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The Down and Dirty Show

#4 - Off-Road Edition - Marty Fiolka, Norra 1000, & Dakar

On this edition of the 4WP Off-Road Edition Jim Beaver has Off-Road Hall of Famer Marty Fiolka on the line talking about all things Norra 1000, Crandon, and current trends in off-road. Be sure and subscribe on iTunes and follow @JimBeaver15 on social media.
01:02:36 4/24/2019

Past Episodes

On this week's show it's FMX and motorsports legend Brian Deegan on air talking about his career, recent win, and his kids future in motorsport. Also on the line is Trans Am driver Michele Abbate talking about her 2019 season, and Tiffany Stone will be on to talk racing headlines as well as Chris Leone with Power Rankings.
01:40:03 4/23/2019
JR Motorsports driver Michael Annett makes his podcast debut not to talk too much about racing but what he was doing before climbing behind the wheel. In this episode, you're going to hear Annett reveal what the difference is with his No. 1 team that has led to early success and the type of mindset crew chief Travis Mack has brought to the team, and if the social media haters have quieted down. Then the topic switches to Annett's former profession, ice hockey. Annett explains his love of the sport and how he got into playing; why he never thought of it as a long-term career; the comparison he makes to the movie 'Rudy'; stories he can't tell because hockey players are dirty; a Sidney Crosby story and others who played with Annett that are now in the NHL; being the most penalized player on his team and the offense he was most guilty of ? and finishing the episode off with, of course, some wrestling talk. Music:
00:34:45 4/21/2019
Ryan Arciero joins Jim Beaver to talk about his insane career in off-road, Dakar, the future of the sport, his time in NASCAR and his family's IndyCar legacy. The go in depth on the sport of off-road's past, present, and future.
01:23:49 4/17/2019
On this week's show it's off-road phenom and newest Red Bull athlete Blade Hildebrand, Kyle Busch Motorsports driver Amber Balcaen, Tiffany Stone, and we'll talk the big Dakar news, power rankings, and all of the latest in action motorsports.
01:40:14 4/16/2019
Kaitlyn Vincie is the new Fox Sports pre-race host for the Gander Outdoors Truck Series and she's here to talk all about it after spending four years on pit road. Vincie reveals her reaction to hearing she was taking over the role, working in front of the green screen and its magic, whether she made a conscious decision to focus so much on the Truck Series and her comfort level with the other two series plus we talk the difference in covering NASCAR and Supercross. We dig into how she caught the racing bug and if she knew what she wanted to do when trying to break into the sport, the amount of work she puts into the 'Women in Wheels' feature and how it comes together. Vincie on building a brand and large following and her approach to social media, the positive and negative feedback she encounters, which then goes into a conversation about NASCAR personalities, the advice she gives about breaking into the sport and her experience of putting herself out there. Lastly, the goal Vincie has for her NASCAR career before it's over, and sharing some news of something she's working on. Music:
00:59:53 4/15/2019
Interviews with team Polaris RZR out at the 2019 UTV World Championship in Laughlin, Nevada with Jim Beaver and Tiffany Stone.
01:30:34 4/10/2019
It's a winner's show today! Jim Beaver has SCORE San Felipe winner Andy McMillin on air, NHRA Funny Car winner J.R. Todd on air, and UTV World Championship winner Seth Quintero on the line. Tiffany Stone will be back for her regular segment and a massive power rankings segment is on tap as well as all of the latest in action motorsports.
01:40:26 4/9/2019
Brett Griffin - otherwise known as Spotter Brett - is a veteran atop the roof guiding some of NASCAR's most recognizable drivers to victory lane or keeping them out of trouble. In this episode Griffin tells stories he has never told before and also dishes on various topics. Griffin talks about what his relationship with Clint Bowyer was before the two started working together; how Elliott Sadler made him a better spotter; explaining his unfiltered personality and comments he makes over the team radio about other drivers; stories of the trouble Griffin has gotten in for things he's said; whether there are other competitive personalities on the roof and if spotters don't like each other; Griffin confesses how many times he actually relays messages to and from his driver; the most excited he's been on the roof as well as the angriest, which led to Griffin being pulled away from another spotter; policies put in place by NASCAR for spotters; Griffin shares how exactly he got into racing and how quickly he knew what he wanted to do; the racing business Griffin has during the week that also ties into Kaulig Racing; how his podcast with TJ Majors started; what is on his bucket list before his career is over. Music:
00:45:13 4/7/2019
Episode #1 of the all new 4 Wheel Parts Down & Dirty Show Off-Road Edition Powered By Polaris RZR is finally here and we have UTV Underground founder and 4WP sponsorship and content director Joey D on the show. Be sure and subscribe on iTunes and follow @JimBeaver15 on social media.
00:58:00 4/3/2019
It's a big UTV World Championship preview this week with Matt Martelli and Tiffany Stone. Chris Leone will be on the line with Power Rankings and Jim Beaver will dissect Fernando Alonso's Dakar test and the big Los Angeles Dodgers San Felipe news as well as all of the latest in action motorsports.
01:40:56 4/2/2019

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