The Airport Economist (AUS)

Following the success of the book and TV series of the same name, The Airport Economist is your guide to doing business overseas. In each episode, renowned economist Tim Harcourt takes you to key markets in the world to find out what the emerging opportunities are and discover how to get your foot in the door, tackle the challenges and navigate cultural nuances.


The Airport Economist (AUS)

Doing business in Mexico

While Trump embraces protectionism and economic populism, Mexico is an open country when it comes to trade. Economist Tim Harcourt speaks with Mexican Trade Commissioner to Australia, Esau Garza, about the top opportunities for Australians doing businesses in this young and promising country.
00:28:07 2/14/2019

Past Episodes

Drug cartels and civil war once gripped the country but times have changed. Economist Tim Harcourt speaks with Colombian Ambassador to Australia, Jaime Bueno-Miranda, about the opportunities for Australians looking to do business in Colombia and the 'small and silent revolution' that is turning the county's international image and economic fortunes around.
00:23:28 2/14/2019
With its abundance of resources and great tradition of immigration, Argentina still has huge potential, despite what you read in the paper. Economist Tim Harcourt sits down with the Argentine Ambassador to Australia, Dr Hugo Javier Gobbi, to discuss the importance of trust, transparency and relationships when doing business in Argentina.
00:25:47 2/14/2019
Brexit is the talk of the town as the UK prepares to leave the European Union in 2019. Economist Tim Harcourt sits down with David McCredie from The Australian British Chamber of Commerce to discuss the short and long-term impact Brexit will have on businesses in Australia and around the world.
00:32:15 2/14/2019
One of the oldest countries in the world is now a leading innovator. Economist Tim Harcourt chats with Tanya Oziel from Trans-Tasman Business Circle about Israel's thriving start-up scene, technological advances and why the country's strange position of not being able to trade with their neighbours may, in fact, be a blessing in disguise.
00:21:57 2/14/2019
A small country, punching above its weight. Economist Tim Harcourt speaks with the Consulate-General of Uruguay, Conrado Silveira Rodriguez, about why current political and economic stability and a growing and educated middle-class make Uruguay an attractive option for Australians looking to do business overseas.
00:26:20 2/14/2019
China is booming - not just in Shanghai and Beijing - but in the 2nd and 3rd tier cities too. Economist Tim Harcourt chats to founder of online shopping app Stashd, Jessica Wilson, about how she took China by storm. They discuss how Chinese buying habits have changed, the country's unique social media landscape and the sometimes-confusing concept of "saving face".
00:27:29 7/2/2018
Peru is one of the world's fastest growing economies, thanks to advances in mining, agriculture and education. Economist Tim Harcourt and Trade Commissioner of Peru in Australia, Mario Vargas, discuss how Peru has become a "superfood superpower", the importance of face-to-face contact when doing business and the Peruvian love affair with both legal contracts - and llamas.
00:22:34 7/2/2018
Trust is key when it comes to doing business in Japan - so how do you earn it? Economist Tim Harcourt speaks to Principle of Laneway Consulting, Richard Grupetta, about how to navigate the cultural nuances of a Japanese meeting, the biggest mistake you can make at a business dinner and why the role of the geisha is often misunderstood.
00:24:50 7/2/2018
Chile has long been considered the jaguar of South America, much like an Asian tiger. Economist Tim Harcourt speaks with lawyer Harris Gomez (Harris Gomez Group) about how Chile has become the gateway to the rest South America, the opportunities beyond mining and the one thing you should never mention in business meetings.
00:24:39 7/2/2018
Brazil isn't just about samba, sand and soccer - it also has scale. Economist Tim Harcourt chats with director of SalDolce Fine Foods, Cristina Talacko about how to get your foot in the door, where to seek local legal, tax and workplace advice and why despite recent political upsets, Brazil is really too big to ignore.
00:30:08 7/2/2018

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