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Robert Kelly has overcome many hardships in his life, all of which have made him the actor/comedian he is today. From his early days growing up as a kid in Boston going in and out of Juvenile Hall, Kelly's unique, honest take on his own life and relationship make his comedy clever, abrasive, funny but also refreshingly vulnerable. His extensive TV comedy credits include Comedy Central Presents, HBO's Tourgaism, and Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. Kelly play's Louie CK's brother on FX's Louie, appears as a detective opposite Vincent D'Onofrio on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and has a starring role on ABC's The Job with Dennis Leary.


Spoiler Alert

Yannis Pappas, Dan St Germain and Julie Seabaugh join us to chat about Julie's book on Roast Battle, how Yannis will be in wigs on Long Island at 70 and how everyone knows Dan's big ole head. There are also 15 movie spoilers sprinkled in this episode thanks to that big ole head.
01:53:34 8/19/2018

Past Episodes

On this week's episode bobby claims he started all podcasts and social media platforms, Brendan tried desperately to get in the intro song and Dean talks about leaving rockstardom for comedy
01:32:56 8/12/2018
Bobby's on vacation, so Dan Soder sits in with guests Joe List and Mike Vecchione! Should YouTubers do stand up, should we get so mad when they do, and do white guys still get to have an opinion? We dance through this mine field and more on this weeks killer YKWD!
01:34:48 8/5/2018
Live from the Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival! W/ guests Gary Gulman and Chris Distefano
01:08:26 7/29/2018
Joe List and Bonnie McFarlane join Bobby on the  power of manifestation and spousal chores! What works, what's right, what gets the job done!
02:01:49 7/22/2018
This week Colin Quinn, Dan Soder and Keith Robinson join Bobby for a ride on the Comedy Express!!
02:03:28 7/15/2018
This week Colin Quinn, Dan Soder and Keith Robinson join Bobby for a ride on the Comedy Express!!
02:01:49 7/15/2018
Rich Vos Paul Virzi and the return of the beloved Gary Gulman on this Independence Day YKWD! Bobby's thumb, Mush's face, Rich's hat, what's a semicolon for? This episode is packed!
02:08:09 7/8/2018
The Legendary Legend Rich Vos is Bobby's guest as we go over comedy free speech, Kathy Griffin's comeback and docile poultry! Vos is on fire, the couch gets weird, it's an amazing ep!
02:06:48 7/1/2018
Bobby's back from Father's Day camping for a hot YKWD with Joe List and Katie Hannigan in studio! It's ghetto campers, angry comedy patrons, the latest in female pleasure tech, it's more than Mushys fat fingers can keep up with!
02:15:13 6/24/2018
Bobby is joined by Cumtown's Nick Mullen and Stavros Halkias this week to talk suicide, comedy meltdowns and how to pee with a boner!
01:59:31 6/17/2018

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