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Known for his "Slater Scoops", Andy Slater brings breaking news, compelling topics, and the best sports talk radio in South Florida to 640 The Hurricane.


The Andy Slater Show

The Andy Slater Show 4-18-19

Andy continues his disgust with the Marlins. Sid Rosenberg joins the show for Throwback Thursday.
01:26:10 4/17/2019

Past Episodes

Andy has an issue with the Marlins and its Wysocky Wednesday with Officer Camacho.
01:16:48 4/16/2019
Andy discusses the Marlins and Uncle Luke joins the show
01:19:24 4/15/2019
Andy talks Tiger and how disappointing the Marlins are. Marlins man joins the show to talk Marlins and more.
01:24:29 4/14/2019
Is it fair that Don Mattingly will be the fall guy for the Marlins being so bad? Marlin man joins the show and pays it forward
01:18:06 4/11/2019
Andy was at Wades last game and describes it. Sid Rosenberg joins the show from NYC.
01:23:22 4/10/2019
Slater asks which game will be more important to fans of Dwayne Wade tonight's game or Wednesday? Former Marlins President David Sampson joins the show.
01:27:04 4/8/2019
Andy discusses how much we will miss Dwade also Marlins Man joins the show.
01:24:16 4/7/2019
Andy talks Miami Heat and baseball with Marlins Man Legends giveaway.
00:46:35 4/4/2019
Andy discusses the Miami Marlins trade of Realmuto.
00:44:05 2/11/2019
Its almost the Superbowl Andy in Columbia broadcasting live from his radio row. Johnny Avello DraftKings sports director joins the show about prop bets and more
00:41:03 2/1/2019

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