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Tired of listening to boring book shows? Sometimes you just need a little brain candy and we have it! "The Not Boring Book Show," where no cover is left unturned. From the salacious to the silly, as long as it's entertaining we want to talk about it. Join Award-winning children's author Angela Halgrimson and Award-winning mystery author Stacy Verdick Case as they make books entertaining again. Tune in as we talk to Authors from Bestsellers to Indies as well as Illustrators, Booksellers and Bloggers. All in a quest to make books entertaining again.


Deanna Raybourn "A Treacherous Curse"(ep. 68)

Author of the Veronica Speedwell Mystery Deanna Raybourn is on the show this week to discuss her book "A Treacherous Curse". Also in this episode, Margaret Fountain, Russian Teacakes, Mega Stuff Oreos, Coma Girl gets optioned, and Fredrik Backman's new short story.

Past Episodes

This week we welcome Bestselling Author Christina Dodd to the show to discuss her books "The Woman who Couldn't Scream" and "Dead Girl Running. We also discuss her backyard Stonehenge and one amazing tree house! Also, back from New Years, Angie will have that one side, lemon meringue pie, and the book world lost two amazing souls.
Don't miss this look back at the funniest podcast moments from 2017. Once you listen you'll understand why we're called The NOT Boring Book Show.
This week we are thrilled to welcome New York Times Bestselling Author Kristan Higgans to the show to discuss her new book "Now That You Mention It." Also, we are back from the holiday wearing our stretchy pants, we had no idea why Angie hides a pickle on her tree or why Stacy is hiding a Pope.
The bestselling author of "Wicked" joins The NOT Boring Book Show this week to talk about his new book "Hiddensee: A Tale of the Once and Future Nutcracker". Also, The National Book Award winner is accused of sexual misconduct, Babar the Elephant goes bye-bye, and holiday greetings from our hosts!
Dana K. White has changed our life with her book "How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind" but don't call her an organizational expert! She is the decluttering diva! Get a jump start on your new year's resolution to keep your house clean!
We talk to Brian Gordon of "Fowl Language" fame about his new book The Struggle is Real. The hardest interview we've ever had to prepare for because we could not stop laughing! Also, Siri still hasn't resolved all her issues, and Angie's obsession with David Hasselhoff.
International Bestselling Author Daniel Handler (AKA - Lemony Snicket) joins us this week to discuss his latest novel "All The Dirty Parts". Also, infomercial ten speeds, Angie's Richard Marx moment, and George Lucas killed prequels.
Bestselling author Eleanor Brown talks about "A Paris All Your Own: Bestselling Women on the City of Light. Also, hot flashes, Angela's hatred of turtlenecks, fancy hat fetishes, not waiting to flirt, and don't ask Stacy about her work. Ella reviews "Salt to the Sea" by Ruta Sepetys.
We interview The Chowgirls at their new world headquarters in North East Minneapolis! Don't go into the holiday season without Killer Party Food and The Chow Girls by your side! Also, kick-a-moe juice, we're drooling over Killer Party Food, and Christmas fishing for Angie.
Author Ben Blum drops by to discuss his book "Ranger Games". Also, suicidal pheasants, Angie's making feather jewelry, JK Rowling carries Bloomsbury, our to read pile is epic, and our Jr. Reviewer Ella reviews "Someone Else's Summer" by Rachel Bateman.
Francesca Hornak joins us from London to discuss her book "Seven Days of Us". Find out how we would survive being quarantined with our family for seven days. Also, a fight breaks out at the Frankfurt Book Fair even though tolerance was on the agenda, you can read romance in Berkley, reading will change the world, Roger Daltrey is releasing a memoir but who will care, Angie might be kicked out of Minnesota, and we love what Emma Watson is doing for books.
This week we are back from The Twin Cities Book Festival where we met new authors and got caught up with authors who have previously been on the show. Also, Ell our Jr. Reviewer reviews "The Sun is Also a Star" by Nicole Yoon.
We are thrilled to welcome back mystery author Shannon Baker to discuss the second book in the Kate Fox series "Dark Signal". We ask Shannon how it feels to be compared to "Longmire" and where the series might be heading. Also, studio issues, full on fall, going pants-less for art, we had a great time at the Twin Cities Book Festival, and the genre we've overlooked.
Bestselling Author Allen Eskens is back with his latest, "The Deep Dark Descending". He braves his favorite stalkers to talk about writing, the Hollywood adaptation of his first novel "The Life We Bury", and his latest release "The Deep Dark Descending". Also, we're live from Once Upon A Crime in Minneapolis whose back room is the most incredible place we've ever seen.
