Web Summit: Science

Understanding science and developing technology have always gone hand in hand, so it's no surprise Web Summit covers important news coming out of the field. It's hard to keep up with all the breakthroughs being made in the world, so we take a deep dive into a select few that are particularly interesting. Topics include bio hacking, plastics and environmental sustainability, and more!


Web Summit: Science

It's Getting Hot In Here

We can all agree that most homeowners have superpowers when it comes to detecting when they've left the thermostat and lights on AFTER they've left - but how can we curb energy wastage and make our homes more economical? Join Toon Bouten, CEO of Tado, as he discusses how we can save energy and money in this keynote. Guest: Toon Bouten, Tado - CEO
00:16:00 1/23/2019

Past Episodes

Ben Goertzel joins Sophia The Robot and Han The Robot on stage! Robot intelligence becomes more impressive with each passing year, but when will AI actually surpass humans? Guest: Ben Goertzel, SingularityNET
00:22:00 1/16/2019
Dr. Roberto Trotta explains life, the universe, and everything; and how data science will change all we know in the near future. Guest: Dr. Roberto Trotta, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Physics - Imperial College London
00:28:00 1/9/2019
We all know the time when we were heavily dependent on fossil fuels is behind us. But how has disruptive technology enabled the big energy players to move on? In this Keynote BP's Chief Commercial Officer, Stephen Cook, will explore how companies like BP are harnessing some of these technologies to make energy more sustainable today. Guest: Stephen Cook, Chief Commercial Officer, Group Technology - BP
00:22:00 1/2/2019
To take on Tesla and become the next great carmaker, global automotive brand BYTON is building autonomy and electrification into its first vehicle, which goes on sale next year. In this talk, BYTON's CEO gives a first look at the bold way the company is bringing shared experiences to its cars and how consumers will interact with the car that they contend sets it apart from competitors' creations. Guests: Carsten Breitfeld, Chairman, CEO & Co-Founder BYTON; JP Mangalindan Chief Tech Correspondent, Yahoo Finance
00:25:00 12/26/2018
While Piaggio is best-known for the Vespa Scooter, its innovation group, Piaggio Fast Forward, recently launched a new kind of personal mobility device named Gita, a mobile carrier that follows you like an obedient pet holding 45 pounds in tow. COO Sasha Hoffman explains what it means to create beautiful, intelligent, machines that function among us and the importance of designing human-centric products. She'll walk through the company's learnings from having the world's first mobile carrier operating in unstructured environments with 5 to 90 year olds. Guest: Sasha Hoffman, Piaggio Fast Forward
00:21:00 12/18/2018
For the past decade, NASA has been developing robots: robots to work as teammates with humans, to reduce costs and efficiency and boost the success of its missions. In this talk, the director of NASA's intelligent robotics group gives examples of how human-robot teams can improve a wide range of applications, from planetary exploration to self-driving cars, and gives a glimpse of Astrobee, the free-flying robot set to launch to the International Space Station later this year. Guest: Terry Fong, NASA
00:24:00 12/12/2018
The Jetsons' Rosie the Robot made it look easy. In reality, though, there's a lot that goes into creating a robot that people feel comfortable enough to allow in their homes. And it's even harder to design a robot that feels like an extension of your human family. Along with Mayfield Robotics' creation Kuri, the company's CTO will talk through how her team is working to do just that. Guests: Kaijen Hsiao, Mayfield Robotics; Steve Kovach, Business Insider
00:25:00 12/4/2018
The world's oceans are vast and at risk from a wide range of threats: global warming, overfishing, pollution, and more. How do we begin the monumental task of saving them, and what role does technology have in that process? The CEO of Oceana, the world's largest organization dedicated to ocean conservation, illustrates how they've worked with major tech players to combat the problem of law enforcement on the seas. Guest: Andrew Sharpless, Oceana
00:20:00 11/28/2018
See the car of tomorrow and hear why we have not even started to understand the next generation of driving. Guest: Carsten Breitfeld, BYTON
00:24:00 11/21/2018
BYTON emerged this year with plans for a cutting-edge car that will not only be electric but also autonomous, shared and smart from the outset ? and it will be ready for the public by next year. At a time when most upstart carmakers fail, BYTON's banking on its founders' credentials working on BMW's i8 to give it a fighting chance. The company's CEO gives an update on its products and global ambitions. Guests: Carsten Breitfeld, BYTON; Jessi Hempel, WIRED
00:24:00 11/14/2018

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