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Nov. 27-Josh Donaldson signing with the Braves is actually a good thing for the Cardinals

Josh Donaldson signed with the Atlanta Braves. But that's not a bad thing for the St. Louis Cardinals. Bernie and Randy The Podcast actually shows fans that Donaldson may not have been as big of a target for the organization like many believed.
00:01:04 11/26/2018

Past Episodes

Post-Dispatch Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter weighs in on recent reports Barry Odom and Louisville have mutual interest in one another. Also: Bernie weighs in on the situation in a recent column, writing why Odom and Mizzou should continue their mutually beneficial situation.
00:00:55 11/26/2018
The Blues will be on the road this week. There are some winnable games on the schedule. Randy Karraker's new column says it's time for the Blues to start over--blow things up. Oh...and Mike Matheny has a new job with the Royals.
00:00:55 11/25/2018
Is there really mutual interest between Barry Odom and Louisville football or is the coach trying to leverage a better deal at Mizzou? Bernie Miklasz delves into this in his latest column. Also: Travis Green on why it's time for less talk and more action from Blues GM Doug Armstrong.
00:00:47 11/25/2018
Monday night's 2-0 loss must have been the final straw for Doug Armstrong, as the Blues officially parted ways with Mike Yeo just over an hour after the game. Assistant Craig Cerube steps in as interim head coach for the time being, and we've got plenty of talk and analysis about this throughout the day.
00:00:42 11/19/2018
The Blues will try and find their next Head Coach over the next 3 to 4 weeks according to GM Doug Armstrong. There are lots of whispers about Joel Quenneville coming back to St. Louis.
00:00:54 11/19/2018
The Blues started off the weekend well in Vegas before laying a goose-egg Saturday night in San Jose. We've got recaps for you as the Note gets set to welcome the Kings tonight. Also: Mizzou gets a big win in Knoxville, 50-17 over the Volunteers.
00:00:49 11/18/2018
Randy Karraker thinks the Cardinals will follow their rule of thumb and go after a trade rather than make a big Free Agent signing.
00:00:54 11/18/2018
It's tough sledding ahead over the next two days for the Blues. But is the fan base losing interest?
00:00:58 11/14/2018
Jake Allen has outstanding stretches during his career, but has been largely inconsistent as a starter compared to goalies he's played alongside. Bernie Miklasz puts Allen's numbers up against Halak, Elliott, and Hutton's in a recent column. Also: Bernie and Randy take a trip down memory lane in their latest podcast, exchanging stories of the 1980's football Cardinals.
00:01:03 11/14/2018
The Blues head to Chicago. Is now a good time to get Joel Quenneville on the phone? Bernie Miklasz sure thinks so.
00:01:01 11/13/2018
Ken Hitchcock never got the Blues to the promised land, but opposing teams always dreaded playing them under Hitch, which is something that's gone by the wayside in more recent times. Bernie Miklasz and Randy Karraker discuss this and everything else Note-related in their latest podcast.
00:00:56 11/12/2018
Pick Your Poison...Harper, Goldschmidt, Donaldson. Bernie and Randy the Podcast look at all the options out there for the Cardinals on the Free Agent Market.
00:00:55 11/12/2018
It wasn't pretty and Drew Lock tossed a couple picks, but Mizzou got the job done against Vanderbilt Saturday. Bernie Miklasz covers this in his weekly CFB 'Heroes and Villains' write-up, and also previews a likely Clemson-Alabama playoff rematch.
00:00:45 11/12/2018
Randy Karraker's new column talks about Mizzou's moving on and bowl eligible under Barry Odom. Are Mizzou fans unhappy because of all the success the program had under Gary Pinkel? The Blues are also hitting the road before Thanksgiving. Travis Green has things covered on the "Blues Beat."
00:00:59 11/11/2018

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