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The Business of Sports with Andrew Brandt takes listeners inside the game with in-depth interviews and analysis by one of the leading voices in the field. Andrew Brandt spent a decade each as both a player agent and as Vice President of the Green Bay Packers and is now ESPN's Sports Business Analyst, a weekly columnist at and the Director the Moorad Center for Sports Law at Villanova University. Brandt, who provides insight and analysis to the Ross Tucker Football Podcast every Wednesday, now hosts his own program, interviewing sports industry leaders making news in the sports business. Brandt will pull back the curtain on the inner workings of sports with league and team executives, agents, lawyers, CEOs and other top sports professionals. The Business of Sports with Andrew Brandt will inform, educate and entertain listeners with truly unique perspectives not heard anywhere else.


RTAB #90: John Branch & Juliet Macur

This week Andrew speaks with NY Times sports reporters John Branch & Juliet Macur about their recent article on the sexualization of professional cheerleaders.
00:38:07 4/15/2018

Past Episodes

This week, Andrew's topics include an inside look at Villanova's success, MLB games on Facebook, Patriots/Rams trade/philosophies, & LeBron v. Saban.
00:33:57 4/3/2018
Under the new Federal tax law, Pro Sports player contracts are now "Real Property," which means they are now subject to Capital Gains Tax. This week, Andrew talks with SUNY Brockport Professor/ Tax expert Kari Smoker about the tax implications when trading players.
00:00:00 3/26/2018
Andrew talks with Bears WR Allen Robinson to get an inside perspective on free agency from a player's viewpoint.
00:00:00 3/20/2018
This is the busiest week in the NFL off season. Andrew does a "Brandt's Rants" edition of the Business Of Sports podcast talking about free agency.
00:00:00 3/14/2018
On this week's podcast, Andrew explains the history of the NFL salary cap and how its calculated.
00:00:00 3/7/2018
On this week's Business Of Sports podcast, Andrew talks about Goodell v. Jones, Blake Bortles contract, Papa John's/Pizza Hut, player cuts, & more.
00:00:00 2/27/2018
This week Andrew shifts gears to talk baseball with Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports & The Athletic. They discuss the stagnant MLB free agent market.
00:00:00 2/18/2018
ESPN Investigative reporter John Barr is this week's guest on the Business Of Sports. He talks with Andrew about covering the Larry Nassar case.
00:00:00 2/11/2018
Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Mike Sielski chats with Andrew about the Eagles Super Bowl victory.
00:00:00 2/4/2018
Andrew shares his insights to the Eagles and Patriots leading up to the Super Bowl.
00:00:00 1/22/2018

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