Mantz and Mitchell
Matthew L Swayne
Gary and Suzanne invite paranormal author Matthew L Swayne to Mantz & Mitchell for the first time to talk about his book Haunted Rails: Tales of Ghost Trains, Phantom Conductors, and Other Railroad Spirits
Alice Terry
Mantz and Mitchell welcome the return of International Psychic Medium Alice Terry! Listen for your chance to receive a personal message!
Neil McNeill
Neil Mcneill joins Mantz & Mitchell to share news about the upcoming Port Gamble ghost conference and how you can participate without leaving your home.
Pamala Oslie
Pamala Oslie returns for another hour of Metaphysical Q&A with Mantz and Mitchell. Hear all about Pam's MUNDANE TO MAGICAL Summit that begins October 19, 2020
Kelly Sullivan Walden
Dream Doctor Kelly Sullivan Walden joins Gary and Suzanne on this Saturday's edition of Mantz & Mitchell to share her insights on how dreams take us step-by-step on a hero's journey.
Garnet Schulhauser
Metaphysical Q & A with Garnet Schulhauser
Deidre Combs
On this Saturday's edition of of Mantz & Mitchell, Deidre Combs joins Gary and Suzanne to talk about conflict resolution and the people who are making positive change without making a lot of noise.
Ken Elliott
Ken Elliott is a career artist and a Master of Manifesting. His book Manifesting 1-2-3 is the focus of our Q&A.
John Welshons
Highly acclaimed contemporary spritual teacher John Welshons joins Gary and Suzanne on this week's edition of Mantz & Mitchell to talk about how to meditate and absorb the constant lessons of life.
Caroline Heldman
Political Pundint Caroline Heldman IS BACK to give us her views on the up in coming 2020 Presidential Election