The Wrap (AUS)

The Wrap is Australia's fastest technology podcast - wrapping news, analysis and reviews in an earful that you can hear in less than ten minuets. Think of it as the week in technology wrapped in the time it takes for you to grab a bus to town or eat your toast in the morning.


The Wrap (AUS)

The Wrap - Uber Air and Is 5G worth it? (June 14, 2019)

This week on The Wrap, we'll take to the skies to talk Uber Air, look at what's new from Beats and Bose, what's coming in the world of Xbox, and check out how 5G is going with Telstra and Oppo. All in five minutes.
00:05:00 6/13/2019

Past Episodes

This week on The Wrap, we're talking iPhone, iPad, Macs and more, as we find out what Apple plans to deliver in 2019, all in five minutes.
00:05:00 6/6/2019
WiFi is one of the biggest causes for complaints, so how can you fix it? We'll try to help in just five minutes as we talk speed, mesh, and more.
00:05:00 6/2/2019
This week on The Wrap, we'll explore the beginning of 5G, with hardware and prices for eager Australians. Plus the latest in computers and more in five minutes.
00:05:00 5/30/2019
There's good news and there's bad news, all in five minutes. What's happening to Huawei, and what new gear is on the way? Plus we'll review a neat pair of headphones that tests your hearing.
00:05:00 5/23/2019
From an urgent patch on computers to 8K to foldables and a mid-range phone that's worth it, this is a five minute show that could change what you know. Tune in.
00:05:00 5/16/2019
How many cameras does your phone really need? There's one on the Google Pixel 3a, three on Samsung's Galaxy A50, and five on the Nokia 9 PureView. What's the new norm? Find out in five minutes.
00:05:00 5/9/2019
How much battery can give you up to three days of phone life, and is the iPad Mini a perfectly sized tablet to go? Plus what's happening in VR? All that and more in just five minutes.
00:05:00 5/2/2019
A relatively short week in tech still has big news, with Intel chips that will likely bring new Macs in the middle of the year. Plus foldable phone woes, pricey headphones reviewed, and more. All in five.
00:05:00 4/25/2019
A week of mobiles makes for a real game of phones, as we look at what's new from Samsung, Xiaomi, and review Huawei's P30 Pro. All that and more in five minutes.
00:05:00 4/18/2019
Is your home WiFi speed getting you down? We'll check out a new technology that could help and review Microsoft's Surface Go. Plus news from space, Sonos, and more in five.
00:05:00 4/11/2019

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