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In a world where politics and controversy dominate the conversation, you seek refuge for information and entertainment. T-Bone and Friends brings you a group of great friends constantly searching for new people to introduce to you.


Ep. 38 - Storms etc.

Have you ever been stuck in a storm? What was your first thought? We talk about it in this episode of TAF.
00:29:57 6/21/2018

Past Episodes

Kevin got held up and couldn't make the taping today so Owen filled in and we talked about Disney and other great stuff.
00:21:26 6/19/2018
April doesn't know why she doesn't do anything fun anymore. Kevin and T-Bone explain that its because she was never fun.
00:27:31 5/15/2018
Batting out of order, Stephen Piscotty's mother's passing, and Yadi now performing in "The Nutcracker".
00:24:01 5/13/2018
We go very deep and meaningful in this segment...well, for the first couple seconds. Then it goes to hell in a hand basket.
00:29:15 5/9/2018
T-Bone isn't cool and he knows it. So he's trying to hip it up by learning the things that are trending. It isn't working so far.
00:20:52 5/3/2018
This episode starts with the newest revelations out of North Korea, but since we don't do politics or real news, we went down the path of how tall or short everyone is.
00:29:18 5/1/2018
We dive deep into our high school days(some are deeper than others) and talk about the things we used to be in to and more.
00:25:11 4/29/2018
This one is all over the place. But at least we stuck with a common theme. ANIMALS!
00:15:15 4/22/2018
I think the title says all you need to know about the chaos that will take over your podcast world once this episode starts.
00:23:32 4/19/2018
T-Bone and the gang tried their hand at sports. You be the judge of how they did and whether they should do it again or not.
00:18:31 4/17/2018

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