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Robert Kelly has overcome many hardships in his life, all of which have made him the actor/comedian he is today. From his early days growing up as a kid in Boston going in and out of Juvenile Hall, Kelly's unique, honest take on his own life and relationship make his comedy clever, abrasive, funny but also refreshingly vulnerable. His extensive TV comedy credits include Comedy Central Presents, HBO's Tourgaism, and Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. Kelly play's Louie CK's brother on FX's Louie, appears as a detective opposite Vincent D'Onofrio on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and has a starring role on ABC's The Job with Dennis Leary.


Live from the Philly Punchline

"Live From the Philly Punchline" with the @JerseyJerks and Philly comics..."Live From the Philly Punchline" with the @JerseyJerks and Philly comics @richieredding and @NathanHabib! Filmed outside @punchlinephilly, so the video is a little rough, but honestly, Philly looks better that way.   Show More

01:34:17 10/15/2017

Past Episodes

This week on YKWD: Bobby brings on the hilarious Jared Freid and Justin Silver! We get into being Jewish and exactly how many Jewish friends we have! The bell comes into play! Justin and Bobby get into a tent battle on who has the better one! Camping!? Not for Jared Freid. The topic of the tragedy in Las Vegas weighed heavy on the group today, and brought up some Boston Strong convo! Watch/Listen/Share/Enjoy!
02:22:29 10/8/2017
It's a great one this week dudes! Robert Kelly chops it up with Tom Cassidy, Ian fidance and a returning Mike Veccione. Before the discussion turns into talks of sexual phone calls, Liz from the Comedy Cellar stops by for a good old fashioned YKWD court case! When Ian is through defending his case, this hysterical episode covers topics such as the NFL, Mike's love for his own jokes and Tom's currently finished writing job for Adult Swim. Don't miss this hilarious episode dudes!
02:05:23 10/1/2017
This week on YKWD: Robert welcomes to the show Andrew Schulz, Lenny Marcus and Jim Florentine. The conversation covers everything from pitching shows and modern television to girls to die for. We talk about Jim's new upcoming tour (with a hilarious title) and Andrew's new 441 comedy experience on YouTube. To end it all, Lenny talks about his new show soon to be on the RiotCast Network. This is an episode not to be missed dudes!
02:19:35 9/24/2017
This week on YKWD; Robert Kelly brings on Guests Dave Smith, Mike Feeney and new Dad Aaron Berg! Liz from the cellar stops in for a hello to talk about the Chip Live Show the night before! We talk about Dave's new album 'Libertas' out now! And new dad Arron tells us all about the struggles and happiness of bringing a baby girl into the world! Bobby dives into Lauren and Dave a little, and we have an all around hilarious episode! Watch/Listen/Share/Enjoy Dudes!
02:18:54 9/17/2017
This week on YKWD; Brace yourself Dudes cause this week's YKWD was on FIRE! We have Mike Vecchione, Paul Virzi, and Yannis Pappas in studio for an all time epic YKWD! We get into guidos, track suits and anacondas? Virzi tells us a horrific tall that leaves us in shock and Yannis pulls out a new character Gina, which, you will never forget. Watch/Listen/Share/Enjoy Dudes!!!
02:10:46 9/10/2017
This week on YKWD; We have a hell of a show Dudes! Bobby brings on Guests Dean DelRay, Mark Normand, and Mike Feeney. We start out the episode by introducing Ned Kennedy from Laughable App! We get to know Ned and go quickly into bringing him right into the YKWD madness. Dean tells us about his horrific motorcycle accident and coming back from some serious weight loss! Bobby brings us through his hiking journey with Max and we fall deeper in love with FeenDog aka "Too Cute" all over again! Watch/Listen/Share/Enjoy Dudes!!
02:25:02 9/3/2017
This week on YKWD; We have Guests Tim Dillon, Kim Congdon and Katie Hannigan Dudes! Robert Kelly gives Joe List a call to talk about the wedding. We hear how Kim and Bobby thought about the Cod and who was out there dancing. Bobby brings light to having two Skanks GF's in house, and we take notice to the fact how similar Kim is to Luis. Poor Vinny 'From the Jersey Shore' because we break down his set on YouTube piece by piece. Watch/Listen/Share/Enjoy Dudes!!!
02:15:14 8/27/2017
This week on YKWD; We have a jam packed YKWD Dudes! We have guests Ralph Sutton, Casey Balsham and JP McDade with stop in's from the regulars Joe List and Luis J. Gomez Dude! Bobby and Luis get into it!! They have another epic back and forth that ends surprisingly well. Ralph debuts the YKWD new merch! T-Shirts, Sweat shirts and Coffee mugs dudes!! Coming soon! We talk about Joe's pre wedding jitters and hear about JP's childhood in CT. Casey has some killerrr come backs, and we do a hysterical Fuck, Marry, Kill. Luis? Big Jay? Or Dave Smith? Find out who Lauren picks! Listen/Watch/Share/Enjoy Dudes!
02:24:00 8/20/2017
This week on YKWD; We are back! And we have a killer episode with Robert Kelly, Joe List, Chris Scopo and Jason Kantor! We dive into Bobby's Montreal camping experience, and talk about how Ari made Bobby feel sensitive. We give Ari a ring on the phone and then he pops in the studio! We start to pull up videos to see if we can make ourselves cry, things get hysterical when Ari almost does! Watch/Listen/Share/Enjoy!
02:37:05 8/13/2017

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