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The Show with Austin Huff is a late night talk show for your ears. Each episode brings a fun, easy-to-listen conversation with a guest who's much more interesting than Austin, with a mix of sports, pop culture, movies and music.


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Kevin Harlan (NBA on TNT, NFL on CBS), A Chicago Cubs Top Ten, Bachelor Recap, And Why Isn't Bryce Harper Signed Yet?

Kevin Harlan (play-by-play for NBA on TNT, NFL on CBS, NBA2K, and Monday Night Football on Westwood One) joins Austin to talk about calling NBA All-Star Saturday Night on TNT, being the former voice of the Missouri Tigers as a University of Kansas graduate, if he plans on catching Jack Buck's record of number of most Super Bowls called, working alongside Kurt Warner in the booth, the process that goes into being the play-by-play voice on NBA2K video game series, and Austin has him break down his top 3 calls all-time (interview begins at 52:01 mark). Plus, Austin gives his take on the ridiculousness of Bryce Harper not being signed yet (3:07), and gives an old school Top Ten list of other excuses Chicago Cubs owners give their fans of why they're not spending any money this off-season (9:39). And of course, Austin and Jeff break down this week's episode of The Bachelor (14:25).
01:33:45 2/18/2019

Past Episodes

Chris Mason (former NHL goalie, current NHL broadcaster) joins Austin to talk about scoring a goal as a goalie, meeting Wayne Gretzky, the time he almost got in a goalie fight in the NHL, the night he stopped 47 shots in a shutout against his former team, being the last goalie to suit up for the Atlanta Thrashers, his thoughts on the St. Louis Blues mid-season turnaround, how he thinks the Blues and Nashville Predators will fare down the home stretch of the season, and if goalies ever get lonely. Plus, Austin plays a game of "Grammy Nominated Artist or Made-Up Person?" with his mom, and Jeff Waldman joins The Show to breakdown this week's episode of The Bachelor.
01:19:54 2/11/2019
Kyle Ayers (comedian) joins Austin to talk about his days as an All-American swimmer in high school, his old Xanga page, doing ballet and hunting Sasquatch (certified, of course), Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, Kyle tells a story about Austin's dad, and as a comedian, what he thinks about the F*ck Jerry guys. Plus, Austin gives his thoughts on the Super Bowl from the game, to the halftime show, to the commercials. And Austin welcomes in Jeff to break down this week's episode of The Bachelor.
01:46:12 2/5/2019
Jared Haibon (ABC's The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise) joins Austin to talk about being engaged to Ashley I., how wedding planning is going, wedding band or D.J., their nationally televised engagement, what the worst part about being on The Bachelorette was, if he would ever be The Bachelor if he was still single, being on Bachelor In Paradise Australia, being a Patriots fan, his pitch to former St. Louis Rams fans to jump on the Patriots bandwagon on the Super Bowl, and what he thinks about Chris Harrison now being off the market. Plus, Austin and his buddy Jeff break down this week's episode of The Bachelor. Cassie is apparently Colton's sister??
01:42:41 1/28/2019
Dan McLaughlin (lead play-by-play broadcaster for the St. Louis Cardinals) joins Austin to talk about broadcasting wiffle ball games as a 4-year-old, his style of broadcast and what he tries to bring to every game, the time Jack Buck tore up his notes before a game, what his favorite restaurant on the road is, who his favorite Cardinal ever is, and the story behind his favorite home run call all-time. Plus, Austin welcomes in his best friend Jeff Waldman and the two guys break down this week's episode of ABC's The Bachelor and share a story from their days on the Mizzou football team in a new segment called "Walk-On's."
01:37:19 1/21/2019
Steve Gorman (drummer for The Black Crowes) talks about losing the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1990 to Mariah Carey, who his least favorite band of all time is, how The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville is not what people think it is, the time he nearly joined the Counting Crows, the story of how The Black Crowes basically inspired Chris Martin to start Coldplay, playing Saturday Night Live, and a classic game of "Is This On Steve Gorman's IMDB Page?" Plus, Austin explains how the Patriots are Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th, and tries to make sense of whatever a transfer portal is.
01:22:36 1/14/2019
Derrick Mason (former Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens All-Pro WR) joins Austin to talk about the famous people who went to his high school - including Jerry Bruckheimer, playing for Nick Saban, how the Music City Miracle was originally designed to go to him, whether he feels he gets enough respect as one of the NFL's all-time great kick returners, switching teams to play for a rival, whether Jeff Fisher gets a bad rap, Steve McNair, making the transition from playing to sports talk radio, being mistaken for Vanderbilt's Derek Mason, and what his favorite uniform combo he ever wore was. Plus, Austin shares his thoughts on the NFL suddenly turning towards really young and really hot head coaches.
01:05:25 1/8/2019
Peter Burns (SEC Network) joins Austin to talk about the awesomeness of working in sports media, being an LSU fan married to an Alabama fan, winning a national sports talk radio competition which led to his career in sports media, how the SEC is like George Clooney, if the Big 12 really has bad defenses or just really good offenses, and what was his worst take of all time. Plus, Austin shares his thoughts on the greatness of New Year's Eve, but the terribleness of Facebook that comes on New Year's Day.
01:10:16 12/31/2018
Tom Sandoval (Vanderpump Rules on Bravo) joins Austin to talk about his marching bands, his first modeling gig, how Vanderpump Rules started, what it's been like opening his bar TomTom, Andy Cohen, dressing up for Halloween, Martin Scorsese, becoming friends with Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, and his upcoming event at Ballpark Village in St. Louis on New Year's Eve with Schwartz, Ariana and Katie. He's a battered wife... LOOK AT HIM!
01:08:14 12/27/2018
Joe Posnanski (The Athletic and joins Austin to talk about Mark McGwire being taken off the Today's Era Hall of Fame Ballot, if steroid guys will and should ever get into the Hall of Fame, what he thinks of Patrick Mahomes and this year's Chiefs team, how he got into sports writing by chance, what we can expect from the book he's currently writing about Harry Houdini, his former love of Diet Coke, and why the Browns helmets are orange. Plus, Austin shares some heartbreaking news of the divorce between a 46-year-old Irish woman and her 300-year-old pirate ghost husband, and gives his thoughts on Knicks owner James Dolan playing his guitar on team flights after losses.
01:21:13 12/17/2018
Steve Carbone ( joins Austin to talk about his life of spoiling The Bachelor, getting sued by ABC (twice), receiving scoops from random sources (like ex-girlfriends), working for Jim Rome right out of college, his persona as a caller on The Jim Rome Show, his love for Taylor Swift, and what reality shows he'd like to see be rebooted. Plus, Austin talks about how offensive VeggieTales is and compares each college football conference to a major holiday.
01:57:57 12/10/2018

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