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A weekly podcast examining the relationship between entrepreneurship, innovation and policy in the Washington D.C. region. They are stories explaining why local innovation often influences the federal government and are told by a wide variety of voices across demographics and industries.


What's Working in Washington - Ep 185 How diplomacy can unlock businessl potential - Joshua Walker

The opportunity to do business overseas can create thousands of jobs for an economy and many for business. In the current environment, sometimes people scratch their head and wonder: Is this still a good time to do international business? Joshua Walker is the head of Global Strategic Initiatives with The Eurasia Group. Hes a diplomatic expert in international trade and business.
09:05 1/17/2018

Past Episodes

Chuck Brooks was recently named by LinkedIn as one of the top five people to follow in cybersecurity issues among their 500 million members
08:52 1/15/2018
UPIC Health founder Mary Tucker carries three mantras: be happy, be awesome, and help others with becoming one and two.
08:44 1/12/2018
One of the best-known and constant voices traveling the airways in the D.C. region is the host of the Federal Drive with Tom Temin.
07:55 1/10/2018
Exciting emerging technologies are in the fields of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), according to Sam Sabin of DC Inno.
07:12 1/7/2018
Mark Walsh, former head of the Office of Innovation and Investment at the Small Business Administration shares his predictions on 2018. Walsh is a local angel investor and one of the pioneers of the modern internet.
28:00 1/1/2018
Topics include the investment donut hole, D.C.s seed-stage investor ecosystem, forging your own personal connections, and the changing D.C. market.
28:00 12/18/2017
The region has a wealth of innovators and inventors. In both private and federal labs, it's easy to imagine thousands of fantastic inventions ready to be part of the next big company, but the transition isn't always easy, and not all inventions are created equal.
08:12 12/15/2017
Fosterly is once again conducting a startup census, with a form that is now easier to use, according to Adam Zuckerman, founder of Fosterly.

Fosterly collaborated with research experts from Virginia Tech to increase the scientific rigor of the 2017 census. The census report is a collaborative effort with commentary and analysis provided by some of our region's leading subject matter experts.
07:56 12/13/2017
Ross Baird, founder of Village Capital, believes that venture capital isn't doing a good job of getting new ideas to society.

In his new book, The Innovation Blind Spot, Baird explains that the industry could do more to spur innovation.
08:51 12/11/2017
Michell Clark says the public can tell 1) if someone is getting paid to talk about something, 2) if they actually care about it and 3) if this is actually the full story.
08:21 12/8/2017
"If were not trying to get somebody to enroll in a coding school, or trying to get them to take a job somewhere, were pure. We can actually offer them information, content, network, all these things that benefit them and their careers, without being conflicted, without needing to sell them anything," said Erickson. Instead, Modev is funded by sponsors. Thus, its seen as a trusted resource, and is better able to build real communities.
08:42 12/6/2017
Despite being one of the wealthiest areas in the United States, the D.C. region is still a tough place for startups to raise growth capital. Crowdsourcing might be able to fix that.
08:55 12/4/2017
Inspiration comes in surprising forms when one looks at progress in the Washington region.
08:34 12/1/2017
People spend a lot of time worrying about whos managing them, but less about managing up.
07:34 11/29/2017
Three of the region's experts on cybersecurity and its effect on the economy: Michael Hoffman, director of marketing at GovernmentCIO Media; Mike Simon, president and CEO of cyber defense firm CryptoniteNXT; and Ron Gula, investor and founder of Gula Tech Adventures.

Topics: how investment trends shape cybersecurity, the transition from public to private sector, how cyber talent flourishes in the D.C. area, changes in the industry under the new administration, and the dangers of poorly-secured internet of things devices.
28:00 11/20/2017
Rob Terry, senior writer with the Washington Business Journal and expert in current contracting trends, says many companies are looking to scale upward to increase profits.
07:12 11/17/2017
More proof that entrepreneurs come to Washington to start something, and to have a real impact.
07:58 11/15/2017
In the private sector, it's universally accepted that professional development is one of the responsibilities of an employer. The public sector, however, is only just catching on.
08:53 11/13/2017
Many smart people have no real plan for their retirement, according to Anne McCabe Triana, president and CEO of Curo Private Wealth, and an expert in helping people manage and grow their own wealth.
07:59 11/10/2017
DC's entrepreneurial community is strong and present in the region, but doesn't always do a good job of showing itself. "The culture here in D.C. is not a money culture or necessarily a venture capital culture. It is becoming an innovation culture," says Warren Getler.
08:43 11/8/2017
While telecom as an industry peaked in the late 90s, new software is ensuring that voice communication is still necessary, according to Jim Kenefick, CEO of Better World Telecom.
08:56 11/6/2017
The source of a region's growth is a subject of much debate, but is usually the result of intelligent decisions made by policymakers and leaders.

