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Tired of listening to boring book shows? Sometimes you just need a little brain candy and we have it! "The Not Boring Book Show," where no cover is left unturned. From the salacious to the silly, as long as it's entertaining we want to talk about it. Join Award-winning children's author Angela Halgrimson and Award-winning mystery author Stacy Verdick Case as they make books entertaining again. Tune in as we talk to Authors from Bestsellers to Indies as well as Illustrators, Booksellers and Bloggers. All in a quest to make books entertaining again.


Shannon Baker "Dark Signal" (ep. 55)

We are thrilled to welcome back mystery author Shannon Baker to discuss...We are thrilled to welcome back mystery author Shannon Baker to discuss the second book in the Kate Fox series "Dark Signal". We ask Shannon how it feels to be compared to "Longmire" and where the series might be heading. Also, studio issues, full on fall, going pants-less for art, we had a great time at the Twin Cities Book Festival, and the genre we've overlooked.   Show More


Past Episodes

Bestselling Author Allen Eskens is back with his latest, "The Deep Dark Descending". He braves his favorite stalkers to talk about writing, the Hollywood adaptation of his first novel "The Life We Bury", and his latest release "The Deep Dark Descending". Also, we're live from Once Upon A Crime in Minneapolis whose back room is the most incredible place we've ever seen.
We are so grateful to have author Sal Di Leo on the show to discuss his book "Did I Ever Thank You, Sister?" He talks about what it was like growing up in a Catholic orphanage and what he discovered when he learned the power of gratitude. Also, making up lyrics to kid songs, parents wrecking kids stuff, and we're getting fancy!
It's our 1 year anniversary and we're celebrating by bringing Bestselling author Kyle Mills to the show. We discuss him taking the reins after Vince Flynn's untimely death, listening to wiretaps as a 9 year old, American Assassin, and the latest in the Mitch Rapp series "Enemy of the State." Also, new JK Rowling books are announced, the judge's official Kinder Guides, Calgon, Mr. Bubbles, and our anniversary celebration!
Karin Slaughter drops by to talk about small-town intrigue, libraries, and her latest release "The Good Daughter". Also, brown paper wrapped books, Barbie vs. Skipper, hairstylists should write a book, and the infamous double wash.
New York Times Bestselling Author J.A. Jance drops by this week to discuss the latest in the J.P. Beaumont series "Proof of Life". Also, smile when you stalk us at Target, mini doughnut beer, get your flu shots, and talking back to your audio books.
Bestselling Australian author Rachel Johns joins us to talk about her new book "The Art of Keeping Secrets" and she enlightens Stacy on what the heck a Tim Tam is! Also, Angie is finally on Instagram, Stacy's trauma over POP! dolls, writing short is hard, unscented wipes, idiot journalists, and someone has to kill the bugs.
William Kent Krueger stops by to talk about his latest in the Cork O'Connor series, "Sulfur Springs". Interviewed live at Chucker's Bowl in Rush City MN, we discover why William Kent Krueger is one of the nicest guys in the business. Also, Angie's Carol Channing impersonation, Lit Lovers Night Out, Opus and Olives, and we are pirates (again).
Author Diane Vallere drops by to discuss writing 4 different series, being the president of Sisters-In-Crime, Bear Vallere, and her new Costume Shop Mystery, "Dressed to Confess". Also, Stacy yells at a car show guy, Angie will slap you, and we discuss Halloween, tatter-tot hot dishes, and things that are just so Minnesota.
We are thrilled to welcome author Alisha Perkins to the show. Alisha joins us to discuss her struggle with anxiety, running, being a big league wife, and her books "Running Home". Also, we follow up on an old books news regarding kinder guides, our feelings on parody's of classic books, and we're heading for 1,000 downloads per episode!

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