The Smalley Effect

When comedians and other intriguing humans openly discuss current events, social justice, popular struggles, and politics, and you think of something in a way you've never thought about it before, that's The Smalley Effect. Comedian, author, and the host of PodcastOne's Dogma Debate podcast, David Smalley, brings you this candid discussion of people trying to figure out the world we live in.


Mary Lynn Rajskub

You know her as Chloe on 24, and Gail The Snail on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Mary Lynn Rajskub drops by the studio to discuss stand up comedy, acting, and Jimmy Kimmel's feud with Sean Hannity.
01:25:14 4/9/2018

Past Episodes

Today, we have audio of stand up comedy from The Smalley Effect Live at the Comedy Store in Hollywood. A Chinese Lab might crush you from space, and a megachurch pastor with ties to Bush AND Obama, surrenders to Authorities.
01:03:25 4/2/2018
Comedians Matt Kirshen & KT Tatara are in studio to discuss audio of a Time Traveler, and the separation of Gay and State!
02:11:25 3/26/2018
Comedians discuss murders in small towns, we find the $800 million mistake that rocked Snapchat, and we have clips of Ricky Gervais offending lots of people.
02:02:16 3/19/2018
The guys debunk martial arts myths, David tries to listen to punk music without passing out, and Trump calls in to defend himself. Also, David gets schooled on BitCoin by a financial expert.
02:07:56 3/12/2018
The WellRed Comedy Boys: Trae Crowder, Corey Ryan Forrester, and Drew Morgan are in studio to discuss drugs, guns, and a side of stand up comedy you've never heard.
01:30:27 3/10/2018

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