One of those leaders is Jerry Gordon, president and CEO of Fairfax County Economic Development Agency.
08:34 11/3/2017
Bob London, CEO of marketing firm Chief Listening Officers, believes in a more effective way of influencing people.
09:22 11/1/2017
How local conscious capitalists are doing business with the Vatican
08:15 10/30/2017
An initiative with programs in over 100 cities around the world is seeing success in the chapter covering the DMV area.

"The Founder Institute is a program based out of Silicon Valley, with a mission to bring Silicon Valley to the rest of the world," said Rosemarie Truman, founder and CEO for the Center of Advancing Innovation, as well as the director of the Founder Institute, a program working to help startups grow through mentorship.
08:54 10/27/2017
"The critical issue right now is the big gap we have between a high school diploma and a university diploma," said Oliver Schlake, clinical professor at the Smith School of Business in Maryland.
09:12 10/25/2017
Trust is a key point for Axios, DC's newest media entity. Building that trust over a digital medium is tricky. "I think the advantage of this day and age is that you get an opportunity to. It's easier than ever to launch a media company, because technology has enabled it," said co-founder Roy Schwartz.

"They'll give you a chance. And then you have to prove that you're truly worthy of their time and attention."
09:44 10/23/2017
Almost every sphere of American life, from the press to entrepreneurship, has been caught off guard by the inconsistent and sometimes inflammatory nature of Donald Trump's administration.

For this week's Whats Working in Washington EXTRA episode, Ray Locker, enterprise editor for USA Today; Richard Latendresse, member of the White House Foreign Press Group; and Richard Levick, founder of Levick, discuss fake news and the work being done to keep the truth at the top of the communication cycle.
28:00 10/16/2017
New startup Phone2Action focuses on advocacy and the importance of amplifying individual voices. The technology matches people with their elected officials at every level, said co-founder Ximena Hartsock.
09:09 10/13/2017
After growing and selling a successful tech company, Chris Parker founded New Horizon Wines by turning his passion into an international business.
09:02 10/11/2017
One area company is working hard to bring more jobs back into the greater Washington region. There are ample jobs in Virginia, but access to them is low since they're centralized in specific areas, so they're not being filled, says the company founder.
09:11 10/9/2017
Despite the vastly changing times in business and technology, Junior Achievement continues to train young people to work in the real world and expose them to an array of opportunities.

"We were founded almost a hundred years ago, teaching kids how to start businesses, how to run businesses," said Ed Grenier, President of Junior Achievement, a not-for-profit organization introducing young people to opportunities and helping them forward towards a successful adulthood.
09:32 10/6/2017
One of the biggest challenges for leaders is accomplishing change, particularly at moments of crisis and risk.

Chris Fussell, managing officer of the McChrystal Group and author of "One Mission: How Leaders Build a Team of Teams" says his biggest military lesson is that team decisionmaking must be decentralized down to those frontline elements, that are closest to these fast-changing problems.
08:55 10/4/2017
This week marks D.C. Techweek, an opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies in the greater Washington region to better raise capital, recruit talent, select advisors, and network.

"We think technology is one of the biggest drivers of our economy. It's one of the only industries thats experienced positive job growth over the last twelve months," said Matt Coursen, managing director at Jones Lang LaSalle.
08:50 10/2/2017
In this EXTRA, we sit down with three of the area's experts on communication to talk about what our First Amendment means today, its limits and its controversies.
28:00 9/25/2017
Immigrants are one of the biggest factors that help the D.C. region grow and sustain itself.

"My mission in the office is to improve the quality [of life] for D.C.s Latino residents," says Jackie Reyes, director of the Mayors office on Latino Affairs, to learn more about how immigration benefits the greater Washington area.
09:22 9/22/2017
What makes a great entrepreneur? Its not always clear.

