The College Draft: NFL Draft Podcast
Emory Hunt's Initial Reaction to the 2021 NFL Draft
This week on the podcast, Ross Tucker & Emory Hunt share their initial reactions to the 2021 NFL Draft including these specific picks: - 49ers: Trey Lance (11:21) - Bengals: Ja'Marr Chase (16:12) - Dolphins: Jaylen Waddle (19:10) - Panthers: Jaycee Horn (21:24) - Saints: Payton Turner (22:31) - Eagles: Kenny Gainwell (25:21)
2021 NFL Draft - Who SHOULD Your Team Pick
This week, Ross Tucker & Emory Hunt do a 1st roud mock draft based on what each team Should do, as opposed to what they will likely do. Some of the interesting picks include: - Justin Fields to the Jets at #2 (3:35) - Trey Lance to the Broncos at #9 (9:22) - Travis Etienne to the Dolphins at #18 (16:00)
Emory's Elite 2021 Draft Prospects
If Emory Hunt was an NFL head coach or GM, here are the players he'd select in the 2021 NFL Draft: QB - Donald Hammond: Air Force (9:14)  RB - Brenden Knox: Marshall (11:03) WR - Tylan Wallace: Oklahoma State (11:52) TE - Tommy Tremble: Notre Dame (14:06) OL - Robert Jones: MTSU, Tristan Hoge: BYU, Michael Menet: Penn State (14:59) DL - Cameron Sample: Tulane, Qunton Bohana: Kentucky (21:09) LB - Derrick Barnes: Purdue (25:02) CB: Jason Pinnock: Pitt (26:35) S: Richard LeCounte: Georgia (28:03)