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Matthew Coller and analytics experts from across the for major sports dig into the truths that statistics reveal about football, hockey, baseball and basketball. If you think statistical analysis was just what you saw in Moneyball, well, you will learn a lot from this podcast. The Sports Analytics Department is for fans who love the deeper dive on the math behind the game, and that analytics revolution sweeping professional sports.


What do the analytics say about draft history and the Vikings' second-round pick? (ep.18)

Matthew Coller talks with Pro Football Focus author Eric Eager about...Matthew Coller talks with Pro Football Focus author Eric Eager about his historical analysis of the draft. Eager looked into the chances the Vikings get a good player in the second round and which position has the best chance to be a hit. Also, should the Vikings take a swing at a late-round QB?   Show More


Past Episodes

Matthew Coller talks with Baseball Prospectus writer Matthew Kory about the Twins 3-0 start and what would have to go right in order for Minnesota to be competitive this year? Could organizational philosophy lead to better results this year? How about the mediocre AL Central? How can we predict whether young players like Sano, Buxton and Barrios will break out?
Matthew Coller talks with analytics writer Shane O'Donnell about the Wild's recent slump means to their chances in the postseason. How would the Wild match up with the Chicago Blackhawks if the two faceoff again in the playoffs? Can they handle Jonathan Toews with improved depth? Can the Wild trust Devan Dubnyk in the playoffs? Shane has a key to Dubnyk playing better come playoff time...
Matthew Coller sits down with Dr. Justin Anderson of Premier Sport Psychology to discuss how sports psychology is a new frontier of sports information. How do brain functions affect how players react to success and failure? What mistakes are coaches making with these players? And how the value of culture and leadership can be quantified.
Matthew Coller and Pro Football Focus writer Eric Eager dig into the reinvigorated career of Cordarrelle Patterson. How valuable is he to the Vikings offense? Also, should the Vikings have been drafting more offense linemen in recent years? How should we grade their drafts?
Matthew Coller and ESPN Insider Shane O'Donnell discuss whether the strong start to Minnesota's season is legit and look at some of the hot or cold results to the beginning of the NHL season and whether they will be sustained. Can Edmonton keep winning? Will Chicago ever fall off?
Matthew Coller and 1500ESPN Twins reporter Derek Wetmore discuss how new Twins management has a long way to go to catch up with the top teams in analytics. What areas of the game can they use to gain an advantage over teams that have been using stats for years? How can they use things like pitcher health, defensive metrics and swings at long-shot players to get there? Have a listen and find out...
Matthew Coller and Pro Football Focus Analyst Mike Renner take a look at the numbers and compare the NFC's best teams. Can the Vikings' offense bounce back or will their defense have to carry them? How good are the Falcons? Which mediocre team has the best case? And what will the Cowboys do at QB?
Matthew Coller and Bleacher Report and 1500ESPN contributor Arif Hasan break down the Vikings' debacle in pass protection against the Philadelphia Eagles. Arif has a theory: The Vikings line will get better from here. What makes him think that? Give 'er a listen...
Matthew Coller and Bleacher Report and Pre-Snap Reads writer Cian Fahey discuss why Sam Bradford has been the best quarterback in the NFL so far. Is his success sustainable? What should the Vikings do about Teddy Bridgewater long term? How good is Carson Wentz?

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