We are so grateful to have author Sal Di Leo on the show to discuss his book "Did I Ever Thank You, Sister?" He talks about what it was like growing up in a Catholic orphanage and what he discovered when he learned the power of gratitude. Also, making up lyrics to kid songs, parents wrecking kids stuff, and we're getting fancy!
It's our 1 year anniversary and we're celebrating by bringing Bestselling author Kyle Mills to the show. We discuss him taking the reins after Vince Flynn's untimely death, listening to wiretaps as a 9 year old, American Assassin, and the latest in the Mitch Rapp series "Enemy of the State." Also, new JK Rowling books are announced, the judge's official Kinder Guides, Calgon, Mr. Bubbles, and our anniversary celebration!
Karin Slaughter drops by to talk about small-town intrigue, libraries, and her latest release "The Good Daughter". Also, brown paper wrapped books, Barbie vs. Skipper, hairstylists should write a book, and the infamous double wash.
New York Times Bestselling Author J.A. Jance drops by this week to discuss the latest in the J.P. Beaumont series "Proof of Life". Also, smile when you stalk us at Target, mini doughnut beer, get your flu shots, and talking back to your audio books.
Bestselling Australian author Rachel Johns joins us to talk about her new book "The Art of Keeping Secrets" and she enlightens Stacy on what the heck a Tim Tam is! Also, Angie is finally on Instagram, Stacy's trauma over POP! dolls, writing short is hard, unscented wipes, idiot journalists, and someone has to kill the bugs.
William Kent Krueger stops by to talk about his latest in the Cork O'Connor series, "Sulfur Springs". Interviewed live at Chucker's Bowl in Rush City MN, we discover why William Kent Krueger is one of the nicest guys in the business. Also, Angie's Carol Channing impersonation, Lit Lovers Night Out, Opus and Olives, and we are pirates (again).
Author Diane Vallere drops by to discuss writing 4 different series, being the president of Sisters-In-Crime, Bear Vallere, and her new Costume Shop Mystery, "Dressed to Confess". Also, Stacy yells at a car show guy, Angie will slap you, and we discuss Halloween, tatter-tot hot dishes, and things that are just so Minnesota.
We are thrilled to welcome author Alisha Perkins to the show. Alisha joins us to discuss her struggle with anxiety, running, being a big league wife, and her books "Running Home". Also, we follow up on an old books news regarding kinder guides, our feelings on parody's of classic books, and we're heading for 1,000 downloads per episode!
Author Peter Geye is on to discuss his Minnesota Book Award winning publication "Wintering" during a live interview at the Books & Bars event at the Amsterdam in St. Paul. Also, Diane Vallere will be at the Totally Criminal Cocktail Hour in Stillwater on August 16, we marvel at the Books & Bars experience, and Stacy likes to experience the Boundary Waters as long as she doesn't have to go outside.
Author Jen Waite discusses her memoir "A Beautiful Terrible Thing" and what it was like to find out she was marries to a psychopath. Also, Stacy drags friends to the bookstore, Angela plays Art of the Deal, We ponder what will be in the Trump Presidential Library, Laura Bush is awesome, and what we would do if we found out we were married to a psychopath.
NAACP Image Award Nominee and bestselling author Beverly Jenkins joins us this week to discuss the latest in the "Blessings" series "Chasing Down A Dream" and her GoFundMe project raising money to bring Deadly Sexy to the big screen. Also, Stacy experiences some technical difficulties, and Angela's new book is here!
We are thrilled that author Diksha Basu is here with us to discuss her book "The Windfall". "The Windfall" is storming the summer reading lists and now is taking television by storm too. Also, Stacy might have an electrical fire accidentally after packing up all her favorite things, book sales are up AGAIN (we're still taking credit) and Angela's new book is coming!
We have the honor of talking to author Melissa Savage about her new children's book "Lemons". We also discuss Tang, Tab, Twinkies, Big Foot, The Loch Ness Monster and exploring. Also, the most popular book when we were born, Stacy wants to be titanium, Angie and Stacy solve the world's problems, and our Jr. Reviewer Ella reviews "Lemons".
Relive some of our favorite moments from the show, on this week's 4th of July episode. Join us again next week for an all new episode!
The incomparable Craig Johnson, New York Times best-selling author and creator of the "Longmire" series, joins us to talk about the Walt Longmire mysteries. Topics of conversation include, Craig's latest best-selling books "The Highwayman", "An Obvious Fact", and his soon to be best-seller and forthcoming book, "The Western Star". Also, book sales are up again (we blame us), wanting to escape to Wyoming, close families, lost boy scouts and how we would make money during Longmire days.
