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Porsche Factory Driver Patrick Long

On this episode we sit with professional driver, Patrick Long. He's been on Porsche's Factory Team, he helped found the Porsche event Luftkeghult, and is part of the team building the amazing dirt-ready 911s, Luftauto. Wiki:'s site:
01:11:19 1/16/2018

Past Episodes

It's a double episode! Dir. of Photography Thad Brown, and a chef with almost as many Mercedes as he has restaurants, Sang Yoon! In the first part of this episode our own Dir. of Photography, Thaddeus Brown, returns from Dubai! He has McLaren F1 stories, Pagani stories, and talks about the cars he can and can't get there. In the second half we are joined by the man that invented the gastropub as we know it, Chef Sang Yoon. He has a very interesting, tasteful car collection, talks to us about cars, food, drinks, and he might have a watch or two. Thaddeus IG:'s IG:'s Restaurants:
02:47:52 1/10/2018
TJ Fry is a pro-am drifter, multi-discipline driving instructor, and longtime friend of TST. He's taught in the dirt, snow, rocks, and on tarmac. TJ is in town as a demo driver for the Mercedes' G Wagen sideshow, and brought fellow instructor (and Baja enthusiast) Jeff White along with him. Topics covered include approach angles, off-roading, why you don't need a G63 AMG to climb metal, driving techniques, building 240s, and where cars are today. Check out TJ's YT: @TJdrivesCheck out Jeff's Shop: - IG: @thesmokingtire - T: @thesmoking tireZack Klapman: - IG: @fakezackklapman - T: @zackklapman
01:44:11 1/3/2018
Mike Spinelli is an O.G. in the world of online automotive journalism. He worked at 0-60 Magazine with Brian Scotto (of the Hoonigan Empire), and was the first writer at Jalopnik. He currently hosts "After/DRIVE", does video reviews for, and is one of the hosts of "/DRIVE on NBC Sports".Mike on IG: on Twitter: on The DRIVE:
02:26:01 12/20/2017
Aaron Gold -one of our funniest and most frequent guests- returns, and he brought a friend, automotive YouTuber Brian Makse. V12 vs V8s, spool valves, crashing, forbidden cars; this episode has it all. Aaron has been in this business for decades, and always has an interesting take on a car, a few strange interests (usually featuring diesel) and a bevy of odd voices to help paint a picture. Brian has been talking about cars on YouTube for 4 years, and tested a mess of performance cars. The guys start off the show comparing new Astons to new Bentleys, leading to a debate of V8s vs V12s. Later in the show Brian talks about suspension damping and spool valves, the Chevrolet ZR2, forbidden cars, the 25 year ban, near-misses in racing, and a lot more. Check out Brian's channel here: Check out Aaron's car advice here:
02:06:14 12/13/2017
After leaving radio to work in the middle of Australia, Manuel Carrillo III found a job around hs favorite thing: cars. He writes for a large number of websites, films and photograhs, but his focus right now is restoring the Porsche 911 he was driven home in after he was born. Yanked from cluttered garage, he dragged it to SEMA in its current state; a car that was honest about where it had been. He talks to us about the car's journey, and a broken Mustang that seems impossible to fix. Other topics include the duration of a Safari build, the upcoming Radwood 2 show, cheap 90s cars, and how to make $150,000 into $80,000. Check out Manuel's content here: YT: Brands:
01:47:34 12/6/2017
Anthony Lahner started his career painting wheels in alleys, but now he runs a company that can restore or perfect the look of any car. We interview him in the second half of the show, after Matt and Zack talk about drifting and bad car movies.He brought Matt's R32 GT-R back to factory-fresh and upholstered the interior of his Mustang, but he's done far more than that, from cutting his teeth working at a luxury service center to painting out of a van. He's learned which luxury cars are cheap, what causes some weird Ferrari problems, how to protect you car, and has some funny stories about the early days.In addition, Zack took his E46 drifting- finally- and saw some interesting match ups at the track, so we compare the drifting dynamics of an M3, a 240SX, and the other things we've slid. Topics also include a hilariously-bad car movie from the 80s, why gasoline gets hot, and plenty more. EXOTICAR:
02:11:56 11/29/2017
We are back from SEMA and there's a new 1987 Porsche 911 sitting in the parking lot. Matt has picked up his car for a Leh Keen Safari project, and spent 1,000 miles getting to know it. Zack also gives his perspective on the car and its unique driving habits. We also discuss the new top speed record, SEMA truck trends, the 6-wheeled Raptor, and a lot more.
01:43:49 11/15/2017
Recorded live from the show floor at SEMA, this episode covers a lot of ground. The first half of the show features Brad, Rick, Lane, and Art. founders of the Radwood car show, coming to Los Angeles on December 2nd, and featuring 80's and 90's cars. Then, in the second half, we bring on old friends of the show Rob Ferretti, Tommy Farrell (aka Tommy FYeah), Mike Musto, and Larry Kosilla, plus an appearance from recent One Take fan favorite Lars Wolfe, talking more about his Nissan Juke "Multipurpose Racer" Special thanks to Magnaflow for providing the means and being the title sponsor for this podcast! Check out the video version of this podcast at: about Radwood here: out the official YouTuber Challenge Here: out Matt's Fox Body on Track video here:
01:02:58 11/8/2017
In this podcast we have Jonny Lieberman and Jethro Bovingdon, the hosts of Motor Trend's hit shows "Head-2-Head" and "IGNITION". Jonny has been on these shows for years, but Jethro is a new import from England, with the accent and drifting skills we've come to expect from writers across the pond. They're in town shooting a McLaren 720S, so we talk about that. We argue about the Acura NSX, Jonny defends Honda Civic Type R's cooling system, and discuss the crazy things Mercedes owns. Other topics include ICON's Derelicts, McLaren F1s, Porsche purchases, NSX pricing and sales, whiskey, and plenty else. Watch Head-2-Head here: IGNITION here:
02:06:23 11/1/2017
In this episode, recorded on location, Matt visits O.G. Luxury Tuner and customizer Matt Figliola, founder of AI Design in Tuckahoe, NY. Matt and his band of genius craftsmen have been building tricked out luxury vehicles since 1992, and have set several industry standards for incredible, stealth design. Matt Figliola is also credited with popularizing Matte Black paint in 2005, upon revealing a then-unknown skateboarder named Ken Block's customized CLS55. Matt discusses trends in the customizing industry, revisits some of his favorite builds, and talks about some of the insane technologies his customers ask him to install into their vehicles. We also dissect some of the best technologies and speakers in the car stereo market. One of AI's most famous builds is Alex Roy's "Polizei144" BMW M5, so Alex joins us to talk about augmented reality, autonomous driving, and what the future of luxury customizing might look like. Check out AI Design's crazy work at: http://www.aidesign.comCheck out Alex's new high-end NYC Stereo Boutique at: the video version of this podcast at:
01:41:58 10/25/2017

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