Young and Happy

Caleb Pressley is college football's first ever Supervisor of Morale. Adam Ferrone (Rone) is the two-time defending battle rap champion of the world. They're some happy guys. On Young and Happy, Caleb and Rone dive into the notion that everything humans do is predicated on our own happiness. They explore all the inner-workings of becoming intentionally happy, while talking to people from all walks of life about what influences their daily joy.


happy burst #7 || strip club with YP & Tex

Drama in the office!!! Young Pageviews and Tex AKA the Bandera Butthole detail their recent trip to the strip club with Plaxico Burress.

27:47 5/22/2017

Past Episodes

One of the most shared meme creators on the entire internet joins the show to talk everything from personal health to the Instagram algorithms.

Follow Tank on Instagram at @tank.sinatra
51:38 5/22/2017
How does Post Malone's mom speak to him? Who will be the first transgender rapper? And what happens when our very own Caleb Pressley tries to cook some ceviche? Find out on happy burst #6!
23:49 5/19/2017
On this week's episode we are joined by skateboarding legend Paul Rodriguez. We talk Lil Wayne. We talk Big Black. We talk about what it's like to be the only athlete besides Lebron, Kobe, & MJ to have 10 of his own sneakers. And most importantly, we talk about what keeps P-Rod young & happy.
51:40 5/18/2017
A$AP Rocky got robbed for his property. Blac Chyna ran out of room on her property. Lil Uzi Vert is transitioning into a woman. And the Young & Happy Bart contest is officially underway.
18:25 5/17/2017
Donni J Trump is telling secrets to the Russians. Kanye is playing Cards Against Humanity in a cage. Shaq (Aw Damn) O'Neal is going to be a sheriff.
20:28 5/16/2017
Rone and Caleb are joined by one of the generation's most shared meme creators, Tank Sinatra. They discuss everything from Instagram algorithms to what to eat for breakfast.

Follow Tank on Intagram at @tank.sinatra
51:38 5/12/2017
All Business Pete of Barstool Sports opens the curtain to his secret world of elaborate tricks and trades.
47:20 5/11/2017
Fired FBI director James Comey is 6'8"? Steve McQueen directing Tupac film in blackface? Lil Bow Wow is an influential art dealer?

Find out in Happy Burst number THREE.
17:50 5/10/2017
Kanye West is holed up in the Wyoming mountains. Kevin Durant is talking to Russell Westbrook and Rone again. The grammy's are returning to NYC. And it's all in less than half an hour.
24:50 5/9/2017

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