To find out what exactly fits the bill of entrepreneur in todays economy, Whats Working in Washington spoke to Gene Riechers, a D.C. tech executive, founder, investor and expert.
08:56 9/20/2017
First things first. Update your profile on professional social media sites, says Frances Reimers, a personal brand consultant and founder of brand consulting business Firestarter LLC.
09:22 9/18/2017
JJ Green, National Security correspondent for WTOP-FM and host of the TargetUSA Podcast, Brian Fanzo, founder/CEO of social strategy consulting firm iSocialFanz and Judy Kurtz, In the Know columnist for The Hill join in this What's Working in Washingon EXTRA.
28:00 9/11/2017
Inventors and small businesses must ensure their intellectual property isn't stolen by larger companies. Creating currencies might be the solution.
08:58 9/8/2017
One of the biggest questions regarding the structure of the human mind is what, exactly, predisposes humans to be curious.
07:57 9/6/2017
To help steer the greater Washington region towards a more innovative future for entrepreneurs, local business owners penned an open letter to future area politicians. James Quigley, founder of coworking space Canvas and one of more than 40 co-signers, wants talent growth to be boosted.
07:44 9/4/2017
Making sure the person you present matches up with the person you really are is pivotal for success.

"I like to say a brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room," said Elizabeth Shea, founder of SpeakerBox Communications. "If you dont think about your own brand, or your companys brand, somebody else will do it for you."
08:02 9/1/2017
Networking in New York City is distinctly different from networking in the D.C. region, according to Rachel Adler, digital media business development manager for the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority.

"I'm a research junkie. A lot of my research comes from working for New York State. I used to do a lot of vetting for political candidates," said Adler. "I try to find touch points I could talk about I look through their social platforms if they have them, including Twitter and LinkedIn." By finding touchstones of common interest, its easy to build rapport.
08:01 8/30/2017
Making the pivot from an advisory role to doing things yourself can cause whiplash for a rising entrepreneur.

AJ Mushtaq, CFO and founder of health services franchise Fitness Connection built up a sweat as he moved to a principal position.
08:13 8/28/2017
One of the weakest links in any cybersecurity network is passwords, and if even one is uncovered, an entire system can fall apart. A new technology developed in South Korea to prevent and minimize possible damage is currently taking hold in the D.C. region.
06:13 8/25/2017
The former president and CEO of the D.C. Chamber of Commerce, Barbara Lang, is encouraging leaders to keep reaching out for new opportunities.

"When I left the chamber a little over three years ago, we set up a consulting firm, a business advisory group, really with lessons learned from the D.C. Chamber of Commerce."
08:36 8/23/2017
Unique challenges face female entrepreneurs and Julie Kantor, founder of training firm Twomentor, is an expert in solving some of these issues.
08:22 8/21/2017
In founding The Pretzel Bakery, local entrepreneur Sean Haney instantly found his market.
07:11 8/18/2017
Healthcare is one of D.C.s largest industries, yet its impact is sometimes unnoticed by much of the region.
07:52 8/14/2017
Now, more than ever, D.C.s Newseum serves as a hub for the history and importance of journalism. "The mission of the Newseum is to champion the five freedoms of the first amendment," and we do that through exhibits, programs, and education, said Scott Williams, Newseum's chief operating officer.
07:05 8/11/2017
Lobbying is an industry ripe for disruption, according to Paul Kanitra, founder and president of Lobbyit.
07:32 8/9/2017
The value of networking in the professional world cannot be overstated, and knowing the right person can be the difference between success and failure.
08:44 8/7/2017
D.C. entrepreneurship comes with a few assumptions: funding is top priority, and a startups investors and employees have different jobs. Marc Langer, founder and president of Recovery Point Systems, believes these assumptions are outdated.
07:43 8/4/2017
Traffic in the D.C. region makes it uniquely difficult to get anywhere quickly. Real estate developers are reacting by building mico-ecosystems in urban and suburban areas. Richard Samit, CEO and founder of Fraser Forbes Real Estate Services, explains why the D.C. region is experiencing more urbanization than many would expect.
07:14 8/2/2017
Geoff Orazem, cofounder of Eastern Foundry, helps fledgling businesses learn to get into government contracting. Orazem said he became frustrated with how little the merit of ideas and capabilities seemed to matter compared to the amount of process and relationship mastery seemed to matter.
07:26 7/31/2017
What's Working in Washington - July 31, 2017 Full show
28:00 7/31/2017
The federal government is crowdsourcing equity, funding and now... ideas. Michael Contreras is the director of SensisChallenges, one of the groups in the D.C. region being contracted to solve some of the governments problems.
07:26 7/28/2017
Startup Weekend gives entrepreneurs a hands-on look at building a business.
07:55 7/26/2017
FactSquared founder Bill Frischling works in the center of the interface between technology and politics, and says the formers use in the field has become an "arms race."
07:45 7/24/2017
What's Working in Washington - July 24, 2017 Full show
28:00 7/24/2017
The founder and CEO of the local lifestyle brand and community blog Girls Night In wanted to help "boss women to celebrate staying in instead of going out."
07:52 7/21/2017
Thanks to technology, many new developments improve the lives of people with disabilities, yet many organizations are still working to give wider access to these breakthroughs.
08:16 7/19/2017
The D.C. region's economic growth is slowing down, but not reversing just yet, according to a report by George Mason Universitys Steven S. Fuller Institute.
08:44 7/17/2017
What's Working in Washington - July 17, 2017 Full show
28:00 7/17/2017
Through constant discussions on how to grow the D.C. region's economy, the answer may be directly in front of us, said Bob Sweeney, managing director of the Global Cities Initiative.
08:55 7/14/2017
Pamela Sorensen, an experienced founder of the Pamela's Punch blog, has mastered the career pivot.
08:12 7/12/2017
Chairman and CEO Ron Paul said EagleBank's success has always been tied to growing and managing business relationships.
08:44 7/10/2017
What's Working in Washington - July 10, 2017 Full show featuring Ron Paul, Pamela Sorensen and Bob Sweeney
28:00 7/10/2017
June 26, 2017 EXTRA: True Costs to Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

