The Wrap (AUS)

The Wrap is Australia's fastest technology podcast - wrapping news, analysis and reviews in an earful that you can hear in less than ten minuets. Think of it as the week in technology wrapped in the time it takes for you to grab a bus to town or eat your toast in the morning.


The Wrap (AUS)

The Wrap - Scams, Sonos, and Smartphones (August 16, 2019)

Scams are big business, but we’ll give you the best tip to stay on guard, plus news and a new phone reviewed, all in five minutes. 
00:05:01 8/15/2019

Past Episodes

Missed the big news on Samsung’s new Note? Get it all plus computers, speakers, and the evolution of the bedside clock reviewed in just five minutes. 
00:05:01 8/8/2019
New phones and new earphones and new stuff in general. What’s coming from Google, Samsung, Epson, Sennheiser, and more? Find out in five. 
00:05:01 8/1/2019
Your next pair of Sonos speakers could just come from IKEA, and might save you some cash. Find out why, plus hear about the new Kindle and more in five. 
00:05:00 7/25/2019
This week on The Wrap, we’ll talk what’s happening in tech, talking Motorola, Samsung, Sony’s big new camera, and the battery problem in devices all around. All in five minutes. 
00:05:01 7/18/2019
It's the middle of the year, and there have been some seriously good phones so far. But if you need to buy one now, what’s the best phone of 2019 so far, or should you just settle down and wait? We'll talk iPhones and Android and foldable phones, with what's out now and what's to come. Joined by special guests Alex Kidman from Vertical Hold and Alex Choros from WhistleOut.  Get the lowdown on the 2019's best phones so far in only five minutes.
00:05:01 7/15/2019
Better MacBook pricing, a new Nintendo, the world beyond 8K, all-new earphones, and a few new phones, including the return of BlackBerry. All in just five minutes.
00:05:01 7/11/2019
Many phones are now waterproof, but what does that even mean? We’ll look at what “waterproof” means for your phone, and check out what’s new in the world of Sonos, Samsung, and review the Beats Powerbeats Pro. All in five.
00:05:00 7/4/2019
What’s happening in the world of the Mac? We’ll talk about the iPad beta and review the new MacBook Pro, plus look into smart lights for the home and brand new cameras. All in five minutes.
00:05:01 6/27/2019
What’s coming next from the world of the iPhone, Galaxy Note, and Pixel? And would you wear a pair of sunglasses if they were your headphones, too? All that and more in five.
00:05:01 6/20/2019
This week on The Wrap, we’ll take to the skies to talk Uber Air, look at what’s new from Beats and Bose, what’s coming in the world of Xbox, and check out how 5G is going with Telstra and Oppo. All in five minutes.
00:05:01 6/13/2019

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