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Today's world empowers women like never before, but award-winning personal finance expert Suze Orman knows you can't live your best life until you have power over money. Direct to women, and the men who want to understand them, she's serving a weekly dose of interactive advice and entertainment. #AskSuze anything, as her trademark energy and passion provide the motivation she knows will help you put people first, then money, then things...because you CAN have the power.


Debt Is Bondage

Dealing with personal debt is the most critical aspect of achieving a successful financial future. In a particularly hot Quick Fire session, Suze and Sarah examine the common mistakes people make when managing their debts from credit cards or looming student debts while providing the knowledge and strategies necessary to escape the bondage of debt in order to meet true financial freedom.
00:53:00 7/12/2018

Past Episodes

In this week's episode, Suze delves into a form of abuse that often goes unnoticed: financial abuse. She examines the possible signs to look out for and what actions you can take to keep your financial stability from falling into the wrong hands. Later, Suze gets a very intimate look into the life of financial abuse survivor Shaundre and her journey towards re-establishing her financial freedom.

For more information on abuse or help with an abusive situation, contact The National Domestic Violence Hotline by visiting or calling 1-800-799-SAFE(7233) ? they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

00:51:00 7/5/2018
In this week's episode, Suze talks about anger: one the major obstacles to wealth that has a tendency to sneak up on you. She takes a call with Jamie, a school teacher and single mother who makes good money, but now faces mounting bills, a lack of retirement savings and possible eviction from her home. Is the resentment and anger towards ex-husband keeping her from making good financial decisions?
01:00:00 6/28/2018

In this week's podcast, Suze lets it rip on what is aggravating her and it's all about people making one of the biggest mistakes of all: not having their "Must Have" documents complete, and as Suze says "it's just stupid people!" This hard hitting episode teaches you everything you need to know about protecting you and your loved ones. You don't have any excuses anymore; Suze makes available her online document creator for only $69.00 for all of the listeners to this podcast. Visit to get access to Suze's Online Must-Have Document Creator and to complete this week's Do It Moment! Do you have a question for Suze? Email us at 

00:51:00 6/21/2018
This week, Suze offers listeners deep insight on one of the greatest obstacles to creating wealth: fear. She explores the emotions of fear from every possible angle and shows how to create a new personal truth, so you can have power over your life and your money. Our caller this week, Janet, is terrified of being a burden on her son when she's in retirement, while she also juggles the reality of caring for her own mother. Is she earning enough to retire comfortably? Does she have enough to support her aging mother? What changes can she make to her finances to ensure that her financial foundation is as strong as possible?
00:40:00 6/14/2018
This week, Suze speaks with Michelle, who fears she will never have the retirement of her dreams unless she starts investing now and starts building wealth. But, how to build wealth at 51? Is it too late to start investing? Suze says, absolutely not! This episode is loaded with everything you need to know about investing from individual stocks to mutual funds and ETFs and so much more in order to grow your wealth.
00:52:00 6/7/2018
Get ready to take notes, because today's episode is full of valuable information on how to live a life of wealth. But, what is true wealth? Suze defines it as internal riches not financial. She says when the eight qualities of harmony, balance, courage, generosity, happiness, cleanliness, beauty and wisdom are smoothly working together, the money will surely follow. Listen closely, because what is discussed can transform the way you perceive wealth and therefore generate more of it.
00:49:00 5/31/2018
The show has received many questions about retirement and how best to invest for the future. So, here it is, many different questions asked and answered including a big warning about a mistake made far too often with retirement plans.
00:24:21 5/24/2018
Hear Suze and Sarah ask and answer the question: how critical is it to surround yourself with people that are responsible with money? Also, Suze speaks with Antoinette who is dating a man deep in debt with little income. She wants to know, should she stay or go? Mentioned in show:
00:42:05 5/17/2018
Suze talks to Margaret, mother of a sixteen year old boy, who is getting a divorce. She put down $160 thousand for the down payment of a house she and her husband own. How should she go about getting back what belongs to her? Also, when it comes to your money, do your needs matter more than your children's?
00:42:00 5/10/2018
Suze speaks with Laura who took some bad advice from a financial advisor. Also, lots of great questions asked and answered about how to determine if your friend, family, colleague or financial advisor is giving you good advice about your money questions.
00:29:00 5/3/2018

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