For this week's Extra episode, Whats Working in Washington sat down with three of the area's top experts on cybersecurity and hacking to see what needs to be done to protect your business.

Andres Franzetti, chief strategy officer and founding member of the Risk Cooperative, Richard Levick, the founder and CEO of LEVICK, and Brian Finch, partner of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman spoke about the true impact of hacking, collateral damage, the integrity of information, and the real costs of cybersecurity.
28:00 7/2/2017
Selling a small business can be an extremely difficult process for entrepreneurs. The financial hoops and legal terms can be foreign at first and require time for company leaders to understand a process that can get drawn out.
08:02 6/30/2017
Developments in D.C. technology have created new definitions of a "beltway bandit," according to Joshua Konowe, serial entrepreneur and founding member of multiple startups in the region. He warns of folks who are masquerading as experts in the field.
08:59 6/28/2017
How to learn from working with the federal government, and then jumping into the private sector.
08:46 6/26/2017
June 26, 2017 show features interviews with Pete Tseronis, Josh Konowe and Kevin De Santo
28:00 6/26/2017
Local startup Thresher focuses on analyzing large volumes of data, and CEO Becky Fair says the use of AI and machine learning came from the study of Chinese internet censorship.
08:46 6/23/2017
Genesys Works gives young adults access to the technology and IT industries by training them, says executive director Mahan Tavakoli.
08:02 6/22/2017
The fields of academia, government, and entrepreneurship have similar tactics to employ to reach success.
08:44 6/21/2017
Recharj is a place to go for rest and relaxation in the middle of a busy work life.
08:16 6/20/2017
Beth Johnson, founder and CEO of RP3 Agency, a creative communications company here in the D.C. region, said she focuses on helping organizations leverage their brand for business value.
08:32 6/19/2017
June 19, 2017 show features interviews with Beth Johnson, Daniel Turissini
and Julie Lenzer
28:00 6/19/2017
A bellwether for the region's tech community is a company that helps retailers and manufacturers manage and resell excess merchandise. As a circular economy company, heavy sustainability focus, Optoro has a finger on the pulse of the areas tech industry, according to Josh Szmajda, Optoros Chief Technology Officer.
09:06 6/16/2017
D.C.s business ecosystem needs more entrepreneurs as early stage funders and fewer doctors and lawyers, the CEO of Public Relay says.
08:22 6/15/2017
A year ago, Results Junkies founder Paul Singh moved into a trailer to travel across the country and he is discovering that there are investment opportunities everywhere...because the internet is ubiquitous across the planet now and across the country.
08:45 6/14/2017
The greater Washington region must better brand itself as a great place to be an entrepreneur, said Imani Greene, CEO of branding firm GreeneGroup.
09:05 6/13/2017
Some entrepreneurs dont always realize is that innovation isnt simply having a good idea, its doing the work to make it happen.
08:49 6/12/2017
June 12, 2017 show features interviews with Oliver Schlake, Amani Greene and Paul Singh
28:00 6/12/2017
As the number of startups in the D.C. area skyrockets, new businesses are scurrying to recruit the area's talent. Hatch IT is a startup founded as a recruiting service for other new businesses.
08:44 6/9/2017
Ed Bersoff has been an expert in DC's tech industry for decades and continues to serve those sometimes turned away by traditional banks.
08:32 6/8/2017
Former head of Bisnow Media has launched a new media and events startup called DCA Live to capture the growth in the D.C. regions business diversity.
09:36 6/7/2017
One of the people ensuring that the community keeps and expands diversity in the DC region is Melissa Bradley, director of Project 500, whose mission is to fund disadvantaged businesses.
09:06 6/6/2017
EverFi is a technology-based learning platform that recently received $190 million - one of the largest venture capital investments the D.C. region.
09:15 6/5/2017
June 5, 2017 show features interviews with Tom Davidson, Melissa Bradley and Doug Anderson
28:00 6/5/2017
The D.C. tech industry has struggled to find its voice on issues affecting business and area values, but a recently-founded coalition seeks to turn the tide.
15:03 6/2/2017
Greensight Agronomics uses drone technology to survey agricultural land and reduce the use of chemicals, water, and labor.
08:32 6/1/2017
The CEO of the newly-formed Greater Washington Partnership faces a significant list of challenges from affordable housing to transportation problems.
08:56 5/31/2017