Fredrik Backman, international bestselling author of "A Man Called Ove" joins us to discuss making readers care, writing all characters as human and of course his new novel "Beartown". Also, we have a new poet laureate, melting at the church, running into Colleen Lindstrom and Alisha Perkins of the Mindfull podcast, our mugs, and Karen from the Book Return Blog reviews Beartown.
International bestselling author of "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" Ann Brashares joins us this week to discuss her new book "The Whole Thing Together". Also, drunk girls dancing in small town bars, Stacy makes two staggering confessions that leaves Angela wondering if they can still be friends, spiders, ventriloquist dummies, and Jr. Reviewer Ella reviews "The Whole Thing Together".
Elisa Korenne moved from New York City to New York Mills and lived to tell the tale and fortunately for us she's here to tell our listeners! Elisa talks culture shock, corn liquor, her upcoming foray into mysteries and of course "100 miles to Nowhere". Also in this episode, Amazon's Bestseller list may expose false bestsellers, we are thankful for our mother ship, and Becky's Book Nook.
Stacy and Angela are thrilled to host Lee Irby, author of "Unreliable. We discuss Lee's how-to guide for serial killers, what Faulkner's writer brand would be, tweeting Flaubert, and of course his latest release. Also, Amazon's new bestseller list may hold some truth, graphic novels are flying off library shelves, blurbs, and special thanks to our veterans on this Memorial Day!
Lorna Landvik is back with the follow up to her bestselling novel Patty Jane's House of Curl. Learn what's happened to Patty Jane, Ione, Thor, Clive, Nora, Crabby and the rest of the House of Curl gang in "Once Upon A Blue Moon Lodge". Join us for this interview from the beautiful North Folk Winery in Harris, Minnesota. Also, Harlequin closes 5 lines, dads supposedly read better to their kids, we've been made into a cartoon, Stacy's knee boobs, and we only have half a brain each but together we're whole.
Jeff Kamin from Books and Bars joins us to talk about the incredible, public book club that he started 13 years ago after being turned down from other book clubs in the Twin Cities. Also, Stacy and Angie are taking a field trip to visit Books and Bars on August 1st, audio book sales are up over 42%, and our Jr. Reviewer Ella reviews Eleven Birthdays by Wendy Mass.
Get ready to laugh! We have the very funny Abbi Waxman on the show, author of The Garden of Small Beginnings. She regales us with stories of her polygamist affair with Target, the way school pickup tells you your parenting rank at school, and the many uses for her book The Garden of Small Beginnings. Also, Stacy is uplifted, Angie can't hold her coffee, Harper Collins is donating $200K with #WhyIRead, Becky;s Book Nook, and Jr. Reviewer Ella reviews Every Soul A Star by Wendy Mass.
We speak with Jessica Shattuck, author of The Women in the Castle. Jessica discusses what it was like to learn her grandparents were Nazis and drawing from that experience in writing this compelling book. Also, Stacy is bringing sexy back, Angie is bringing nerdy back, Stacy takes exception with a professor from Notre Dame who calls crime writers "untalented", and fake allergies to fake cats while watching your fake fireplace.
USA Today Bestselling Author Karen Raney joins us as we discuss her latest release The English Duke as well as musical writing, romance covers, being a little weird, and speaking French in a small town. Also, reading romances, Stacy's obsession with a pink and Josh Groben duet, Karen from The Book Return Blog reviews Everyday Magic and Jr. Reviewer Ella reviews One for the Murphys.
We are fortunate enough to talk to bestselling author Wendy Corsi Staub about her book Bone White, which Stacy describes as a historical mystery, wrapped in a modern mystery, wrapped in a psychological thriller, wrapped in a family drama. She also talks about what it was like to write with Fabio and Ed Koch and her Hallmark movie Hello It's Me. Also, Stacy's lost pen, Wild Rumpus wins 2017 bookstore of the year from Publishers Weekly, our Jr Reviewer Ella reviews Castle in the Mist by Amy Ephron, and Angie encounters a fan.
We're thrilled to have the wonderfully generous author of the Body Movers series, Stephanie Bond. We discuss the success of her serialized novel Coma Girl and her forthcoming serialized novel Temp Girl. Also we are still huge in Australia, exploding manholes, Angie's afraid of falling through the sidewalk, Becky's Book Nook, and our Jr. Reviewer Ella reviews Love Aubrey by Suzanne LaFluer
Arthur C Clark Award nominated author Becky Chambers is on to discuss her new book A Closed and Common Orbit. Also, all red candy should be cherry, we're a couple of tarts, double frosting is gross, weenies in bacon. Is James Franco driving this bus? Don't talk to Angie during a message.
Karen White joins the conversation to discuss roundabouts, The Guests on South Battery, and The Night the Lights Went Out all with her vicious sense of humor.

