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The Show with Austin Huff is a late night talk show for your ears. Each episode brings a fun, easy-to-listen conversation with a guest who's much more interesting than Austin, with a mix of sports, pop culture, movies and music.


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Allie Mac Kay (KROQ's Kevin and Bean), Bieber v. Cruise, Shout-Outs, and A Recap of The Bachelorette

Allie Mac Kay (co-host of KROQ's The Kevin and Bean Show) joins Austin (AGAIN!) to talk the Stanley Cup Final, David Ortiz getting shot, meeting Limp Bizkit, Justin Bieber wanting to fight Tom Cruise, Jeopardy James and his historic run on the show, the 25 year anniversary of O.J. Simpson "alleged" murder case, Instagram influencers going to Chernobyl, and what good TV shows she's watching right now (interview starts at 4:47). Plus, Austin gives his take in the hypothetical Justin Bieber-Tom Cruise fight, and says who he thinks would win (49:46). And Katy Dail joins to recap this week's episode of The Bachelorette (56:23). And Austin ends the episode with some shout-outs (1:40:54).
01:51:23 6/11/2019

Past Episodes

Ron "Towel Man" Baechle (St. Louis Blues super-fan) joins Austin to talk about how he got started as the man who throws a towel after every Blues goal at home. Austin asks Towel Man how he got started, if he has his own parking spot, what it feels like to lead 18,000 fans in a cheer, how many towels he brings to each game, how big his towels are, what is on his pants, if he'll bust out the tuxedo jacket for Stanley Cup Final Game 6, how long he plans on doing this, who his sponsors are, what he did during the NHL Lockout, and when was the last time he missed a game (interview starts at 4:20). Plus, Austin is joined by Katy Dail (@thenonblogger on Instagram) to break down this week's episode of The Bachelorette. Katy shares the comparisons between The Bachelorette and the current political landscape in this country (40:50). And Austin ends the show with a new segment called Shout-Outs, where he just gives various things shout-outs. Bet you never coulda' guessed that one (1:21:29).
01:32:43 6/3/2019
Jamie Rivers (11-year NHL veteran, former St. Louis Blues defenseman) joins Austin to talk about if it's Stanley Cup FINAL or Stanley Cup FINALS, if former Blues take offense when people say this year's team isn't like Blues teams of old, why he used to rock a sould patch during his playing days, playing pick-up hockey with the guys from Nickelback, playing softball with The Black Crowes, what it was like simultaneously being the GM and head coach of the St. Charles Chill, why hockey guys pronounce it "organ-EYE-zation," a crazy story about his time playing hockey in Russia, and he shares the story of the time he died for 2 minutes and 22 seconds (interview starts at 2:19). Plus, Katy Dail (@thenonblogger on Instagram) joins to breakdown episode 3 of The Bachelorette, including the pregnancy class, Connor S.'s near-serial killer romantic gesture, the Secret Life of Pets date, Cam's pity rose, and JASON BIGGS IS BACK?! (42:53)
01:22:23 5/27/2019
Kyle Gibson (Minnesota Twins starting pitcher) joins Austin to talk about how the Astros get better service than them because they're just barely the best team in baseball, if MLB players play fantasy baseball, overcoming e-coli in the offseason, the entire Twins team's obsession with Game of Thrones, why he awkwardly looks at the camera during interviews like Nick Saban does, which Twins uniform is his favorite, what it's like playing for a manager named Rocco, how hard it is to lay down a successful bunt, and whether or not he's come around on bat flips. Plus, Austin is joined by Kyle Ayers (comedian, host of Never Seen It podcast) to play a game for the series finale of Game of Thrones even though Austin has never seen the show, and Kyle gives his take on the finale. And Austin breaks down this week's episode of The Bachelorette with Katy Dail (@thenonblogger on Instagram), where they talk about ABC Cam, Chris Soules legal trouble, John Paul Jones, and Katy's attempt at joining the cast a few years ago.
02:00:36 5/20/2019
Rod Huff (Austin's dad) joins Austin, for his 70th birthday, to talk about why the each love Waffle House so much and he shares his favorite moments from 'The Show' (interview starts at 3:22). Then Austin replays those moments and a few more, including: The Walk-On's Segment: Brad Smith Belly Button Lint Story (18:48), Charlotte Wilder (Sports Illustrated) talking about her childhood imaginary friend who she hated (23:34), Austin's take on The Beatles' masturbation parties with special guest Steve Gorman (27:10), and Ernie Johnson (Inside The NBA on TNT) shares why he and his dad are best friends (37:20). Happy 70th Birthday, Rod!
00:43:36 5/14/2019