Screen addiction is seen by many as an epidemic, with children spending countless hours every day staring at tablets and televisions. Parents want to get them inspired to be curious, creative minds and the DC founders of Surprise Ride say they have the solution.
08:56 5/30/2017
Scientists in greater Washington are defining what it means to connect man and machine, and their technologies are changing the lives of people with physical disabilities across the United States.
09:10 5/29/2017
May 29, 2017 show features interviews with Mike McLoughlin, Rosy Khalife and Jason Miller
The most surprising thing when becoming a founder? Watching her company's culture develop.
08:17 5/26/2017
The same way playing identical notes can sound different from one musician to the next because of personal style, new technology can spot the pacing and patterns of our typing -- the newest tool in fighting cyber hacking and identity theft.
09:21 5/25/2017
The CEO of one of the largest educators for three- and four-year-olds in DC says new tech methods are changing the pre-school education.
09:21 5/24/2017
Connecting sensors to the internet, collecting massive amounts of data, and turning it into intelligencethats what Bob Marshall aims to do as CEO of Earth Networks.
11:24 5/23/2017
Former Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sean Griffin has a plan to help to entrepreneurs around the world start and grow their businesses. His organization Griffinworx has created $744 million in economic income, mostly in developing countries. Now he's bringing Griffinworx back to the United States, partnering with eBay to operate StartUp Cups in Washington, DC and Brooklyn to help women, immigrants and other groups facing obstacles in getting their businesses off the ground.
09:48 5/22/2017
May 22, 2017 show features interviews with Sean Griffin, Bob Marshall and Jack McCarthy
When starting a business, a lawyer is almost always required to help a business grow and while it may go against common sense, lawyers work to save startups money in legal fees.
11:56 5/19/2017
The first four months of the Trump administration have been engaging, to say the least, and how his presidency serves to affect the socioeconomic landscape is still up for debate.
20:12 5/18/2017
Augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are not simply trendy new technologies. They are tools shaping government and commerce for years to come.
"Our industry computing is in a state of transformation," says Michael McCormack, CEO of Eolian, a software development and content production firm that specializes in AR, VR, and AI. "Our computers are slowly moving from your pockets and our hands to our heads. "
09:02 5/17/2017
The business editor for The Washington Post has insight into how D.C. is being framed and perceived around the world, and he says these are exciting times.
While D.C.s culture is often reduced to that of lobbyists and government officials, locals have started to push back against this characterization to show off the vibrant life of the area.

The national capital region's theatre, music and food cultures have developed beyond expectations and remain underrated, according to Rachel Nania and Jason Fraley, cohosts of WTOPs Capital Culture podcast.
May 15, 2017 show features interviews with Rachel Nania/Jason Fraley, Dan Beyers and Michael McCormack
The new administration has promised to focus on cybersecurity and artificial intelligence and will be looking to the Washington, D.C. region for new breakthroughs in technology. Chuck Brooks, Vice President of Government Relations & Marketing at Sutherland Government Solutions, says the region should pounce on the opportunity.
The latest real estate app augments services such as Zillow to allow home buyers to save money, according to Upside Door COO Ric Fleisher.
The Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative is meant to act as a disruptor. While most of academia is placed in a few designated skill and subject categories, entrepreneurship cuts across disciplines, says director Jeff Reid.
While the drive behind traditional non-profits is ever present, many of them are quickly adapting to ensure enthusiastic engagement of the millennial generation, according to Rosie Allen-Herring, President and CEO of United Way of the National Capital Area (NCA).
Gavin Daniels, founder and principal of Wingate Hughes Architects says the motive behind their designs for spaces came from a drive to bring out the way people want to work, and the way company leaders want their teams to excel.
May 8, 2017 show features interviews with Gavin Daniels, Rosie Allen-Herring and Jeff Reid
A local entrepreneur who saw glaring gaps in efficiency in the workplace has brought together cybersecurity and technology to make life easier for analysts.

