Sunny in Seattle
Overwhelmed & Over It with Christine Arylo
Sunny's guest is transformational leadership adviser, teacher, speaker, and 3-time bestselling author, Christine Arylo. We're excited to welcome her back to Sunny in Seattle to share her latest book, Overwhelmed and Over It. Tune in if you're ready to liberate yourself from stress and overwhelm, awaken your fierce feminine heart, and activate your practical superpower.
Greetings from The Angelic Realm
Sunny's guest today is Leanne Thomas. She is an evidential medium and channel who works with the angelic realm. Join us as we talk angels, how to connect with them, and how to receive your own angelic guidance - and Leanne may even do some live readings on air!
The Magical Universe
It's First Friday time today on Sunny in Seattle! Join me and my fabulous First Friday co-host, Dr. Alysondra Duke as we share updates on Alysondra's massive cosmic trust fall and a few files from the magical Universe. ?
Divine Divorce
Sunny's guest is a Sunny in Seattle favorite, intuitive channel Stephanie Banks (who listeners will likely know as Stephanie Levenston). We won't be talking intuition and channeling this time around though - we'll be talking Divine Divorce. Stephanie just went through one, and we'll be sharing how others can flip the script on devastating divorce and instead have a Divine Divorce.
The Psychic Lawyer IS BACK
Mark Anthony, the Psychic Lawyer, and best-selling author of Never Letting Go and Evidence of Eternity returns to the show. We'll be discussing Mark's spiritual perspective on current world events, and he will even be doing some live on-air readings!
Three Men, Six Lives
Sunny welcomes back beloved doctor Bernie Siegel, author of the groundbreaking classic, Love, Medicine, and Miracles, returns to Sunny in Seattle. We'll be discussing his latest book, Three Men, Six Lives, a grand adventure born of Bernie's experience of his current and past lives and his deep knowledge of the power of enduring love.
Bare Minimum Days
It's First Friday time again on Sunny in Seattle , which means I'll be taking to the airwaves today with my fantastic co-host, Dr. Alysondra Duke ! Join us from 9-10am Pacific on Alternative Talk 1150 KKNW as we talk going from bare minimum days to blessed magic!
Remember, Every Breath Is Precious - Lesley Joan Lupo
Lesley Joan Lupo, author of Remember, Every Breath Is Precious. Dying Taught Me How To Live returns to the show to dive deeper into one of the most fascinating topics in her book: Houdini Kids. If you identify as an old soul who grew up in a family that just did not understand you, you won't want to miss this fascinating discussion on what your mission on Earth might be! Website:
Conversations With God - Neale Donald Walsch
ENCORE SHOW from April 28, 2017
Mary Magdalene Revealed - Meggan Watterson
(Encore Show) Topic: Harvard-trained theologian, Meggan Watterson stops by with her new book, Mary Magdalene Revealed: The First Apostle, Her Feminist Gospel & The Christianity We Haven't Tried Yet. Meggan will lead you through Mary's gospel to illuminate the powerful teachings it contains and the very different love story it reveals from the one we've come to refer to as Christianity today!