The Business of Sports: NFL Business Podcast
Brandt's Rants: NFL Schedule Release & latest on Aaron Rodgers
This week on the Business Of Sports podcast, Andrew Brandt discusses the NFL schedule release & what team executives typically look for first. (5:10)   Also, Andrew talks more about the rift between Aaron Rodgers & the Green Bay Packers and offers up a potential resolution! (13:00)
Brandt's Rants: 2021 Draft Recap & The Aaron Rodgers / Packers Rift
This week, Andrew Brandt recaps the 2021 NFL Draft & why he thinks many teams will start their rookie quarterbacks this fall (5:48).   Andrew also talks about the Aaron Rodgers/ Green Bay Packers rift, specifically why Rodgers feels slighted (15:28), what's next for the Packers (21:40), the Packers corporate structure (& how it is different from the rest of the league) 22:40, & why he thinks the Rodgers/Packers relationship be saved. (26:45)
Chiefs TE Sean Culkin On Why He's Taking his NFL Salary in Bitcoin
Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Sean Culkin talks with Andrew Brandt on this week's podccast about his decision to take his 2021 NFL salary in Bitcoin. Specifically he talks about: - His background in finance. (9:50) - Sound Money. (17:13) - Comparing cryptocurrencies to gold. (18:17) - How his salary will be converted from USD to Bitcoin. (20:18) - Why Sean believes Bitcoin is not a bubble. (24:12) - Tax implications for selling Bitcoin. (26:14) - Why Sean doesn't plan to ever sell his Bitcoin. (27:38) - Investing in other cryptocurrencies & NFTs. (34:57) - The Chiefs 2021 outlook. (41:00)