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On "The Pat McAfee Show" Pat McAfee and his friends deliver one of a kind opinions that won't be heard anywhere else. Pat's a recently retired NFL All Pro who has zero filter. A common man who has experience in an extremely uncommon professional athlete lifestyle is a beautiful concoction of hilarity for the average Joe. Both relatable and ridiculous, "The Pat McAfee Show" promises to inform, intrigue, and entertain at least twice a week. Thanks for listening. Cheers. #Viva


PMS 096 - I See Dead People

On today's show, Pat is joined in studio by Vibbs and Tactical Digs...On today's show, Pat is joined in studio by Vibbs and Tactical Digs to help recap the week. Topics include Pat's time between the pipes playing goalie against the Indianapolis Fuel, the time Pat was profiled for driving a black Escalade with 24's, and what national holidays you may have missed this week. As always, Pat gives his locks of the week, and the guys give you their selections for your weekend bangerz playlist. To close out the show, Pat sits down for an interview with Hollywood star Haley Joel Osment, whose credits include The 6th Sense, The Entourage Movie, and Silicon Valley. They chat about what it's been like being in the movie industry for 25 years, how he's navigating the current issues in Hollywood, how he's handling being a Giants fan this season, and his new film, 'Almost Friends' (1:12:22). Come laugh with us and let us help send you into the weekend. It's a fantastic time. Cheers.   Show More

01:29:50 11/16/2017

Past Episodes

On today's show, Pat is joined by the 20 Dollar Chef, Shaun Latham, who gives everyone a quick geography lesson, and asks the age old question, 'Can we live?' World News Nick also stops in the studio to give a long awaited Kim Jong Update, and tell us exactly what is going on in North Korea. Later, Pat is joined by his father, Tim, for one of the most incredible conversations you'll ever hear. They discuss Pat's phone call to Tim when Pat was involved in an alleged swimming incident, the time they went hunting together and Pat had to drag a deer 5 miles through mountainous terrain, and the night Tim spent slamming beers with Archie Manning (46:57). Also joining the show is NASCAR superstar Kurt Busch, who educates Pat on the sport of polo, and talks about how confident he is in his Mario Kart abilities (1:29:35). After the show, Jon and Brian of the new Mythbusters stop by to chat with Pat about some of their favorite experiments, what they do in their free time, and what we can expect from this season of Mythbusters in a bonus interview (1:40:10). Come laugh with us. Cheers.
01:52:22 11/15/2017
On today's show, Indianapolis Colts General Manager Chris Ballard sits down with Pat for a conversation about what it's like being a GM in the NFL, how he's dealing with the current situation the Colts are facing, and what it was like hearing Pat retired on his first day on the job (18:26). Pat is also joined by the 20 Dollar Chef, Shaun Latham, to chat about his 39th birthday and what's on the menu for this week's episode of 20 Dollar Chef. Later, Tactical Digs joins Pat and Shaun to give his 45 second recap of the NFL, and reminisces about how much better Facebook was when it first started. After the show, Pat sits down with actress, gamer, Youtube Red star and co-host of the egaming show 'Good Game,' Michele Morrow, to discuss the culture of gaming, the underworld black market of video games, and Robert Kraft and A-Rod's Egaming teams in a bonus interview. It's a good one. Come laugh with us. Cheers.
02:09:44 11/13/2017
On today's show, the guys from Heartland Radio join Pat to slam a couple of brews, react to the backlash from Digs hating biscuits and gravy, and talk about Todd's personality changes while in boot camp. The guys also talk about their favorite moments of this week, and as always, give you a couple of bangerz to put on your weekend playlist. Pat also delivers his NFL locks of the week and sends you into the weekend with an incredible conversation with star of the Marvel series 'Inhumans,' Anson Mount. They chat about his vaping prowess, his discussion with former Hawaii football coach June Jones about changing the culture there, creating an alien sign language, and what it's like being close personal friends with Xzibit (1:25:21). Start your weekend the right way, come laugh with us. Cheers.
01:45:08 11/9/2017
On today's show, Pat rants about some current events making waves in the news. He welcomes in Rams punter and For The Brand inaugural winner, Johnny Hekker to chat about the resurgence of the Rams in LA, Jared Goff's pregame playlists, and how he handles distractions in LA (16:09). Pat also sits down with 2015 Sprint Cup Series Champion and NASCAR superstar, Kyle Busch, for a convo involving a story about getting Steak N Shake together at 4 AM, Kyle's driving style, and his infamous fight with Joey Logano (50:00). Later, Pat sits down for an electric interview with The Source, Stu Feiner to chat about his career, betting philosophy, and what he does with his free time (1:11:54). After the show, the 20 Dollar Chef, Shaun Latham, stops in to tell a couple of hilarious stories about his time working as a corrections officer in Yuma, Arizona. It's a good one. Come laugh with us. Cheers.
02:16:29 11/8/2017
Pat recaps some of the major events that happened over the weekend. Pat also welcomes current punter of the Oakland Raiders, Marquette King for a hilarious conversation including his taste in women, and what he does to stay busy during games (1:01:21). Later, Pat sits down for a chat with one of the stars of 'Gotham,' and Indiana native, Drew Powell, to talk about what it's like currently being a Colts fan and what it was like to work with Bryan Cranston on 'Malcom in the Middle' (1:17:19). Come laugh with us. Cheers.
01:43:39 11/6/2017
Pat welcomes in the crew from Heartland Radio as the guys throw back a couple of beers and shoot the shit. AJ Hawk calls in from Seattle to join the guys as they chat about his play-by-play work, Halloween at the Hawk residence, and Pat performs AJ an exclusive magic trick (18:56). Pat also welcomes Corey Bellemore, the world record holder in the beer mile, as they talk about his training regimen, what it takes to run a fast beer mile, and conduct a little chug off. The guys finish off the pod by selecting their playlist bangers to send you into the weekend. Come laugh with us. Cheers.
01:53:10 11/3/2017
On today's episode, Pat talks about the Conor McGregor interview getting pushed back, the Astros winning the world series, and discusses some current events in the news. Pat also welcomes former NFL quarterback and University of Kentucky legend, Jared Lorenzen. They chat about his time in college, the Indoor Football League, what his favorite nickname is, and The Lorenzen Project (37:17). Pat also welcomes former teammate, future Hall of Famer and current Seattle Seahawk, Dwight Freeney. They chat about his Sports Science comparison, his relationship with Michael Jordan, and games of cornhole in the locker room (01:06:03). #ComeLaughWithUs. Cheers.
01:30:07 11/1/2017
Pat welcomes Cincinnati Reds catcher, Tucker Barnhart, into the studio to chat about his journey to the MLB, and how juiced balls are impacting the World Series (25:49). Creator of the TBS show 'Drop the Mic,' Jensen Karp, joins the show to talk about his journey through the music industry, his relationship with Kanye West, and some of the big names he has worked with in his career (55:33). After the show, the 20 Dollar Chef, Shaun Latham stops in to talk about the grind of a stand up comedian, and gives a tease of this week's 20 Dollar Chef recipe in a bonus interview (01:32:14). Happy Halloween. Cheers.
02:07:44 10/30/2017
Tactical Digs sits down with Pat to talk about the slate of games this week in the NFL, while Pat delivers his locks of the week. Actor Omar J. Dorsey, one of the stars of the new film 'Thank You for Your Service' joins the show for an incredible conversation with Pat, as they chat about his friendship with Oprah and what it was like being a Falcons fan at the Super Bowl. (47:34) Pat ends the show with his playlist bangers to get your weekend jump started. Come laugh with us. Cheers.
01:34:37 10/26/2017

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