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Troop Salute

Terry Ballard of the US Navy

Today we are saluting Petty Officer 2nd Class Terry Ballard of the United States Navy. Petty Officer Ballard is a Seabee. Seabees are what the Navy calls its construction battalion. Specifically, PO2 Ballard is a Steelworker. He's a welder, he works with structures, buildings, I beams, and more. He's building structures and buildings, because the Navy needs buildings on land, just like they needs ships in the sea. After enlisting in the Navy Ballard chose the Seabees because he realized that the training and skills he learned there would translate really easily to his civilian life when he got out. Terry originally planned to do one 4 year enlistment and get out. He has since extended his enlistment twice, and is working on his 9th year in the Navy. Ballard went to "A" School in NCBC Gulfport, Mississippi where he became a certified welder. He has had several other postings since then, but now he is stationed at Port Hueneme, California which is actually the main home of the Seabees for the Navy. Terry says "I used to miss home a lot and think about getting out, but one day I just felt like I was at home." Ballard also says that Ventura has been the best station of his career, and he's thankful for the opportunity to serve there. And we're all thankful for sailors like PO2 Terry Ballard of the United States Navy.
00:02:50 7/22/2019

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We all know that the United States Air Force keeps our skies safe. We know that they use superior technology, tactics, and training to dominate the air over this nation and most of the globe. But those pilots and crews can't do their job unless they have teams of men and women supporting them on the ground. Today we Salute Brady Stevenson of the United States Air Force. Brady is a member of the Air Force Security Services. The Security Services is actually the largest career field in the Air Force and it covers many jobs from missile security, to base security, to law enforcement, and more. Maureen Stevenson is Brady's proud mom, and she tells me that Brady is basically like an MP for the Air Force. He works to secure air fields and facilities where he's stationed. Maureen also says her son Brady has been in the Air Force for 6 years, and he is considering a full 20 year career. "He just loves his job, and he loves the travel and opportunities." She said. It sounds like Brady is making his momma proud. Every day Stevenson puts on the uniform to keep the ground and the equipment safe, so that the pilots and the crews can maintain that airborne superiority that keeps us all safe. And that is why today we are Saluting Brady Stevenson of the United States Air Force.
00:03:05 7/19/2019
A job well done for a military member can mean a lot of different things. For our troop today, it means the successful completion of a 9 year military career. Today we salute Machinists Mate 2nd Class Dennis Harris of the United States Navy. Dennis just mustered out of the Navy recently. His last day of service was July 12th according to his wife Alicia who wrote in for this salute. Alicia is obviously very proud of her husband for his service and his hard work, but she wanted to do a salute so that everybody could hear just how proud she is. Dennis served 9 years in the Navy. He was stationed out of the Bangor submarine base and served aboard the USS Ohio for the last 4 years. Harris enlisted back when the economy was crashed out in 2009. He needed to make some sacrifices in order to take care of his family. Alicia says that Dennis put aside a few of his other goals to provide for them. Sadly, in 2012 Dennis' mother passed away from Cancer and he was unable to attend the service because he was on deployment. This event reminded Dennis of just how precious time with the family is, and was part of his motivation to not seek another enlistment and move home to be close to them all. For his decade of service to this nation, and his hard work and values, today we salute Machinists Mate 2nd Class Dennis Harris of the United States Navy.
00:02:23 7/17/2019
I'm starting to get some really good Troop Salutes sent in, The one I have today is actually a follow up salute. Morgan Hill is a P1 of the show, and she asked if she could salute her brother. Obviously, we welcome it, but this is actually not her first time through. Today we salute Specialist Christopher Hill of the United States Army. Christopher served several years in the Army including a tour in Afghanistan. Morgan says he's out now and living a good life, taking care of his family like he always has. She says "I guess that means he's technically a veteran, but I don't think of him that way." Morgan says that her brother is her best friend, and she could not be more proud of him. And that follow up I mentioned earlier, that is because several years ago, Morgan asked me if she could salute her brother on my show back when he was still in active duty. We've saluted Christopher before, and I think that's really cool. I love P1's like Morgan inviting us in to being part of their military family tradition. That is why today we salute Christopher Hill of the United States Army.
00:02:30 7/15/2019
00:02:24 6/21/2019

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