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The Show with Austin Huff is a late night talk show for your ears. Each episode brings a fun, easy-to-listen conversation with a guest who's much more interesting than Austin, with a mix of sports, pop culture, movies and music.


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Benjamin Hochman (St. Louis Post-Dispatch), A Game of Thrones Game, and New Segment: Random Thoughts

Benjamin Hochman (St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports columnist) joins Austin to talk about how his evening with Andy Cohen went, Lori Laughlin now being in prison, things you think will go viral that don't, what is the BEST sports month of the year, the best hockey movie of all-time, a comprehensive breakdown of Jean-Claude Van Damme's 'Sudden Death', what is the WORST sports month of the year, what he would change about fans' in-game experiences, an Uber app for stadium food vendors, a new dating app idea, who should be blamed if the Cardinals fail to make the playoffs for a 4th straight year, and what a Real Housewives of St. Louis would look like (interview starts at 2:43). Plus, Austin is joined by comedian Kyle Ayers (host of Never Seen It podcast) for a crossover episode where Kyle quizzes Austin on Game of Thrones, even though Austin's never seen an episode (1:06:00), and a new segment called Random Thoughts, where Austin just shares some random thoughts about Matthew McConaughey, Martin Lawrence, Tiger Woods being back, and Tim Cook's Twitter bio (1:21:39).
01:41:01 4/15/2019

