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Caleb Pressley is college football's first ever Supervisor of Morale. Adam Ferrone (Rone) is the two-time defending battle rap champion of the world. They're some happy guys. On Young and Happy, Caleb and Rone dive into the notion that everything humans do is predicated on our own happiness. They explore all the inner-workings of becoming intentionally happy, while talking to people from all walks of life about what influences their daily joy.


happy burst #22

On today's episode, Rone is stuck in the middle of Kevin Durant & Drake's...On today's episode, Rone is stuck in the middle of Kevin Durant & Drake's love triangle. Also, we celebrate our new friend Ariana Grande's birthday. And finally, Mike The Bike goes head-to-head with Ugly God in the diss record battle of the century. This is Young & Happy.   Show More

24:30 6/28/2017

Past Episodes

Migos and Joe Budden had a misunderstanding. Kylie Jenner is forgetting her drawers. 21 Savage has a beautiful mother. All this and more on today's happy burst. This is Young & Happy.
21:35 6/27/2017
Rone is officially back from his suspension (for now). We bring you a full in-depth analysis of this year's BET Awards. Also, Mike The Bike performs his official BET Cypher verse. This is Young & Happy.
31:27 6/26/2017
Day 4 of Rone's suspension. Caleb puts the team on his back and goes Solo Jxmmi for the episode. Are the Rae Sremmurd boys splitting up? Is Mariah Carey officially a BBW? And will Mike The Bike help us bring our show to the Dark Web? This is Young & Happy.
27:19 6/23/2017
Day 3 of Rone's suspension. Caleb is joined by Coley & Tyler of Mickstape in honor of tonight's NBA Draft. We discuss the revealing of Isaiah Hartenstein's true racial origins, the naming of Jay-Z & Beyonce's twins, our favorite basketball playing rappers, and much much more. This is Young & Happy.
30:36 6/22/2017
Day 2 of Rone's suspension. PFT Commenter of Pardon My Take joins Caleb on today's happy burst. We discuss Justin Bieber's new leg tattoo, Lil Yachty's lack of drinking, Vic Mensa's beef with DJ Akademiks, & much much more. This is Young And Happy.
21:28 6/21/2017
Day 1 of Rone's suspension. Caleb is joined by Dylan "Tex" Stone, after an eventful weekend together at the College World Series. They discuss Jay-Z's upcoming album, all of the felony charges at EDC Vegas, & Tex even blesses the show with some acapella singing. This is Young & Happy.
18:14 6/20/2017
It's finally here. Mike The Bike debuts his highly anticipated diss track towards Rob Stone. Now the question is, should he be afraid for his life? Also we discuss Drake's new tattoo, Bill Cosby's courtroom exit, & Lorde's risque escapism habits. This is Young & Happy.
25:45 6/16/2017
On today's episode, we are joined by 18 year old viral sensation Coldgamekelv. We discuss how he formed his deer squad, how it feels to take the internet by storm, how to flip a negative situation into a positive one, and much more. He is young, and he is happy. This is Young & Happy.
49:08 6/15/2017
The XXL Freshman list has been released and we are here to bring you a full analysis. Also, KFC joins us to discuss proper mile-high club etiquette. Make sure to catch us tomorrow on KFC Radio. This is Young & Happy.
19:04 6/14/2017

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