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Discussions about Minnesota United FC (Loons), Major League Soccer (MLS), The Premiere League (EPL) and everything else soccer! Shows hosted by a combination of The Crafty Rogues (John Cosgrove and Stephen Quinn), Jonathan Harrison, Jamie Watson, Callum Williams and more!


SKOR North Soccer

The Crafty Rogues: A bald man and a white haired man walk into a bar; Special Guest Wes Burdine (ep. 135)

Quinno is off in Vietnam and John brings in bar owner and fellow podcaster Wes Burdine. Wes is the owner of Black Hart of St. Paul, Chairman of the Red Loons, and one of the members of the 55.1 Podcast. John and Wes discuss what it's like owning a bar and what got Wes into soccer. They then dove into the weekends action in the Premier League and FA Cup. You, the listeners, wrote in letters for the guys and they answered, Producer Jonathan hops in with the Big Football Update and we close the show with some quick fire questions for Wes.
00:58:00 3/20/2019

Past Episodes

Adrian Heath is back from a week out. Jamie and Adrian discuss what Adrian's been through the past week, United's match in LA, and their Mount Rushmore of lead singers and all-time MLS players.

00:53:00 3/17/2019

With the 2019 MLS season just underway we thought it a good time to get Callum Williams, tv voice of Minnesota United, to come in and help us preview the season.

Producer's Note: Due to scheduling conflicts this week this episode was recorded last week.

John Cosgrove and Stephen Quinn welcome in Callum Williams, and even let Producer Jonathan on the mic a little more than normal, to help the guys preview the 2019 MLS and Minnesota United seasons. The guys discuss the new players on Minnesota, expectations for the Loons, and they make some predictions for the league.

00:44:00 3/12/2019

Assistant Coach Ian Fuller fills in for Adrian on today's Adrian Heath Show.

  • Ian's background and history with Adrian. Adrian calls in to the show.
  • Ian's thoughts on what's changed with the team since the NASL days.
  • Ian's Mt. Rushmore of Best Soccer Stadiums & Movies
00:00:00 3/10/2019

Wow! PSG bottle it again in Champions League and the boys return to discuss that and much more on this weeks edition of The Crafty Rogues.

The boys open the show complaining about the amount of snow we have with more to come and then get into all the Champions League action over the past two days including the VAR-y thrilling comeback by United. Cosgrove and Quinno then review all the Premier League action from the weekend before we get John's predictions for the weekend.

The boys then answer your letters before we learn what's getting on John's nerves this week in Just Be Cos. Producer Jonathan hops in with his Big Football Update. We close the show with a quick discussion on live music venues and their importance as well a quick lower leagues wrapup.


Crystal Palace 0-0 Brighton

Cardiff 1-1 West Ham

Huddersfield 0-0 Bournemouth

Leicester 2-1 Fulham

Newcastle 1-1 Everton

Southampton 2-1 Tottenham

Manchester City 1-1 Watford

Liverpool 4-1 Burnley

Chelsea 3-1 Wolves

Arsenal 3-1 Manchester United

01:05:00 3/6/2019
  • Adrian's thoughts on the offseason additions and Season Opening win
  • Miguel Ibarra calls in
  • Top four Loons MLS matches and Top Four TV Shows
00:00:00 3/3/2019

With a lot of big issues to discuss the John and Stephen reconvene at Brit's for this edition of The Crafty Rogues!

The boys do a quick catch up as John shares a story and Quinno talks about his tour of Minnesota United's Allianz Field. The guys dive into all of the Premier League action since the last episode including Poch losing his mind, Almiron playing very well at the start of his Newcastle career, Brendan Rodgers back in the league, and United's injury ward. The boys don't miss the chance to call for Kepa to never don a Chelsea goalkeeper kit again and then we get a few Champions League predictions.

The boys quickly answer your letters before they're joined by Marlon Ferrey of the Official Liverpool Supporters Club Minneapolis. John has a bit to say in his Just Be Cos. Producer Jonathan hops in for his Big Football Update. We close the show with John getting put through a round of Your Choice before a quick look at Six Nations.


Tottenham 1-1 Arsenal

Bournemouth 0-2 Manchester City

Brighton 1-0 Huddersfield

Burnley 1-1 Crystal Palace

Wolves 1-0 Cardiff

Manchester United 1-0 Southampton

West Ham 2-2 Newcastle

Watford 2-3 Leicester

Fulham 0-3 Chelsea

Everton 1-1 Liverpool

01:09:00 2/27/2019

Quinno got straight off the plane and helped us record this latest edition of The Crafty Rogues!

