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A free weekly audio and video podcast, hosted by American comedian Eddie Ifft. Each week Eddie travels around in his mobile podcast studio, the Bingle Bus, interviewing celebrities, comedians, musicians, athletes and other interesting people.


The Bingle Show

55. Esther Ku

Eddie welcomes Esther Ku on the bus, to hear about hosting the AVN awards, and more!   Follow us on IG @thebingleshowofficial   Follow Esther T & IG: @EstherKuku
02:16:31 2/5/2019

Past Episodes

In this Episode of The Bingle Show, Eddie and Jason sit down with comedian and club owner, Chris Bowers, to discuss life and comedy club hijinks.   Follow us on Instagram: @thebingleshowofficial Follow Chris Bowers on Twitter: @bowerscomedy FB:   Thanks again to Captain Brien, for their delicious Vodka and Dark Rum.
01:12:35 1/28/2019
We don't have a guest this week, but who cares? Eddie, Jason and the Windowlickers sit down for a night of catch-up after last week's rain-out. Masturbation surveillance, Roadtrips with newborns and more!   Follow us @thebingleshowofficial on Instagram!   A special thanks to Captain Brien for stocking the bus with Vodka and Rum!
01:21:12 1/23/2019
Eddie kicks off 2019 with Brad Williams and John Henson, critiquing this year's Coachella lineup and telling stories from the past.   Follow Us on IG: @thebingleshowofficial   Follow Our Guests: Brad Williams T: @FunnyBrad IG: @BradWilliamsComic John Henson T: @John_Henson   If you want to support the show, check out: and/or rate us on itunes!
01:32:42 1/10/2019
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to our listeners! In this short-but-sweet minisode, Eddie fills us in on what's going on this Holiday season. We look forward to bringing you more Bingle Show episodes in 2019, after a brief break. Thank you all who have stayed with us and supported the show this year!   Follow us on IG: @TheBingleShowOfficial   If you want to put a little something in the Bingle Bus' stocking:
00:14:39 12/25/2018
Brody Stevens, the man, the myth, the legend, stops by the Bingle Bus along with Jesse Shapiro. Eddie and Brody talk audience warm-up, Baseball and more!   Follow us on Instagram: @thebingleshowofficial   Follow Brody:  T:&IG: @brodyismefriend
01:48:16 12/17/2018
Abdullah first appeared on The Bingle Show during the infamous "Down Goes Pompa" episode. We all agreed that we had to have him back. Join Eddie Ifft and Jason Auer for a smoke-filled night with Abdullah Saeed, a hilarious comedian, Vice journalist, and weed connoisseur.   Follow Our Instagram: @thebingleshowofficial Follow Abdullah: T&IG: @imyourkid   Help Keep the Bus Running or buy us some beer:
01:35:12 12/10/2018
Chad Daniels and Chris Porter hop on the Bingle Bus to chat with Eddie and Jason.   Follow us on Instagram: @thebingleshowofficial   Follow our guests: Chad Daniels: T & IG: @thatchaddaniels Chris Porter: T & IG: @iamchrisporter 
01:26:14 12/3/2018
Justin Willman, of Netflix's "Magic For Humans", appears for a night of magic and laughs aboard the Bingle Bus. Eddie and Justin reminisce about old times and doing mics together. Justin Vanishes, just as he had appeared.!   We made a new Intsagram! Follow us @thebingleshowofficial   Follow Justin: T: @justin_willman IG: justinwillman
01:13:45 11/26/2018
Eddie and Jason take the bus to Burbank to talk with Adam Carolla. Adam tells stories about his ditch digging days, "brewing" with his friends, and other pranks. Jason busts out a fresh "Jason's Horrible Life" for Adam.   Check out Adam at:   Help support the show and make sure the Bingle bus doesn't break down again:  
01:46:07 11/19/2018
Ari Mannis hops on the Bingle Bus, joining Eddie and Jason, to discuss his apartment comedy shows and skateboarding across America. Eddie gives an update on the Malibasas fire situation and talks about going back in behind the evacuation lines.   Follow Ari Mannis: T&IG: @arimannis
01:38:53 11/14/2018
Halloween continues, as Eddie and Jason talk with Jimmy O Yang of Silicon Valley, about authentic Chinese food, driving for Uber and more. Joe Praino sits in. All hell breaks loose on this All Hallows Eve as Gene Pompa Crashes the party with some choice standup. Henry Phillips and Chris Fairbanks join the party. Pompa returns?!   Follow our guests: Jimmy O Yang: T & IG: @funnyasiandude Henry Phillips: T & IG: @henlips Joe Praino: T: @fixyourlife IG: @joepraino Chris Fairbanks: T: @chrisfairbanks IG: chris_fairbanks   If you like the show and would like to contribute, check out
01:36:39 11/5/2018
Eddie and Jason host Claude Shires and Joe Praino on a special Halloween episode of the Bingle show.   Comedy Wipeout Tickets:   Follow our Guests: Claude Shires @laughloungeus Joe Praino @joepraino   Help Support The Bingle Show:
01:18:46 10/31/2018
Pete Lee joins Eddie on the Bingle Bus for another great episode. Things get a bit conspiratorial. Eddie is convinced Pete is a murderer under his nice, cheerful exterior. Malibu Killer update   Follow Pete Lee: T: @peteleetweets IG: @peteleepeteleepetelee   If you enjoy the show and want to help keep the bus running or buy some beers, please check out our Patreon:
01:21:33 10/22/2018
Eddie chats with Tommy Johnagin about BBQ, nutrition, parenthood, PC culture, and more, for a great episode aboard the Bingle Bus.   Follow Tommy: T&IG: @tommyjohnagin Site:     To support our show and to soon access exclusive content:
01:47:38 10/15/2018

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