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Fritzi Horstman With Compassion Prison Project
Rice Experiment With Michiko Hayashi
Quantum Healing And Entanglement With Dr. Jyun Shimizu
Go Green Conference with Sarah Severen
The Go Green Conference is a sustainability learning experience for business and government decision-makers, as well as the public sector. Now in its 10th year of empowering attendees with the strategies, tools and connections to green their organization with profitability - they are going virtual. This will also allow for a much broader base to participate. To learn more or to register Guest - Sara Severn, Business Leadership for Climate Change
Guardian Angels And Covid With Robbie Holz
Dawn Spiegelberg - Strengthen Those Joints
Strengthen Those Joints! Dawn Spielberg, posture therapist can help with the cry, ouch! Thousands exclaim daily, my knee, shoulder or elbow, hurts. Doing my everyday routine get harder and I am so slow, and my range of motion is so limited. You feel old at any age. What can a person do to help build, strengthen, or heal joint pain. Could it be your posture? Many achieve significant improvement in their first visit, as much as 50-75%. Are you caught in the pain tension fear cycle? Guest: Dawn Spiegelberg Host: Darielle Archer
Nicole Pelham, owner of Seattle Spartans Woman Football
he Evolution of Woman's Professional Football Hear about the growth and status of Woman's Professional Football along with other professional woman's sports. Especially in the midst of a movement to transcend gender Bias, both on and off the field! Guest - Nichole Pelham - Owner, Seattle Spartans
Compassion Prison Project
Compassion Prison Project - The Start of Something BIG? Hear about the devastating effect Early Childhood Trauma has in relationship to crime. Fritzi explains how the Compassion Prison Project is finally addressing this issue in a true and meaningful fashion, which could lead to true transformation and rehabilitation of inmates. Since incidents of Childhood trauma are so widespread, you will also hear how society at large is also suffering, and how addressing it openly with love and compassion could positively transform us all both both individually and collectively. Please see for yourself! (Youtube link) Host: Martha Childress Guest Fritzi Horstman Founder | Executive Director Compassion Prison Project
Nancy Seals- Eyes Tell It All
Ever wonder what those lines in your eyes mean. The red straight one how about the squiggly ones? The Eyes tell it all, Nancy has the technology and training to interpret the photos she takes of your eyes. Not only seeing what the colored part the iris reveals but also a vast knowledge show in the white parts of your eye. The depth and degree she can see into the body is amazing. Having studied with the grandfather Bernard Jensen, along with many other groundbreaking mentors. The eyes are truly the window to your soul and its health. Guest: Nancy Seals Host: Darielle Archer
Organizing for Sanity with Christine Arundell
Organizing For Sanity There are solutions to being disorganized. An end to those frustrating times looking over and over for receipts, a letter, maybe your favorite book or shoes. The benefits of clearing up the clutter are many and far reaching. More time for family, friends and time to enjoy your life. Christine asks you spends time to understand you and how you live and think to help create a personalized system to serve you. * List your life priorities and your vision of how you want to be living. * Make a commitment to start and share it with someone. (spouse, friend, counselor) * Plan to take small, manageable steps during this process * Schedule time and honor yourself by keeping to the plan. * Silence your phone and avoid other distractions. Host: Darielle Archer Guest: Christine Arundell