Tensor Wrench is a data-streamlining tool that helps analysts improve working speed across applications by collating data with cloud support.
The winner of George Washington Universitys business plan competition aims to cut the number of emergency room visits in D.C.s poorest neighborhoods.

Dr. Freya Spielberg, a professor at G.W., said she set out to demonstrate that its possible to improve health outcomes for the most vulnerable populations while also lowering healthcare costs.
The Right Proper Brewing Company brews beer built on neighborhood pride and a rare sense of authenticity.
The defense industry has lowered its expectations following promises on the campaign trail from President Donald Trump to drastically increase defense spending, said Defense One global business editor Marcus Weisgerber.
May 1, 2017 show features interviews with Marcus Weisgerber, Thor Cheston, Kevin Bennett.
The field of advocacy is one of the largest employers in the D.C. region, but it is also one of the most misunderstood. Ivan Adler, principal of the McCormick Group helps clear the air.
Local non-profit organizations have tapped into lessons learned from entrepreneurs to survive recent political changes, said the president and CEO of Volunteers of America Chesapeake.
The greater Washington region has struggled to retain the flood of millennials and young entrepreneurs who moved to D.C. during the Obama administration, said Bloomberg U.S. economy reporter.
DC-based startup TransitScreen is trying to simplify transit options for riders across the world.
The latest effort to save the deteriorating Washington Metro system is the region's biggest test in a long time, says Washington Post reporter Bob McCartney as the transit system's general manager issued a wide-ranging rescue plan.
April 17, 2017 show features interviews with Bob McCartney of The Washington Post, Matt Caywood of TransitScreen and Michelle Jamrisko of Bloomberg
A DC foundation is raising funds to ensure all defendants receive a fair trial, including civil cases. Kirra Jarratt, Executive Director of the D.C. Bar Foundation, says last year, it gave out over $6 million.
A seven-time D.C. entrepreneur wants to use advances in the internet of things to revolutionize the service supply chain industry. Dick Hyatt, CEO of Decisiv, focuses on providing a framework and platform for industrial applications. The framework ranges from mobile technicians to deals to fleet maintenance.
The state of Virginia has made investments to spur industries such as cybersecurity and biotech, according to Ed Albrigo, who leads one of the state organizations leading growth in innovation and entrepreneurship.
An entrepreneur who used 3D printers in Afghanistan to create solutions for soldiers in combat took his battlefield experience and started a company that now trains Marines.
Brad Halsey, founder and CEO of Building Momentum, says his company trains Marines and inspires them to take those lessons into combat.
The founder of Rethink Impact calls it the largest-ever impact fund in the U.S. that invests with a gender lens. Founder Jenny Abramson looks to fund companies with women in positions of leadership.
April 17, 2017 show features interviews with Jenny Abramson, Brad Halsey and Ed Albrigo
Leadership Greater Washington builds great leaders - and identifies which problems the region needs to tackle, according to CEO Doug Duncan.
Software is the answer for many hacking woes, according to this cybersecurity company founder, who has found that passwords are the simple root of so many breaches.
How entrepreneurs can successfully straddle the worlds of government contracting and private sector deals. One local founder says the region is ripe with untapped opportunity.
Growth [period] was born from the concept that every goal must have a plan. Founder Courtney Spaeth is driven by the idea that every company should focus on the specifics of what it wants to achieve.
MasterPeace Launchpad is a government contracting cybersecurity firm that helps software engineers apply their skills to starting their own businesses.
April 10, 2017 show features interviews with Drew Cohen, Courtney Spaeth and Ola Sage.
Social Tables founder and CEO Dan Berger describes how building a rapidly-growing startup is strengthened by making sure employees know how to be socially engaged.
"Tax reform has to happen. This is a central theme of what the current Congress and the current administration campaigned on If tax reform does not happen, this is a big failure and a big setback in an ambitious agenda."
While US relations with Mexico have made for catchy headlines since the new administration came into power, expert Amy Glover describes the personal diplomacy going on without interruption, and how established relationships keep business and relations strong.
While DC is probably not the obvious place to launch a media-related startup, the founder and CEO of ICX Media says he believes the region holds unique, untapped benefits.
Todd Stottlemyer, CEO of the Inova Center for Personalized Health, said the greater Washington region has everything it takes for this field to flourish here.
April 3, 2017 show features interviews with Todd Stottlemyer, Mike Avon and Amy Glover
Some entrepreneurs feel that the only way to be successful is to go from accelerator to accelerator. The founder of Springboard Enterprises says there's a way to avoid just spinning your wheels.