Also, Angie's car boogers. Why is Angie tapping on the hood of her car? Haunted houses, The Stanley Hotel, Stacy thinks she can kill someone with the contents of her purse, and Jr. Reviewer Ella reviews The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron
Writer of Star Wars, Dune, Star Trek, The X-Files and many more Sci-Fi works Kevin J. Anderson talks about his publishing company and his upcoming fantasy epic Spine of the Dragon.

Also Jr. Reviewer Ella reviews A Mango Shaped Space by Wendy Mass, Stacy and Angela have become power mad, McDonalds picks your next book, destroying Kim Kardashian books, war on gophers, selfies, duck lips and Angie is still Amish
This week we are thrilled to talk to Ellen Umansky about her book The Fortunate Ones. Join us as we talk about this emotionally compelling book that took 15 years to complete.
Also in this episode our disappointment that one in five Brits can't name an author, and The Book Nook with Becky.
Break out your glitter shakers! We are thrilled to welcome the amazingly talented Junk Gypsy sisters Aimie and Jolie Sikes to discuss their new book Junk Gypsy: Designing a Life at the Crossroads of Wonder JG Book Cover& Wander. Join us as we discuss Junk-A-Rama Prom, a possible Junkstock, the Gypsies new book Designing A Life at the Crossroads of Wonder and Wander and of course glitter!

