Global Truths with Dr Keith Suter (AUS)

One issue in global politics explained each week so you know what is really going on - what is really happening, why it is happening and what is likely to happen next. Dr Keith Suter is Australia's leading media commentator on global affairs and geo-politics. This series gives you the global truths in straightforward and short episodes.


Global Truths with Dr Keith Suter (AUS)

The rise of white supremacy

Alarming research shows that if you're living in America, you're more likely to be killed by a white, right wing, terrorist than you are by an Islamic terrorist. So why is the issue of white extremism being ignored in the White House? Dr Keith Suter discusses the upsurge of white supremacy and the problems it's posing in the United States.
00:19:11 12/6/2018

Past Episodes

It could be a Dan Brown novel. Back from the Club of Rome conference held deep in the confines of the Vatican, Dr Keith Suter explains how 50 years ago, the organisation uncovered eerily accurate information about how the planet could be impacted by the high rate of economic growth, resource depletion and environmental destruction.
00:18:52 11/29/2018
He's fled the Vatican and now, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigaṇ is calling for Pope Francis to resign, accusing the leader of covering up cases of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. Fresh off the plane from Rome, Dr Keith Suter discusses the explosive report written by the Archbishop and whether the Catholic Church can repair their reputation.
00:18:54 11/22/2018
Brazil's new president, Jair Bolsonaro may have won voters over with his promise to clean up corruption but many have voiced concerns over the former army captain's hard line policies and past declaration of being "in favour" of dictatorships. Dr Keith Suter discusses what this election result means for the future of the fifth largest country in the world and why authoritarian leadership is on the rise, right around the globe.
00:17:51 11/15/2018
As the midterm elections made news this week, so did Trump's threat to remove the 14th Amendment and put an end to birth right citizenship in the United States. Dr. Keith Suter explains how the US Constitution came about, how it functions in comparison to the Australian system and whether Trump really has the power to change one of the most remarkable documents in the world.
00:20:58 11/8/2018
The EU has warned Trump that his recent announcement to walk away from a longstanding disarmament deal with Russia, could cause a nuclear arms race between the Cold War states. Dr Keith Suter explains why the US wants to break from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), how Russia is reacting to the news and why neither side can afford to go ahead with a dramatic increase in military expenditure.
00:19:44 10/31/2018
Trump has called it "one of the worst in the history of cover ups". And now, Saudi Arabia has admitted that the murder of dissident journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, was "premeditated." Dr Keith Suter sheds light on why Khashoggi was killed, who's behind it - and how they got the cover up so wrong.
00:20:40 10/25/2018
From facial recognition technology, to creating a cashless society and issuing social credit points for good (and bad) behaviour, every citizen in China will be completely monitored by 2020. So, is it spying - or just good sense in the digital age? Dr Keith Suter breaks down how the Social Credit System works, who it affects and how the government is justifying the move to its people.
00:20:04 10/18/2018
The US President's former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, has steered clear of publicity throughout his political career. Now, he's embracing the limelight - but why? Dr Keith Suter explains how Bannon helped Trump score the top job and why is he's still trying to ingratiate himself with the White House, despite being dismissed earlier this year.
00:19:30 10/11/2018
In an unprecedented event, the US President was laughed by UN members during the annual General Assembly this week, after declaring his government has achieved more in 2 years than almost any other administration in history. Dr Keith Suter discusses why this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Trump's troubled administration, plus sheds light on reports that senior government officials are working towards removing the president from office.
00:22:59 10/4/2018
As aspiring global powers, Russia and China, strengthen security ties amid tensions with the US, Dr Keith Suter discusses the history of suspicion and invasion between the two countries, and the factors that have led to their marriage of convenience.
00:18:50 9/27/2018

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