Our Defense Department can sometimes be tied up in old techniques, and generally risk averse, says Jim Perkins. In response, service members and veterans with new ideas started meeting and formed the DEF community, which has since grown to a global movement with meetings as far away as Australia.
Programs allowing service members to earn civilian certifications to qualify for value-added jobs is the latest trend, explains the managing editor of Military.com.
Retired Blackhawk helicopter pilot Chrissie Engh brings her military experience to the private sector to educate the public on the regulations and capacities surrounding drone technology.
The CEO of StreetShares explains the intangible advantage that veteran entrepreneurs offer their investors: trust.
March 27, 2017 show features interviews with Mark Rockefeller, Chrissie Engh
and Brendan McGarry.
Companies and governments can make very profitable business connections in Afghanistan by engaging with locals, says Maryam Atmar, who notes that Afghanistan is a tribal country.
Linking local innovators and entrepreneurs with government agencies is a non-stop job. Michael Hoffman explains how industry is served by knowing the pulse of the nation's capital.
The money reporter for Washington Business Journal provides insight into what the upcoming federal budget could mean for the DC region, which still relies heavily on government contracts and robust government agencies.
The founder and CEO of The Mentor Method explains how her company works to increase the number of female and monitories in leadership positions through the benefits of mentorship.
March 20, 2017 show features interviews with Justin Antonipillai, Janice Omadeke and Andy Medici.
Justin Antonipillai wanted to make the vast amount of data collected by the Census Bureau available to the public. And his years working in government made him the perfect person to be entrepreneurial about it.
DC is a great place for a business offering holistic treatment, because despite being a fast-paced, work-oriented area, its also a city that is very open minded, cutting edge, and adopts new technology, according to Capital Cryo's top investor.
Uber's CEO has apologized for HR incidents and a tirade with a driver that was caught on camera. Travis Kalanick has taken personal responsibility, which shows him to be a leader.
Stone Soup Films is the one-of-a-kind production house helping non-profit organizations tell stories of social impact. Founder Liz Norton says DC's creative community is talented and generous.
Sonatype has created a database that allows development organizations to stay on top of all open-source components, and the head of marketing at the company explains why DC is the best place to get the job done.
March 13, 2017 show features interviews with Andrew Sherman, Matt Howard and Liz Norton.
Disengaged workers are not just slackers. They are deliberately sabotaging the workplace, according to expert Andrew Sherman.
Companies face real questions regarding whether to embrace the President or stand their ground. The impact of doing one or the other can impact on brand, stock prices, and employee and customer reactions.
Research shows female-run startups are more profitable than male-run startups, yet many investors are reluctant to fund them. The Vinetta Project is changing that.
Hydroviv founder Eric Roy is a chemist who tailors water filters for specific regions by analyzing water quality data to target area-specific contaminants such as lead.
Those currently in information security are in the right career, as the demand for talented, experienced employees continues to grow, says the CEO of NinjaJobs, Chris Camacho.
An expert on millennials in the workplace explains how traditional forms of recognition and reward for employees might not satisfy the younger professional generation.
After dealing with high unemployment, student loan burdens, and tightened credit rules, millennials realize nothing is guaranteed in the workplace and give as much loyalty as they feel coming back from an employer.
March 6, 2017 show features interviews with Dawn Lejon, Gabrielle Bosche and Chris Camacho.
The Border Adjustment Tax needs to be better understood before it is debated, because it will affect small companies across the country, according to Joshua Baca of DDC Public Affairs.
Free online learning offers certification in cybersecurity, thanks to open-source software and a DC startup called Cybrary that saw the strengths in sharing know-how.
The co-founder of NextGen Venture Partners says his firm has a network of 660 entrepreneurs and executives that it leverages to spot winners and create better investors.
The head of Gula Tech Adventures explains why investors should see a huge difference between product-based and service-based cybersecurity companies -- and explains how to spot a winner.
Anup Ghosh's story is uniquely DC. He started off as program manager at a government agency, but then quickly identified a problem that needed solving. Fast forward to his company being sold for $100 million and it's easy to see why his trajectory is inspiring.
The Posse Foundation helps boost college graduation rates while making college degrees more accessible for lower income portions of the Washington, D.C. region.
A smooth merger, respectable cause and being centered in the nation's capital have helped the Humane Rescue Alliance become a model for success in not-for-profits in the region.
