Web Summit: Business

Every business runs on technology. Web Summit was created to circulate information and facilitate communication between businesses about how to operate most efficiently in a world that's becoming increasingly more difficult for the individual to keep up with.


Web Summit: Business

Real-Time Startup Therapy: The Storytelling Edition

Our experts David Schneider and Gail Heimann leverage the success of a fake product to create another fake product. They'll show you how to harness the data to know if and when the world is ready, how to manage a launch and storytelling across platforms - with the right content at the right times, how to build and nurture a portfolio of related brands and, most importantly, how to leverage a world of conflict to end it - one connected couple at a time. Guests: David Schneider, Co-Founder - ThatLot; Gail Heimann, President - Weber Shandwick
00:24:00 1/22/2019

Past Episodes

It's harder now than ever to develop and maintain talent in the sporting world. But has technology been a help or a hindrance for those trying to bring through the next generation of stars? Guests: Luisao, SL Benefica;, Pedro Marques, SL Benefica; Domingos Oliveira, SL Benefica; Ger Gilroy, Off The Ball
00:22:00 1/15/2019
Mada Seghete, co-founder and head of marketing at Branch, will share the secrets to successfully setting up and scaling your marketing with no paid budget. Guest: Mada Seghete, Co-founder - Branch Metrics
00:22:00 1/8/2019
Your company is only as strong as its people. But, more importantly, how do you get those people? And how do you keep them from jumping ship? Our panelists are here to dissect why it has never been more crucial to look beyond the hiring stage. Guests: Kristen Garcia Dumont, CEO - MZ; Daniel Yanisse, Co-Founder & CEO - Checkr; John Dennehy, Executive Chairman - Zartis; Lindsey Turrentine, Editor-in-Chief - CNET
00:25:00 1/1/2019
David Schneider and Joe Orton discuss the importance of being strong creatively even in the new landscape of paid social. Guests: David Schneider, Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director - That Lot; Joe Orton, Paid Social Strategist - That Lot
00:28:00 12/25/2018
The CEO of Investopedia illuminates the events that influence tides of investing. Guest: David Siegel, Investopedia
00:23:00 12/18/2018
Investor dollars can often be the lifeblood that creates and then sustains a venture. This panel will shine a light on what it takes to get noticed by the VCs and angels that make these calls. Guests: Christine Herron, Intel Capital; Mada Seghete, Branch; Steven Rosenbush, The Wall Street Journal
00:25:00 12/11/2018
HubSpot has revolutionized inbound marketing. But in a constantly changing space, what are the secrets to growing your business in the future? Hubspot CEO Brian Halligan will share the three secrets you need to know about scaling your business. Guest: Brian Halligan, HubSpot
00:24:00 12/3/2018
With so much of our education and entertainment tied to technology and the internet in 2018, how can we ensure that children and their privacy are protected? Guests: Sven Gerjets, Mattel; Dylan Collins, SuperAwesome
00:25:00 11/27/2018
Whether through bots, voice, or social media, there are more ways than ever for to interact with customers. Does this create new considerations when it comes to satisfying them? Guests: Amy Pressman, Medallia; Nicolas Dessaigne, Algolia; Lindsey Turrentine, CNET
00:25:00 11/20/2018
Sprinklr is the most complete social media management system for the enterprise, helping the world's largest brands do marketing, advertising, care, sales, research, and commerce on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and twenty-one other channels globally - all on one integrated platform. Guest: Ragy Thomas, Sprinklr
00:23:00 11/12/2018

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