Also in this episode tattoo book recommendations, tweeting Tom Hanks, and Karen from The Book Return Blog reviews Tuck Everlasting.
This week Stacy and Angela are fortunate enough to have Tom Isbell. Join us as we discuss the end of the world, the end of the Prey series and his new book The Release.
Also in the episode Stacy believes her house was broken into find out what was missing, and Beckys Book Nook.
Stacy and Angela are thrilled to have the amazing Elan Mastai on to talk about Time Travel, The Worlds Fair, The Future that never was and of course his new book All Our Wrong Todays! Spoiler alert we loved this book!
Also in this episode, protesting NY Times bestseller cuts, Angie educates fruit protesters, Stacy will be the one everyone hates, diluting the term bestseller, Angie is naming names, commercials in TV shows, and Angie learns to pause live TV. Finally this week we have The Book Nook!
In this episode Stacy and Angela are fortunate enough to talk to Author Shanthi Sekaran about her book Lucky Boy.
Also in this episode books about prostitutes for Elementary School Kids courtesy of Moppet Books, California Law AB 1570 needs to be repealed, Minnesota's wacky liquor laws, reading genre fiction in Berkeley, we want to save Kaleidoscope Bookstore in Ottawa, Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, Angie and Stacy may be having impromptu recorder jam, and the continuation of the Random Box of Crap.
Greg Dybec managing editor of Elite Daily joins Stacy and Angela to discuss his first book of essays The Art of Living Other Peoples Lives.
Also in this episode we want to talk to Prince Charles, unreality TV, Angies Pretty, Stacy will kill you with the tissues in her purse, Angie is going after James Franco and Stacy will land the plane. Karen from The Book Return Blog Reviews Teach Me to Forget by Erica M Chapman.
Stacy and Angela are so thrilled to welcome Australian Author Nicola Moriarity Author of The Fifth Letter on this weeks show. Nicola joined us from her home in Australia to talk about her new book that Angela and Stacy could not put down.
Also in this episode more on the All Romance situation gets worse, Barnes and Noble tells Nook users to stop using their adapter pending a recall, Stacys legendary lost novel, not being one of the good moms, and whats the oldest book on your shelf. Finally this week we have The Book Nook.
Stacy and Angela are fortunate enough to speak with Shaun Harris author of The Hemingway Thief. We discuss The Hemingway Thief, his forthcoming comic book, losing Carrie Fisher, twitter kindness, and hating Ernest Hemingway.
Also in this episode Stacys kitchen take down, Karen from The Book Return Blog reviews Where Can I See You by Larry D. Sweazy, and Beckys Book Nook.
This week we speak to the incredible creator of The Girly Book Club Erin Woodward. The Girly Book Club has over 40,000 members worldwide. This amazing bookclub is a great way to make new friends, read books before they become the IT book, and meet the authors.
Also in the episode Darth Vader unicorns, what our reviews give us, finding a book we know will explode, the random crap box, Ella our Jr Reviewer reviews SciFi Jr High and Beckys Book Nook
This week Stacy and Angela are lucky enough to speak with T. Windahl the author of Abiding Hope. T speaks to us about surviving 4 cancer diagnosis, finding her faith, and helping to give hope to others.
Also in this episode publisher All Romance closes its doors, Angies road rage, and defining the word yield for Minnesota drivers. Ella our Jr Reviewer reviews Train I Ride by Paul Mosier and we have Beckys Book Nook!
In this episode Jason Diamond the author of Searching for John Hughes joins us to talk about the book that is storming the charts. Joins for this discussion of his poignant memoir which will make you laugh out loud in places and remind you of when Jake and Samantha were the hottest couple in town.
Also in this episode our Jr Reviewer Ella reviews The Art of Holding on and Letting Go by Kristin Bartley Lenz and Stacy and Angela discuss whats missing in humor today and 80s fashions!
In the last episode of 201 hosts Stacy Verdick Case and Angela Halgrimson are grateful to have the Contagiously Optimistic Roxane Battle on the show to talk about her book Pockets of Joy. Roxane talks about getting comfortable in her own skin and what gives her the strength to find Pockets of Joy in every day.
Also in the episode Stacy and Angela discuss JK Rowling's new books in 2017, rejection letters, agents with strange requests, changing perspectives, whats really important, and why you shouldn't work out until after the new year.
This week hosts Stacy Verdick Case and Angela Halgrimson were fortunate enough to speak with Mark Greaney who took over the Jack Ryan series after Tom Clancy died in 2013. He talks to us about trying to fill Clancy's shoes and about his own series The Gray Man Series.
Also in this episode we talk about our plans for the upcoming holiday, why we no longer give friends gifts, who we want on the show in 2017, The Girly Book Club, Reading Rainbow, NO we won't buy you a shirt, and Books and Bars!
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This week we are fortunate enough to have Shelley DeWees on the show to discuss her book Not Just Jane. A must listen for all the Jane Austen Fans in the audience. Learn about seven amazing female authors including one who influenced Edgar Allen Poe's writing and one who was stalked by a major literary figure for over 29 years.
Also in this episode why Stacy won't be on Facebook Live anytime soon, Angela's naughty librarian look, what nasty secret hides behind Stacy's locked office door, and why we've decided after reading Not Just Jane that we should be pirates.
Visit The NOT Boring Book Show at
This week we have interviews from The Heartland Fall Forum and The Twin Cities Book Festival (AKA - Rain Taxi). We are lucky enough to speak with Authors Camille Sheel author of Camp Chemo, Kelly Radi author of Out to Sea: A Parents Survival Guide to the Freshman Voyage, MA Larson Author of the Penny Royal Academy, Sarah Mylnowski author Magic in Manhattan and Stuart Gibbs author of the Spy School series.