You're great at what you do. People want to hear what you have to say. Should you be hosting your own podcast? Michael O'Connell, author of an upcoming book on podcasts, tells us who fits the bill.
We cannot be scared off by the science fiction version of artificial intelligence, explains Chuck Howell, Chief Engineer for Intelligence Programs and Integration at the MITRE Corporation.
Journalist Camille Tuutti describes advances in artificial intelligence, and how they will forge ahead at high speed because although it might not be sexy, it is absolutely necessary.
Architect and principal at Studio MB describes the work being done at DC's waterfront, and how the city's architects are bidding for projects that would have gone to outside competitors before.
Can the Trump administration be at the root of technologists fleeing the DC region? It can when you consider the "whole package" for people choosing to live in the capital region, according to consultant Ben Foster.
Can the Trump administration be at the root of technologists fleeing the DC region? It can when you consider the "whole package" for people choosing to live in the capital region, according to consultant Ben Foster.
The head of GlobalPhone Corporation describes how proximity to the federal government is an advantage in a fast-moving industry. A small company uses specialized talent and refined focus to stay ahead in the competitive telecommunications landscape.
It's not a question of whether a given company will be hacked -- it is a question of when. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure... but how?
A talent development expert describes how the Washington region is booming, and how there are great jobs to fill. The global war for talent has put DC in a position where there are currently more employment opportunities than applicants.
A census of D.C.-area entrepreneurs reflects what the region needs to attract more entrepreneurs and small businesses, says Fosterly founder Adam Zuckerman.
CEO/Co-Founder of Canvas James Quigley says the Greater Washington Region is unparalleled in promoting and producing profitable innovation companies.
Dr. Chip Petricoin founded a local company specializing in precision cancer analysis. The procedure uses molecular profiling of tumors to be able to offer a personalized treatment to each cancer patient. Petricoin explains why this region was the perfect setting to foster this cutting-edge technology.
Communications expert Cary Hatch describes how Washington, DC has a reputation for being stiff and bureaucratic, yet data show that the region is innovative and has a unique, creative form of entrepreneurship.
Money reporter at the Washington Business Journal explains how surprisingly important banks are to local innovation investment PLUS offers insight on how he finds great business stories in the region.
Founder and CEO of LEVICK, a public relations firm based in Washington, DC said some companies will have no choice but to react to the #GrabYourWallet campaign because boycotts are hitting their bottom line.
One of the top innovation investors in the region shares impressions of what the national capital has to offer, and why business is booming
Many are starting to take notice as Washington, DC blossoms into a region which is bolstering the work of female entrepreneurs and fostering strong networks with federal agencies in the nation's capital.
Booz Allen Hamilton continues to embrace innovation, technology and analytics. VP Michael Isman explains how the 103-year-old McLean-based federal management consulting firm is staying ahead of the curve in 2017.
With access to international conferences, politicians and a variety of red carpet events, DC is a great place for a limousine company to flourish. The founder of Reston Limousine explains how the capital city made it easy to succeed.
The founder of Honest Tea, Seth Goldman, describes why he came to DC for the politics, but stayed for the innovative business opportunities that allowed him to grow a highly-successful brand.
With a unified control of Washington, tax reform will be the marquee battle pitting business interests against each other as they seek to protect their piece of the pie.
The influx of social media attacks has forced small businesses to focus more energy and resources on protecting their brands. The internet revolution has made the speed, power, and alienation so powerful that companies of all sizes have to protect themselves.
A new series of locally-produced videos is designed to inspire local entrepreneurs and highlight the success of D.C.-area business leaders.
When businesses get hacked and lose customers' personal data, boards and owners can come under fire from not only customers but shareholders.
The Defense Innovation Board confirms its sweeping recommendations to spur innovation inside the U.S. military to include a chief innovation officer and software development teams at each major command.
Mark Walsh, outgoing head of the Small Business Administration, says he has seen Washington, DC take major strides toward becoming an entrepreneurial destination.
Jeremy Haft, author of Unmade in China, says Trump's expected tariffs and corporate subsidies are a cheap sugar rush with inscrutable results.

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