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A Northern Irishman and an Australian walk into a pub... What could go wrong? John Cosgrove & Stephen Quinn are The Crafty Rogues - your weekly dose of futbol, culture and craic. (No Americans were harmed in the making of this podcast). Cosgrove and Quinn touch on the latest happenings with Minnesota United FC, Major League Soccer (MLS), the Premier League (EPL), La Liga, Bundesliga and more! Cosgrove grew up in the mean green fields of rural Northern Ireland in the glorious era of the 1970's and 80's. As a consequence, he immigrated to America where he learned to play soccer, be nice to girls and use a microphone. As a soccer player in Australia, Quinn was known for his searing pace, breathtaking skills, chiseled God-like physique and wildly vivid imagination. He's now known for his standing, shouting and pointing. Quinno has over 35 years' experience as a writer/presenter/producer. Nobody quite knows how.


The Crafty Rogues

It sounds like my ex-girlfriends are having a fight (ep. 117)

With Quinno off to the Middle East again John is in charge and we're slowing things down a bit this week. John is joined by co-founder of Starting Eleven Teague Ogreman again. This time we're putting Teague in the analysts chair as we discuss the Manchester Derby, Newcastle scoring a goal (two of them actually), and the upcoming International matches. John and Teague sift through the mountain of emails that came in this week. Producer Jonathan drops in for an update on the MLS playoffs and we close the show with a round of May I Have a Word. All that right here on this episode of The Crafty Rogues!
01:02:00 11/14/2018

Past Episodes

Election Day is behind us and the boys have some things to say about that and the most recent round of games to take place in all the leagues. Cosgrove and Quinno go off on some weird tangents but eventually we get to the smash and grab by United, the shady money handling of City, and Joe Hart looking really sad. The boys get to your emails, Cosgrove picks out just one of the many Just Be Cos' he had prepared, and Producer Jonathan hops in for a playoff edition of the MLS segment. We finish the episode with a segment about manners and then a discussion about crowds in the English leagues. All that and more on this edition of The Crafty Rogues!
00:58:00 11/7/2018
We've survived the tricks and treats of Halloween just so we can record the 115th edition of The Crafty Rogues! John and Stephen say a few words of remembrance for the lives lost in the helicopter crash in Leicester this weekend. The guys then get down to the business of reviewing Carabao Cup games, something everybody enjoys, After a quick Premier League review and preview the guys answer your emails. John planned his Just Be Cos on Sunday so you know it's good! Producer Jonathan stops in for a MLS Decision Day recap. We then do something Quinno tries to avoid; we get political. The guys wrap the show talking about the news that FIFA might expand the 2022 World Cup to 48 teams. All that right here on this edition of The Crafty Rogues!
00:54:00 11/1/2018
Vincent Francoual is French. (He's a chef.) John Cosgrove is Irish. (Not a chef.) Stephen Quinn is Australian. (Also not a chef.) It sounds like the set-up for a really bad joke, but it's actually the set-up for a really good podcast. Le Grand Fromage is a fun look at all things food related, through the eyes of a talented professional and two enthusiastic amateurs. And it's 100% gluten free. Enjoy.
00:58:00 11/1/2018
The boys didn't win the big billion dollar lottery so they were forced to return to the pub for some craic and just a little football talk. Beside not winning a crap ton of money the boys, Cosgrove and Quinno, talked about Manchester City being all too good for just about everybody, United looking good once they became unshackled, and Newcastle getting worse and worse while fatboy in the owners box looks all too pleased with himself. Quinno held John accountable for his predictions and then John went ahead and made some more. You emailed in and the boys tried their best to answer. John had a bit of a rant about entertainment and sporting events before Producer Jonathan came in and put everyone to sleep. The show wrapped with an almighty return of May I Have a Word and a look at the second division of Northern Irish football. All that right here on this edition of The Crafty Rogues!
01:05:00 10/23/2018
The boys are back after a week of International games and have plenty of fauna (or is it flaura?) beside them in the Crafty Rogues Private Members Lounge. Despite travelling great distances, Nashville and Duluth, the boys were still able to get up to no good as they discuss Gibraltar climbing the table, Germany continuing to struggle, and Gareth Southgate impressing John. We get a Last Chance Saloon prediction from Cosgrove in the predictions segment that Quinno makes sure to write down to keep John honest. Your emails are answered, Cosgrove gets something off his chest, Producer Jonathan gets harassed in the MLS segment, and we close with the return of Your Choice. All that and more on this edition of The Crafty Rogues!
01:03:00 10/18/2018
The City/Liverpool match didn't necessarily live up to expectations so John and Stephen are back to make up for that, or at least try. The weekend of Premier League action was plentiful giving the boys plenty to talk about including Jose's stay of execution, three undefeated teams, and Wolves continue their impressive run. We get some UEFA Nations League predictions from John this week since FIFA insist on forcing Internationals being a thing. The boys answer your emails, John gets something off his chest in Just Be Cos, and Producer Jonathan gets feisty in the MLS segment. We wrap the show with the return of Questions Without Notice from the Floor and a brief look at Northern Irish politics. All that right here on The Crafty Rogues!
00:58:00 10/10/2018
The boys are joined by a special guest for this episode 111 of The Crafty Rogues! Ann the Librarian joins the show to discuss her trip to West Ham thanks to the tickets John hooked her up with. (Meet John in libraries. That's how you get on the show.) The guys run through matches that have taken place in the Europa and Champions League as well as last weekends Premier League matches. Quinno and Cosgrove then discuss John's rather decent run of picking games as he picks this weekends games. The boys answer some emails, John goes on a rant in Just Be Cos, and the guys harass Producer Jonathan in his MLS segment. Ann pops in for her interview before the guys wrap up with a look around the rest of the European Leagues. All that and more on this edition of The Crafty Rogues!
00:52:00 10/4/2018
Quinno's back. Back Again. Quinno's back. Tell a friend. Alright enough lyrics, for now. Quinno's back to slow down the bus a bit after last week's F1 type pace. Cosgrove and Quinno discuss the Milk/Coca-Cola/Carabao/EFL Cup to kick off proceedings this week. After talking through Manchester United getting the boot from their they review this weeks action in the Premier League. Before previewing the Champions & Europa Leagues we get our weekly Premier League predictions from John. The guys answer your emails. John gets something off his chest in Just Be Cos. Producer Jonathan joins for another award winning MLS segment. The guys shine the Crafty Spotlight on one Tiger Woods and we finish the show with quick look around Europe. All that and more on this edition of The Crafty Rogues.
01:02:00 9/26/2018
The guys made it through the near monsoons in Minneapolis to record this special edition of The Crafty Rogues! The special-ness is derived from the fact that Carl Craig is filling in for the seat vacated by John because he's filling the hosting role that Quinno vacated. Carl and John discuss the weekends Premier League action as well as the Champions and Europa League action. We get predictions on the upcoming weekends from the guys. Producer Jonathan hops in for our weekly MLS update. We close the show with your emails and a lightening round of questions for Carl Craig. All that and more on this edition of The Crafty Rogues!
00:54:00 9/20/2018
With John's mom in town we figured the best thing to do to celebrate the occasion was to record the next edition of The Crafty Rogues! This week the boys are discussing the Nations League as well as look ahead to the upcoming Premier League and Champions League action. We get to your emails, John gets something off his chest in Just Be Cos, and our weekly MLS segment from producer Jonathan. The guys close the show with a brand new segment (we're still trying to figure out a name for it) and we go through the nominees for the World XI. All that and more right here on this edition of The Crafty Rogues!
00:51:00 9/11/2018

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