Matt "Money" Smith (Voice of the L.A. Chargers and CBS's The Million Dollar Mile) joins Austin to talk where he got his "Money" nickname, how the L.A. Chargers have built a fan base in a market they used to be hated in, whether or not the Chargers Twitter account has gotten some P.F. Changs yet, how much is executive producer LeBron James really involved in The Million Dollar Mile, and which timezone is the best to live in for sports fans (interview starts at 3:41). Plus, Austin gives a take where he actually agrees with Stephen A. Smith on a take about naps... and Joel Embiid (33:20). And Kyle Ayers (Never Seen It podcast) joins to quiz Austin on the crests of the houses in Game of Thrones... even though Austin has never seen an episode (40:28). And Austin introduces a drinking game for The Show. #StopTheFadeRoute
01:07:59 5/6/2019
Jason Fitz (co-host of Spain and Fitz on ESPN Radio, former fiddle player for The Band Perry) joins Austin to talk going to high school with J.C. Chasez, being in a MAN band, playing Carnegie Hall at the age of 10, getting into Julliard, if Letterman's old studio was as cold as people say it was, his tattoos, how he felt Nashville did hosting the NFL Draft, how he feels about pedal taverns in downtown Nashville, what Nashville was like back in the day, the reason why he's an Oakland Raiders fan, and a game of 'What's Harder?' Plus, Austin is joined by comedian and host of Never Seen It podcast, Kyle Ayers, to be quizzed about the most recent episode (Season 8, Episode 3) of Game of Thrones.
00:52:51 4/30/2019
Lana Berry (@Lana, a social influencer and personality) joins Austin to talk taking blacksmith classes in high school, the night she live tweeted a radio station playing Nelly's Hot In Herre on a continuous loop, if she pronounces it GIF or JIF, why Twitter is the worst but we can't get enough, what's the best seat in Dodger Stadium, her favorte stadium food in Major League Baseball, the day she was photobombed by a fake proposal couple at a Diamondbacks game, whether or not we will ever see Bartolo Colon play again, and she breaks down - in detail - the day she snuck into Johnny Manziel's Pro Day, stood near George H.W. Bush, and photobombed Manziel on national television (interview starts at 3:27). Plus, Austin is joined by Kelli Masters (an NFL agent from Kelli Masters Management) to talk about what goes on during NFL Draft week from an agent's perspective and what exactly is a signing bonus (41:11)? And Kyle Ayers (Never Seen It podcast) joins to host a Game of Thrones football draft and analyze Austin's picks (1:01:46).
01:31:31 4/23/2019
Benjamin Hochman (St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports columnist) joins Austin to talk about how his evening with Andy Cohen went, Lori Laughlin now being in prison, things you think will go viral that don't, what is the BEST sports month of the year, the best hockey movie of all-time, a comprehensive breakdown of Jean-Claude Van Damme's 'Sudden Death', what is the WORST sports month of the year, what he would change about fans' in-game experiences, an Uber app for stadium food vendors, a new dating app idea, who should be blamed if the Cardinals fail to make the playoffs for a 4th straight year, and what a Real Housewives of St. Louis would look like (interview starts at 2:43). Plus, Austin is joined by comedian Kyle Ayers (host of Never Seen It podcast) for a crossover episode where Kyle quizzes Austin on Game of Thrones, even though Austin's never seen an episode (1:06:00), and a new segment called Random Thoughts, where Austin just shares some random thoughts about Matthew McConaughey, Martin Lawrence, Tiger Woods being back, and Tim Cook's Twitter bio (1:21:39).
01:41:01 4/15/2019
Moon (former Story of the Year vocalist and guitarist, currently with Greek Fire, co-host of The Rizzuto Show) joins Austin to talk about whether the 90's are the best decade ever, dealing with people from high school after becoming successful, growing up in St. Louis and the support the city has for it's own people, how the rise of his band Story of the Year came simultaneously with the rise of MP3's and how that affected things, how his band turned down putting their music in Spiderman movie, why bands worry so much about "selling out," and he also talks about his transition from music to radio, and what his favorite thing about working in radio is (interview starts at 3:34). Plus, Austin shares his take on Johnny Manziel officially going by John now apparently (1:04:48), why LeBron can't recruit anyone to join him on the cast of Space Jam 2 (1:09:54), and is the reliance on technology in sports a good thing? (1:18:43)
01:25:59 4/9/2019
Jon "Boog" Sciambi (ESPN baseball play-by-play announcer) joins Austin to talk the NL MVP race already being over, what's wrong with the Cubs, early overreactions for the 2019 MLB season, what it was like working the Steve Bartman game, whether the Cardinals can win the NL Central, why baseball should bring back ties, his ALS foundation Project Mainstreet, and why no team is ever in the hunt for the Wild Card (interview starts at 2:35). Plus, Austin shares his take on Coach Calipari agreeing to a lifetime contract with Kentucky (37:29), he shares his condolences for the now defunct AAF (43:44), and he asks the question everyone has been wondering: Where has Martin Lawrence been? (50:03)
00:57:42 4/1/2019

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