PodcastOne is the largest advertiser-supported, on-demand digital audio network. With a 360-degree solution, including content creation, brand intergration and distribution, PodcastOne sees more than 1.5 billion downloads annually, across 350 episodes produced weekly.

Our Goal

We make it easy for you to discover, connect and engage with hundreds of high quality, relevant and entertaining podcasts, all in one place. With an interactive app and website, featuring entertainers, influencers and many more, we work to make your experience better, wherever you're listening. #Podcast1Anywhere

What People Are Saying

"PodcastOne is building a podcasting empire." - Fortune
"The splendors of the PodcastOne Network continue to amaze and expand." - Adweek
"PodcastOne is the leader in advertiser-supported podcasts." - The Wrap

Meet Our Team

Norm Pattiz
Founder / Executive Chairman
Jim Berk
Chief Executive Officer
Kit Gray
Greg Batusic
Chief Operating Officer
Gary J. Yusko
Chief Financial Officer
Amanda Deutchman
Andrew Chun
Andrew Mongarella
Cherri Bell
Cinzia Clementi
Dana Senit
Dave Boretti
Eli Dvorkin
Garrett Smith
Heather Hulben
Jason Walden
Jean Ferrari
Jim Ballas
Joe Laffey
Katie McCuen
Kegan Munguia
Kevin Glatt
Kirsten Woodward
Laurel Moglen
Linda McHugh
Lori Spencer
Maggie Sisco
Matt Deliberti
Mike August
Rich Boerner
Richard Hayden
Shawn Marek
Stacie Parra
Steve Delamater
Will Sterling

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