt to a changing climatic environment or alternatively what are the chances we will we be successful in adapting the climate to change to suit us? Host Chris Russell speaks to leading global environmental scientist Prof Will Stephans and Young Farmer of the Year and co-founder of the think-tank - "Climate Wise Agriculture," Anika Molesworth, on the reality of climate change and the optimism of the next generation .
00:47:20 2/27/2019
Climate Change - What is our plan B? Host Chris Russell speaks to member of the Nobel Peace Prize winning IPCC team, Professor Mark Howden, about what happens if we don't reach our carbon emissions target.
00:18:33 2/27/2019
Exploring the fears around Genetic Modification (GM) in our food and the agricultural industry. Host Chris Russell speaks to Director of the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI) and member of the federal "Gene Technology Technical Advisory Committee," Prof Robert Henry, about the reality of the GM processes and what it means for our future food production.
00:29:26 2/27/2019
Exploring our fears around Genetic Modification in fibre. Host Chris Russell speaks to Chief Research Scientist with CSIRO, Dr Danny Llewellyn, about why perceptions around Mendel's Genetics breeding differ to perceptions of gene editing and the impact that this has had on cotton
00:29:34 2/27/2019
Cotton production is a much maligned industry in Australia due to its perceived high water usage but should we be telling farmers what to grow with their purchased irrigation water? Host Chris Russell discusses the water usage in cotton production with, Dave Anthony, CEO/Chair of Auscott (Australias largest cotton producer) and why cotton is so popular amongst irrigation farmers and the importance of cotton to the Australian economy.
00:38:03 2/27/2019
Wool - Is there still a future for natural fibres like wool? Host Chris Russell speaks to Stuart McCullough, the Chief Executive of Australia's peak wool marketing and research body, Australian Wool Innovation, about what the wool industry is doing to counter the cheaper synthetic materials and how it has responded to the demands of a very vocal and aggressive animal rights movements.
00:39:28 2/27/2019
The red meat industry in Australia is facing an uncertain future due to Animal Welfare issues, cheaper meat alternatives and the rise of vegetarianism and veganism. Yet, the middle class in developing countries like China & Indonesia are developing a growing taste and high demand for red meat pushing up both meat and live exports. Host Chris Russell speaks to Chief Executive of Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), Richard Norton, about how the industry is changing to meet the new place of red meat in global food demand.
00:40:48 2/27/2019
The trigger for 21st Century conflict may well be fresh water. Agricultural Scientist Chris Russell finds out what lessons we can learn from rivers shared between countries at war and how we can apply that to water management in Australia. This episode's Agriminder is Dr David Michel from the Transboundary Water Management Department of the Stockholm International Water Institute.
00:39:03 9/15/2018
The tension between water used for agriculture, the water demands of the environment and the water needs of communities, has been the source of much debate and conflict going right back to Federation. Agricultural Scientist Chris Russell finds out who have been the winners and losers in our water policies of the last decade - or if it been actually been a "win-win"? The Agriminders in this episode are CEO of the National Irrigators' Council, Steve Whan and former CEO of Coleambally water, John Culleton.
00:44:06 9/15/2018

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