Also in this episode Angela's obsession with getting her hands on Tofurkey, why we want to go to BronyCon, we're still huge in Australia thank you very much, and how to check off Angela's Christmas wish list. The week Ella our Jr. Reviewer reviews Saving Wonder by Mary Knight, Karen from the Book Return Blog reviews And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer by Fredrick Backman, and Becky's book nook shares her top 5 picture books.

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This week we are fortunate enough to have International Bestselling Author Jayne Ann Krentz on the show to talk about her new book When All The Girls Have Gone. Jayne also shares with us her theory of popular fiction, and her theory on why fans align themselves with certain authors.
Also in this episode Stacy and Angela's strange food obsessions, and Angela's violent condiment reaction. Finally Ella our Jr reviewer reviews Two Summers by Amy Freedman and we have Becky's Book Nook with her Top 5 Series picks for girls.
In this episode we are lucky enough to have USA Today Bestselling Author Allen Eskens on the show to discuss his latest The Heavens May Fall. Find out about his vibrato effect and why Allen welcomes all stalkers.
Also in this episode learn about the Books for Brains event, Ella our Jr reviewer reviews Eight Keys by Susan LaFleur, Karen from the book return Blog reviews Just Life by Neil Abramson, and Becky's Book Nook explores holiday picks for teen boys.
We were lucky enough to speak with Mary Ann Grossmann of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Mary Ann has followed the Twin Cities book scene since it exploded in the 1980's. She shares with us her experiences of watching our book culture blossom into what it is today.

Also in this episode find out what would make Stacy take a hostage, the girls pick a bone with George RR Martin, and our Jr Reviewer Ella reviews Listening for Luca. Visit The Not Boring Book Show on the web at
This week Stacy and Angela discuss cat fishing on Amazon, and fake twitter followers. They welcome Bradley Mariska a Berenstain Bears collector who has amassed the world's largest Bernstain Bears collection on display at Sweet Reads in Austin Minnesota. He settles once and for all the controversy on if it's Berenstain or Berenstein Bears and lets us in on the sorted side of the Bears. We dub Bradley the Official Berenstain Bears Historian! Also in this episode our Jr. reviewer Ella reviews Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan, Karen from The Book Return reviews A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, and Becky's Book Nook give us books to help survive National Novel Writing Month. Visit the show online at
Several members of the Twin Cities Sisters In Crime were at the Minnesota State Fair for Read and Ride day and we were lucky enough to be able to interview, Timya Owens President of Twin Cities Chapter of Sisters In Crime, Authors Greg Gardner, Barbara Deese, Sherry Roberts, Tom Combs, Jessie Chandler, and Rebecca Kanner. Also in this episode, classic books you've never read according to the Wall street Journal, can a book be a classic if no one has ever heard of it, in defense of romances, cookie cutter books, and Zombie books to love. Finally, Karen at The Book Return Blog reviews Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell and the Book Nook with Becky Bunker covers Halloween favorites. Visit the show at
Join us on another author adventure as Angela and Stacy discuss Reece Witherspoon's book club, why Angie wants a Johnny Depp book club, and which host reads horror under the blankets. This week our guest is Katy Jo Turner author of the children's book Who Cooks For You? Finally this week find out what's happening at the book store in The Book Nook with Becky. Visit The Not Boring Book Show at
Join Stacy and Angela as they speak to the author of Damage Control from Poisoned Pen Press Michael Bowen.Join the girls as they discuss the bad sound of Target chip cards, Debbie Macomber's BlessingBox, other subscription boxes, and what you might find if Angela were to pack your subscription box. Visit the show's webpage
This week your hosts Stacy Verdick Case and Angela Halgrimson host the author of the Kate Fox Mysteries, Shannon Baker. Shannon joins the girls to discuss the first book in the series Stripped Bare. In addition, find out what alcohol and low impulse control will do for Barnes and Noble, what's happening with old library conversions and how the girls would design their own bookstore, and find out what we're giving away this week!
Get to know Angela and Stacy and plans for The Not Boring Book Show. Plus, learn about a new reading app that makes reading interactive for kids and what we want to talk about in the shows ahead.

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