Matt Farah, Zack Klapman, Chris Hayes, Nino Cutraro and Thad Brown sit down with automotive icons, pro drivers, comedians and other friends to discuss automotive industry news, racing, projects and whatever else comes to mind.



In studio this week Pete Callaway ofCallaway Carsjoins us. Most people...In studio this week Pete Callaway ofCallaway Carsjoins us. Most people know Callaway for their very potent Corvette packages however they provide solutions for many of GM V8 platforms and Pete shares their origins in modifying BMW 3 series' and first gen VW GTIs. It's not often that we have two VERY fast press cars on hand simultaneously and it's a rare day that one of them is a GT-R and it feels slow by comparison. Matt and Zack fill us in on the insanity that is the Callaway AeroWagen.   Show More

1:54:01 4/20/2017

Past Episodes

This week we welcome Thad Norman fromHypercar Developmentjoins us to talk about their insane 3 turbo compound McLarens. Matt drove one of their cars several months back and came away thoroughly impressed. Beyond McLaren's Thad shares a lot of knowledge on how warranties are affected by ECU tuning, the ins-and-outs of dyno accuracy and just how modular the McLaren lineup is.
1:15:22 4/13/2017
Jeff Segal has been a professional racing driver since his early 20s, racing Ferraris, BMWs, Maseratis, and now the new Acura NSXGT. He joined us while in town to race at the Long Beach Grand Prix, to talk about car setups, simulators, tuning challenges, and a whole lot more. This was a great show, and we wish him luck on April 8th.
1:06:29 4/6/2017
In a rare Saturday morning podcast Bill Caswell drops by to catch up. Its been about a year since Bill had been on the show and we caught up on the life of North America's favorite rally nomad. Matt drives a few classic Alfas along with the 1LE Camaro, Bill shares stories about the spotty build quality of his Exige and we all look forward to Grid Life.
1:24:00 3/23/2017
A rare ealry morning podcast brings Dax Shepard to the show to promoto CHiPs (out March 24). Dax rolled up in an E63 wagon which of course instantly ingratiated him in the house that smoke, tires and low-brow humor built. We learned how Dax's mother built a thriving automotive event business during his formative years, how many Hypermotards it takes to film a feature and that Kristen Bell is surprisingly cool with Dax launching their family in the air on a sand rail.
1:54:24 3/16/2017
Joined once again by Betim Berisha ofBBI Autosportwe talk all things Porsche, Matt's ailing Mustang, the eery calm of pro drivers, why 996 projects are a headache and deep suspension geekery. Plus Matt gives us his take on the new Lincoln Continental.
2:20:27 3/10/2017
This week Thad and Tom are in town for some undisclosed business and we're joined by Aaron Gold (@AutoNerd). Aaron and Matt are fresh off the Lexus LC 500 launch in Hawaii, the Tesla Model X is rife with issues, my Fiesta is an electrical mess and the model T proves more reliable than both.
2:06:24 3/3/2017
Today's guest: Marcus Vandenberg, from the YouTube car show Roads Untraveled. He gets to drive lots of awesome JDM cars we don't see here, including maniacally powerful swapped vehicles. We talk about how he got his start, some of the crazy things he's driven, big engines in little cars, M3 and Mustang updates, and a whole lot more. Check out their podcast too, Roads Untraveled, on Shout Engine.
1:24:15 2/24/2017
This week we're joined by Alex Bernstein (@AlexBernPhoto) fomerly of 0-60 Magazine, Rides Magazine, European car Magazine and now man of general automtoive media indepdence (i.e. hustling various gigs). Alex is an old friend that Matt caught up with at the Michelin PS4S launch in Palm Springs. Alex has a fairly extensive history of super modified cars including a bonkers e46 and his current "mild" 335 sedan at round 500HP but built with many M3 parts. In addition Matt shares his most recent track tale with the Baruth brothers, Sam Smith and Travis Okulski. Also, my Fiesta ST is a sparking mess of electrical failure.
1:26:32 2/18/2017
Guest this week: Armin Balg, a man who loves M3s, as long as they've been questionably maintained. Friend and exceptional /DRIVE camera operator, he has owned 3 E36 M3s, and recently bought an E46 that was full of surprises. He graces us with his tales of woe, while Matt talks about driving the Dinan M2, driving the M1, first M5, and other news.
1:48:23 2/9/2017

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