Women With Clout (AUS)

Powerful Australian women speak to social commentator Jane Caro and journalist Catherine Fox about what drives them, what almost defeated them, the progress they would like to see for women and how to make things change. Hosts Jane and Catherine are both recipients of the Walkley Foundation's Women's Leadership in Media Award and have a little bit of clout themselves.


Women With Clout (AUS)

Miriam Silva

Softly spoken, corporate powerhouse and self-confessed maths nerd, Miriam Silva, speaks about the challenges she's faced as Muslim woman in the corporate sphere and how she's overcome them.
00:34:30 3/6/2019

Past Episodes

If you have money, you have choices. Founder of The Remarkable Woman, Shivani Gopal, shares how experience of leaving an arranged marriage led her to become a crusader for financial independence for women.
00:39:50 3/6/2019
Playing the game. Businesswoman, philanthropist and former Vice President of the Western Bulldogs Football Club, Susan Alberti, opens up about her passion for giving women equal opportunities in sport and what keeps her going, despite facing incredible adversity, including facing cancer and her husband's sudden and tragic death.
00:32:56 3/6/2019
Rebel with a cause. CEO of Domestic Violence NSW and 2019 Order of Australia Medal recipient, Moo Baulch, opens up about her incredible quest to stop violence against women, how she came to meet her birth mother at the age of 25 and why she's always had a 'little bit of attitude'.
00:00:00 1/29/2019
Speaking out and standing tall. Lawyer and community advocate, Nyadol Nyuon, opens up about her childhood growing up in a Kenyan refugee camp, how she became a voice for African-Australian communities and why - despite her height - she's going keeping wearing those goddamn heels.
00:32:09 1/13/2019
How fear led me to Harvard. Legal academic, filmmaker and writer, Larissa Behrendt, speaks candidly about becoming the first Aboriginal woman to graduate from Harvard Law School, her landmark feature documentary After the Apology and why her mum thinks she'd be the best astronaut ever.
00:29:06 1/13/2019
More women on boards, please. Director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, Libby Lyons, lets us in on the secret to speaking up, her terrible performance review ratings and why she thinks men should play more netball. Plus, Libby reveals what this year's Gender Equality Scorecard says about how women are tracking in the workplace - and why we can still do better when it comes to women on boards.
00:38:41 11/12/2018
Whatever you do, don't learn to type! One of Victoria's leading businesswomen, Elizabeth Proust, opens up about her transition from a stellar career in the public service to breaking barriers in the business world, the need for more women in the workplace and in leadership roles and how being brought up by Catholic nuns impacted her outlook on life.
00:30:00 11/12/2018
Women helping women. Non-Executive Director and author Marina Go discusses her incredible career trajectory from editing teen magazine, Dolly, to closing the pay gap at Energy Australia and becoming one of the first women in history to chair a rugby league club, West Tigers.
00:38:42 8/26/2018
Committed to catching bad guys. Gold Walkley Award-winning investigative journalist with the Sydney Morning Herald, Kate McClymont, opens up about her extensive work both reporting on the Independent Commission Against Corruption and for the #metoo movement in Australia, probing into allegations of sexual harassment and assault against powerful men.
00:36:01 8/26/2018
A fairer deal for women. Executive Chairman of Carnival Australia and one of the country's most admired businesswomen, Ann Sherry, discusses her successful push to develop a national policy on superannuation, the collective discomfort around the word "power" and why your career plan should be thrown out the window.
00:43:12 8/26/2018

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