Past Episodes

Moon (former Story of the Year vocalist and guitarist, currently with Greek Fire, co-host of The Rizzuto Show) joins Austin to talk about whether the 90's are the best decade ever, dealing with people from high school after becoming successful, growing up in St. Louis and the support the city has for it's own people, how the rise of his band Story of the Year came simultaneously with the rise of MP3's and how that affected things, how his band turned down putting their music in Spiderman movie, why bands worry so much about "selling out," and he also talks about his transition from music to radio, and what his favorite thing about working in radio is (interview starts at 3:34). Plus, Austin shares his take on Johnny Manziel officially going by John now apparently (1:04:48), why LeBron can't recruit anyone to join him on the cast of Space Jam 2 (1:09:54), and is the reliance on technology in sports a good thing? (1:18:43)
01:25:59 4/9/2019
Jon "Boog" Sciambi (ESPN baseball play-by-play announcer) joins Austin to talk the NL MVP race already being over, what's wrong with the Cubs, early overreactions for the 2019 MLB season, what it was like working the Steve Bartman game, whether the Cardinals can win the NL Central, why baseball should bring back ties, his ALS foundation Project Mainstreet, and why no team is ever in the hunt for the Wild Card (interview starts at 2:35). Plus, Austin shares his take on Coach Calipari agreeing to a lifetime contract with Kentucky (37:29), he shares his condolences for the now defunct AAF (43:44), and he asks the question everyone has been wondering: Where has Martin Lawrence been? (50:03)
00:57:42 4/1/2019
Jeff Pearlman (New York Times Best-Selling Author) joins Austin to talk about famous Delaware Fightin' Blue Hens, the difference between Nashville in the 90's vs. Nashville today, Steve McNair's life compared to Walter Payton's, Brett Favre's career happened by chance, being friends with Brett Favre's family, wearing Kangol hats, Barry Bonds is an a-hole, what the reaction to his John Rocker article would've been like if it came out today, and a little on the book he is working on now (interview starts at 3:27). Plus, Austin gives takes on college football scheduling games in the 2030's (46:47), Eminem should be the AAF's commissioner (50:30), what Rob Gronkowski will be remembered for most (54:51), and BASEBALL IS BACK! Austin gives his predictions for the season and explains why baseball shouldn't cater to fans who don't like baseball (1:02:43).
01:19:22 3/27/2019
Pete Blackburn (CBS Sports writer) joins Austin to talk flying to Europe, what movies are airplane movies and which are not, the excitement behind Quentin Tarantino's 'One Night In Hollywood,' if the St. Louis Blues have had the weirdest season in the NHL, whether the Nashville Predators can make a deep playoff run, whether the San Jose Sharks or Tampa Bay Lightning can be beaten, the fun-ness that the Carolina Hurricanes are having this season, and what are the best and worst environments in the NHL (interview starts at 2:53). Plus, Austin shares his take on studying for March Madness (45:23), he shares a list of things Mike Trout can buy with his new $430 million contract (48:33), and he rips into the movie 'Air Bud' for being completely dumb (57:01).
01:07:56 3/19/2019
Ryan Hurd (country music recording artist for RCA Records Nashville) joins Austin to talk about Kalamazoo, his new album "To A T," the best part about touring, Friend Bar, why the singing the national anthem is a no-win situation, what it takes to be a good songwriter, who he'd like to tour with, being married to Maren Morris, and a little about this season of The Bachelor. Plus, Austin shares his Top 5 Full House Characters Who He Thought Would Be Indicted BEFORE Aunt Becky, he gives an ode to the final Blockbuster Video store on planet Earth, and his buddy Jeff joins the show to breakdown the season finale of The Bachelor.
01:31:12 3/12/2019
Jessica Kleinschmidt (NBC Sports Bay Area) joins Austin to talk about Boy Meets World, playing Babe Ruth baseball growing up as a girl, making the switch to softball, Moneyball, the San Francisco Giants, whether or not Nashville will get an MLB team, and a game of ONE'S GOTTA GO (interview starts at 4:13, game starts at 29:48). Plus, Austin gives his recap of the NFL Combine (40:36), his take on the Kansas Jayhawks snapping their 14-year regular season Big 12 title streak (47:51), he gives his take on the anniversary of Michael Jordan saying "The ceiling is the roof!" (54:40), he gives a preview of Game of Thrones even though he's never seen an episode (59:06), and his buddy Jeff joins him to break down this week's episode of The Bachelor (1:04:59).
01:43:24 3/5/2019
Barrett Sallee (CBS Sports college football writer, SiriusXM Radio host) joins Austin to talk about the Mizzou vs. NCAA fight, which college football coach has the best Twitter game, if he'd rather take a college course taught by Mike Leach or Urban Meyer, his take on the 2001 movie Out Cold and this week's episode of The Bachelor, the proper way to butter a roll in the south, and a quick take on the Atlanta Braves (interview starts at 52:22). Plus, Austin gives his take on this year's Oscars (2:15), and his buddy Jeff joins the show to recap this week's episode of The Bachelor (9:02) and debate whether Space Jam 2 should be made or not (41:01).
01:16:03 2/25/2019
Kevin Harlan (play-by-play for NBA on TNT, NFL on CBS, NBA2K, and Monday Night Football on Westwood One) joins Austin to talk about calling NBA All-Star Saturday Night on TNT, being the former voice of the Missouri Tigers as a University of Kansas graduate, if he plans on catching Jack Buck's record of number of most Super Bowls called, working alongside Kurt Warner in the booth, the process that goes into being the play-by-play voice on NBA2K video game series, and Austin has him break down his top 3 calls all-time (interview begins at 52:01 mark). Plus, Austin gives his take on the ridiculousness of Bryce Harper not being signed yet (3:07), and gives an old school Top Ten list of other excuses Chicago Cubs owners give their fans of why they're not spending any money this off-season (9:39). And of course, Austin and Jeff break down this week's episode of The Bachelor (14:25).
01:33:45 2/18/2019
Chris Mason (former NHL goalie, current NHL broadcaster) joins Austin to talk about scoring a goal as a goalie, meeting Wayne Gretzky, the time he almost got in a goalie fight in the NHL, the night he stopped 47 shots in a shutout against his former team, being the last goalie to suit up for the Atlanta Thrashers, his thoughts on the St. Louis Blues mid-season turnaround, how he thinks the Blues and Nashville Predators will fare down the home stretch of the season, and if goalies ever get lonely. Plus, Austin plays a game of "Grammy Nominated Artist or Made-Up Person?" with his mom, and Jeff Waldman joins The Show to breakdown this week's episode of The Bachelor.
01:19:54 2/11/2019
Kyle Ayers (comedian) joins Austin to talk about his days as an All-American swimmer in high school, his old Xanga page, doing ballet and hunting Sasquatch (certified, of course), Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, Kyle tells a story about Austin's dad, and as a comedian, what he thinks about the F*ck Jerry guys. Plus, Austin gives his thoughts on the Super Bowl from the game, to the halftime show, to the commercials. And Austin welcomes in Jeff to break down this week's episode of The Bachelor.
01:46:12 2/5/2019

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