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SME Experts with Craig West

Practical tips to make your business a success. From cyber risk to self-managed super funds, SME Experts covers the topics you need to understand in order to take your business to the next level. Following the success of Mark Bouris' popular podcast series The Mentor, this series is a must listen for any small to medium business owner.

SME Experts is supported by a complete set of additional templates and checklists available at in our resources area.

Host Craig West is a strategic accountant with over 20 years' experience advising business owners. As Managing Director of Succession Plus and CEO of Mentored, he is passionate about helping business owners achieve the success they deserve. Craig has written four critically acclaimed books on employee incentives, succession planning, asset protection and exit strategies.


SME Experts (AUS)

Consumer Loyalty

Get "sticky" with your customers. Derek Baines from Qantas Business Rewards explains how to earn the trust of your customers, the importance of repeat traffic and how you can utilise the loyalty programs of other businesses, to save your small to medium business money.
00:19:29 2/11/2019

Past Episodes

Cashflow is key when it comes to small business. Sarah Stein from Miss Efficiency explains how to avoid a cashflow hole, what to do if you find yourself in one and the most headache-free ways to juggle your bills, invoices, payroll and tax payments.
00:28:37 2/4/2019
Expand your market. Host and CEO of Mentored, Craig West, speaks to online retail expert Jen McCloy about the top mistakes SMEs make when venturing online and how create an attractive and seamless consumer experience, in the age of the internet.
00:22:36 1/28/2019
Pay yourself first. Host and CEO of Mentored, Craig West, speaks to Michael Bova from Family Wealth Advisory about the importance of building, growing and protecting your own wealth, whilst continuing to drive the success of your small to medium business.
00:20:44 12/20/2018
Can you better your business? Host and CEO of Mentored, Craig West, chats to Danielle Neale from the University of New South Wales about how small to medium businesses can best utilise government, industry and university funding in order to bring new processes, products and services to market.
00:18:52 12/20/2018
Your employees are your biggest asset. Host and CEO of Mentored, Craig West, speaks to Natasha Hawker from Employee Matters about what you need to know in order to make sure you, your business and your people are covered when it comes to HR legislation in Australia.
00:25:47 12/20/2018
How to keep your best people happy. Host and CEO of Mentored, Craig West, sits down with Clare Long from Norgay HR Consulting to discuss the top tools and techniques that can help you to manage your employees and maximise their performance.
00:23:49 12/20/2018
Is traditional marketing dead? Host and CEO of Mentored, Craig West, speaks with Chris Nelson from digital agency Juicebox about how to best market your business online and why you need to get clear about what success looks like before you make an investment.
00:26:21 12/20/2018
A better way to buy and sell your business. Host and CEO of Mentored, Craig West, chats with Managing Director of Business Sales at Mentored, Matt Holland, about the key things small to medium business owners get wrong when selling their business.
00:22:40 12/20/2018
How to protect your data. Host and CEO of Mentored, Craig West, speaks to Brad Crismale from Matrium Technologies about why your small to medium business is at risk of a cyber-attack, which systems you can put in place protect your data and how to manage an online breach if it happens.
00:28:00 11/4/2018
Control everything but own nothing. Host and CEO of Mentored, Craig West, speaks to CEO of HYD Advisory, Mark Pinhorn, about why it's essential you put the right structures in place to protect your small to medium business and the wealth you've spent years, blood, sweat and tears creating - even if the unexpected occurs.
00:18:49 11/4/2018

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