Matt Farah, Zack Klapman, Chris Hayes, Nino Cutraro and Thad Brown sit down with automotive icons, pro drivers, comedians and other friends to discuss automotive industry news, racing, projects and whatever else comes to mind.


TST Podcast - Back from SEMA

We are back from SEMA and there's a new 1987 Porsche 911 sitting in...We are back from SEMA and there's a new 1987 Porsche 911 sitting in the parking lot. Matt has picked up his car for a Leh Keen Safari project, and spent 1,000 miles getting to know it. Zack also gives his perspective on the car and its unique driving habits. We also discuss the new top speed record, SEMA truck trends, the 6-wheeled Raptor, and a lot more.    Show More

1:43:49 11/15/2017

Past Episodes

Recorded live from the show floor at SEMA, this episode covers a lot of ground. The first half of the show features Brad, Rick, Lane, and Art. founders of the Radwood car show, coming to Los Angeles on December 2nd, and featuring 80's and 90's cars. Then, in the second half, we bring on old friends of the show Rob Ferretti, Tommy Farrell (aka Tommy FYeah), Mike Musto, and Larry Kosilla, plus an appearance from recent One Take fan favorite Lars Wolfe, talking more about his Nissan Juke "Multipurpose Racer" Special thanks to Magnaflow for providing the means and being the title sponsor for this podcast! Check out the video version of this podcast at: about Radwood here: out the official YouTuber Challenge Here: out Matt's Fox Body on Track video here:
1:02:58 11/8/2017
In this podcast we have Jonny Lieberman and Jethro Bovingdon, the hosts of Motor Trend's hit shows "Head-2-Head" and "IGNITION". Jonny has been on these shows for years, but Jethro is a new import from England, with the accent and drifting skills we've come to expect from writers across the pond. They're in town shooting a McLaren 720S, so we talk about that. We argue about the Acura NSX, Jonny defends Honda Civic Type R's cooling system, and discuss the crazy things Mercedes owns. Other topics include ICON's Derelicts, McLaren F1s, Porsche purchases, NSX pricing and sales, whiskey, and plenty else. Watch Head-2-Head here: IGNITION here:
2:06:23 11/1/2017
In this episode, recorded on location, Matt visits O.G. Luxury Tuner and customizer Matt Figliola, founder of AI Design in Tuckahoe, NY. Matt and his band of genius craftsmen have been building tricked out luxury vehicles since 1992, and have set several industry standards for incredible, stealth design. Matt Figliola is also credited with popularizing Matte Black paint in 2005, upon revealing a then-unknown skateboarder named Ken Block's customized CLS55. Matt discusses trends in the customizing industry, revisits some of his favorite builds, and talks about some of the insane technologies his customers ask him to install into their vehicles. We also dissect some of the best technologies and speakers in the car stereo market. One of AI's most famous builds is Alex Roy's "Polizei144" BMW M5, so Alex joins us to talk about augmented reality, autonomous driving, and what the future of luxury customizing might look like. Check out AI Design's crazy work at: http://www.aidesign.comCheck out Alex's new high-end NYC Stereo Boutique at: the video version of this podcast at:
1:41:58 10/25/2017
Triple guest podcast! Chris Cantle of Motorcyclist magazine, and Raphael Orlove and Michael Balaban, hosts of Jalopnik's new TV show, "Car vs America." Chris has written for nearly everybody. Road & Track, The /DRIVE, Popular Mechanics, and surely more. He's now the Editor in Chief of "Motorcyclist", a print/web magazine that's been around since the early 1900s. And Raph and Mike of Jalopnik maybe-fame stopped by while filming their new TV show, airing on Fusion TV. Topics range from the new Acura NSX, crashing motorcycles, being embarrassed in the pits, racing bad cars, Harley's, Ducatis, and much more. Get the video version of this podcast here:
2:03:43 10/18/2017
ICON 4X4 founder Jonathan Ward joins us again with much to discuss! He's brought an epic 1958 Rolls Royce with a 500 HP LS7, and he's got his new "Duesey" Watch, which he designed himself after teaching himself CAD. We discuss yacht design, sailing the Mediterranean, robotic kitchens, wind tunnels, and old cars of all kinds. Learn more about ICON cars, trucks and now watches at: http://www.icon4x4.comGet the video version of this podcast at:
1:42:04 10/11/2017
Segment 1: VortexRadarArlei Bravy is the founder of; we discuss "countermeasures," radar and laser detectors, laser jammers, and common sense on the road, how to avoid getting tickets while covering ground on the highways, and dash cam suggestions.http://www.vortexradar.com Donaldson is a renowned film director and producer, known mainly for The World's Fastest Indian, The Recruit, Cocktail, and Species. He visits us today to discuss 'McLaren," his new documentary about the life of Bruce McLaren and the founding of the car company by his name. Get 'McLaren' on iTunes here: Get the video version of this podcast here!
2:05:02 10/4/2017
Aaron Robinson has been an Automotive journalist for over 20 years, most recently as a senior editor and columnist at Car and Driver Magazine. Now settling into his new gig at the all-new HAGERTY magazine, Aaron stops by the show to get into some nerdy details as always. Aaron is a pilot, so we discuss Matt's first flying lesson and the hobby of aviation, revisit the famous "Lamborghini Log" video, and appreciate the hell out of Aaron's beautiful 1942 Buick sedan. We also talk collector car values, investments good and bad, and discuss the never-ending debate of whether to run all cars on the same tires at "Lightning Lap" style events, or to "run what ya brung" Check out the video version of this podcast at:
2:04:56 9/27/2017
Tony Quiroga is a Senior Editor at Car and Driver magazine, and secret funny person. He and his team at C/D just published their "Lightning Lap" comparison, where they take some of this years best driver's cars to Virginia International Raceway to see how they compare, regardless of price. Other topics include bad traffic, Matt's SL500 Mercedes, recent road trips,
1:42:57 9/20/2017
This podcast is about bad cars, weird cars, and LS-swapped 911s. Our guest is Tyler Hoover, an automotive journalist who has made a name for himself by acquiring a vast collection of...odd cars, or "hoopties", as he calls them. He's a man with eccentric taste, truly adhering to the idea, "Variety is the spice of life." You can find videos of all of Tyler's cars (including his LS-swapped 911) on his YouTube channel, "Hoovie's Garage". also writes for, alongside Doug Demuro (and others). him on Twitter here:
1:51:50 9/13/2017

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