Weird Medicine

Since 2007, Weird Medicine has been the first and still only uncensored medical show in broadcast radio history on the Opie and Anthony Channel on SiriusXM. Now, the same crew that continues to shock, horrify, entertain and inform the satellite airwaves is producing a weekly podcast!  This is a medical show for people who would never listen to a medical show on the internet (or anywhere else).


300 - Prepare to Be Disappointed Again

Dr Steve, Dr Scott, Lady Diagnosis, Tasty D, G-Spot, El Crappo, and Magic Mike discuss fracture male members, and take a bunch of calls. Also includes "Are You Smarter than Big Jo" and more! STUFF.DOCTORSTEVE.COM
01:32:36 2/20/2018

Past Episodes

Dr Steve and crew discuss the toxicity of pounds of fentanyl, skin tags, constipation in pregnancy, borderline personality disorder and more!
00:55:33 2/13/2018
Dr Steve and crew exhaustively discuss and calculate the statistics of smoking (ad nauseam), relative risk vs absolute risk, eye surgery, legalizing marijuana, and more!
00:55:33 2/6/2018
Dr Steve, Dr Scott, Lady Di-agnosis, and Sweet Virginer discuss bloating with Alternate Universe Magic Mike. A listener complains about modern medicine (and he's not wrong). Scrotum lumps.   STUFF.DOCTORSTEVE.COM
00:55:33 2/1/2018
Nasal spray addiction, dementia, medical school, various types of hepatitis and more. Includes "Alternate Universe Magic Mike" who not only doesn't destroy bathrooms but can pick a mean guitar lick. STUFF.DOCTORSTEVE.COM BLUEAPRON.COM/MEDICINE
00:55:33 1/23/2018
Dr Steve and crew discuss: ketogenic diets, sulphur burps, night sweats, testing for herpes, and more! STUFF.DOCTORSTEVE.COM
00:55:33 1/16/2018
Dr Steve, Dr Scott and Lady Di-agnosis discuss gout with Bruce Prichard, who also plugs his new gig and podcast! Classic championship wrestling came up once or twice. Creatine supplements, e-cigarettes, and more! Check out: STUFF.DOCTORSTEVE.COM
00:45:32 1/9/2018
Dr Steve and Dr Scott celebrate the "Dew Year" by alienating their audience. Mercifully, it's only for 25 minutes. Next week: a "real" show! Mandolin: Dr Scott Bass: Dr Steve "Vocals": Dr Scott
00:24:42 1/2/2018
One of the owners of Riotcast calls in with some abdominal pain. What about autonomic neuropathy? Sleep apnea, Big Jo, colon cleanses, head trauma, and deep tissue massage get the treatment from Dr Steve and crew. STUFF.DOCTORSTEVE.COM ($30 off and free shipping!)
00:55:07 12/26/2017
Dr Steve and crew discuss the adverse effects of nipple pinching, olecranon bursitis (septic), HPV prevalence and informed consent, lipid breach and dry skin, scoliosis, cold drinks and GERD and more. STUFF.DOCTORSTEVE.COM
00:38:43 12/19/2017
Dr Steve and crew discuss smoking cessation, vaping, epinephrine pens, essential oils, armpit rash, arnica for pain, tubal ligation vs vasectomy and more. STUFF.DOCTORSTEVE.COM - Offer Code Fluid
00:44:44 12/12/2017

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