The guys catch up a bit and talk about Quinno's trip back home and what he remembers of it. They then dive into the action since we last recorded including Celtic bowing out of Europe easily again, Simeone and his... um parts, and the whole of Stamford Bridge chanting one thing at Sarri during Chelsea's 2-0 defeat to Manchester United. We then get John's predictions for the next bunch of Premier League games and the League Cup Final.

After that we switch drivers and John steers the bus through your letters, Jonathan's Big Football Update, and Quinno's turn at Your Choice.

All that and much more in this edition of The Crafty Rogues!

John's Predictions

Manchester City 3-1 Chelsea (League Cup)


Cardiff 1-1 Watford

West Ham 2-2 Fulham


Burnley 1-1 Tottenham

Bournemouth 1-0 Wolves

Newcastle 0-0 Huddersfield

Leicester 3-2 Crystal Palace


Arsenal 1-0 Southampton

Manchester United 2-2 Liverpool


Cardiff 0-0 Everton

Huddersfield 0-1 Wolves

Leicester 2-0 Brighton

Newcastle 1-1 Burnley


Arsenal 3-0 Bournemouth

Southampton 1-0 Fulham

Chelsea 2-1 Tottenham

Crystal Palace 1-0 Manchester United

Liverpool 4-1 Watford

Manchester City 6-0 West Ham 

00:57:00 2/21/2019

We're celebrating a monumental occasion this week on The Crafty Rogues... Quinno turns 60! Happy Birthday Mate!

On a rare Tuesday taping the boys lament the impossible amount of snow we've had dumped upon us in the past week. The boys then talk about the Champions League matches that were played before taping and give a quick prediction to those that will be played on Wednesday. Then the boys dive back to the weekend action in the Premier League including Ranieri being a bad appointment at Fulham, Burnley being back to being Burnley, and City demolishing Chelsea. John doesn't think United will last in fourth then gives his predictions for the fifth round of the FA Cup.

The boys then answer your emails to the best of their abilities before John has something to say in his Just Be Cos segment. Producer Jonathan pops in his Big Football Update. A quick note on FIFA not being able to get away from being overtly corrupt and we end on a look at the weekend's action in Six Nations.

Oh, I almost forgot stick around until the end as we got some calls to wish Quinno a very happy 60th birthday!

FA Cup Fifth Round Predictions

QPR 1-0 Watford

Brighton 0-1 Derby

Wimbledon 1-1 Millwall

Newport County 1-3 Man City

Bristol City 0-1 Wolves

Doncaster 0-1 Crystal Palace

Swansea 1-0 Brentford

Chelsea 0-1 Man United

01:02:00 2/12/2019
In the midst of the third snowstorm of the week John Cosgrove & Stephen Quinn got together for some Premier League talk and plenty of craic. The boys discussed the ugly win for United, how John is becoming more and more of a Poch fan, and how they're both getting sick of the excuses from Klopp. We get our weekly predictions for the upcoming Premier League action before a look ahead at the Fifth Round of the FA Cup and the Champions League. You sent in letters and the guys answered. John gets something off his chest in Just Be Cos. Producer Jonathan pops in for his Big Football Update. To close the show this week the guys go through a bit of a Transfer Deadline Day wrap up and a quick look at Six Nations.
01:00:00 2/6/2019

Let the Crafty Rogues keep you warm with their thoughts and predictions on the Premier League as you hide from the polar vortex that's dropping temps lower than Huddersfield's goal differential.

John escaped the cold to head down to Texas so we brought back Minnesota United's TV play-by-play guy Callum Williams. Before jumping into the most recent rounds of Premier League play Quinno and Cal discuss the excitement over the opening of Minnesota United's new ground Allianz Field. The guys touch on, among other things, Manchester United's comeback draw against Burnley, Newcastle's surprising upset win over City being a display of City's poor play, and Chelsea looking like they quit on their third manager. We then get Cal's predictions for this weekends matches and talk about the USMNT's first match, and victory, under manager Greg Berhalter.

In the letters portion of the show Cal & Quinno answer questions about the biggest rivalry in English football, the US playing in an almost empty stadium, and Birmingham's music scene. Producer Jonathan steps in for his Big Football Update then sticks around for a quick state of Minnesota United and MLS discussion. Quinno closes the show quizzing Cal about his beloved Aston Villa.

Cal's Predictions:

Tottenham 2-1 Newcastle

Brighton 2-0 Watford

Burnley 2-1 Southampton

Chelsea 1-1 Huddersfield

Crystal Palace 1-0 Fulham

Everton 1-2 Wolves

Cardiff 2-2 Bournemouth

Leicester 1-3 Manchester United

Manchester City 2-1 Arsenal

West Ham 1-3 Liverpool

Everton 1-2 Man City

01:17:00 1/30/2019

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