Shift & Steer is a weekly podcast and Internet video show that focuses on the motorsport enthusiast lifestyle. Hosted by automotive industry veterans Brad Fanshaw (Bonspeed Wheels), Matt D'Andria (, Aaron Hagar (Rat Runners Garage) and Pete Chapouris (So-Cal Speed Shop). Join us as we chat with like-minded enthusiasts and share stories from the best automotive events, auctions, races and more.


EP.93 Petersen Museum Deuce Day & Tribute to Pete

The annual Deuce Day at the Petersen Auto Museum is always a winner...The annual Deuce Day at the Petersen Auto Museum is always a winner and this year was no different. Brad Fanshaw and Motorator Matt D'Andria did a live podcast from the top of the Petersen while Brad moderated a fantastic panel in honor of Pete Chapouris and Vic Edelbrock.   Show More


Past Episodes

This podcast was one of the last we shared the hosting duties with Pete Chapouris of So Cal Speed Shop. Pete was an icon in the hot rod world and we all miss him very much, but this show really shows how much fun we had having him share the mics with us. Saturday July 15th the Petersen Automotive Museum will host Deuce Day and as part of the show will be a panel discussion about Pete. Eight of his friends, customers and associates will remember our hombre.
Brad Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria do a live show at the Santa Monica Barker Hanger during the Auction America collector car auction. They talk Ferrari's, Porsche's, muscle cars, and welcome Heather Storm from Velocity Channel's Garage Squad as she talks about the Man Seeks Adventure Podcast with Brad.
Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria, and Aaron Hagar are joined by guest host Dave Marek. The guys liven up the So.Cal Speed Shop Open House and the 100+ degree weather. They talk to Alex Xydias, Gene Winfield and Peter Chaporis IV.
On this best of: Brad Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria let loose telling stories from a week in Monterey, CA for the 2016 Monterey Car Week. The pair talk races, car shows, parties, the incredible cars they saw and the people they met. The two discuss meeting up with the likes of Sammy Hagar, Jay Leno, Ed Welburn, Dave Marek, Bruce Meyer, Barry Meguiar, Mr. Lamborghini, Dario Franchitti and more! Matt was there with Adam Carolla and Brad was in town filming for a BBC WorldWide TV show.
Shift and Steer This week Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar are all on the mics. Listen in as they discuss Aaron's MINI adventures, Car Stereo memories, Million Dollar Lamborghini's, of course Fox body Mustangs and the upcoming So Cal Speed Shop Open House.
Brad Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria are talking vehicle technology and what the future of cars might become. They also discuss Matt's excursion in a 2017 Ford F150 EcoBoost and cars that disappeared.
Brad Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria are in the studio talking about getting cars ready for Summer, Ford's Disassembly, the state of exotic car sales at auction, and The Dodge Demon review.
This episode starts out on three wheels when Brad Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria talk with the Marketing Director from Vanderhall Motor Works. Then Aaron Hagar joins in to discuss his recent trip to the Ferrari Challenge at Laguna SECA. Then a jam-packed show continues with Matt telling us about his adventure trailering his Fox body Mustang to MagnaFlow for an exhaust behind a new Ford F250 and meeting up with car nut and wrestler Bill Goldberg.
In this episode Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and our late friend Pete Chapouris take it from "F" bombs to FF Ferraris to Fast and then Four speeds. Listen as we bring you a never before aired episode of Shift and Steer
This week Brad Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria talk with Rod Emory of Emory Motorsports. He is the hot rodder of the Porsched world building incredible outlaw 356 and 911 Porsches. Then we take Aaron Hagar off hold and talk about his MINI.
Brad Fanshaw, Aaron Hagar and Matt D'Andria attack the mics with some fun banter about cars. Then Brad and Matt welcome Melenie Hellwig to fill us in about the company history and products.
This week Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar talk Tools, the new Ford Focus RS and Ice Racing.
On this episode Brad Fanshaw and Aaron Hagar welcome Nicole Meguiar from that famous car care family. While they talk to her about the upcoming Benedict Castle Concours March 26, 2017, Brad and Aaron go way off course. With Matt D'Andria away the pair play. Learn More at: Visit our website:
In this never before aired episode, Brad, Matt and Aaron have an energetic conversation about the year to come with Pete Chapouris, our friend and co-host who we lost earlier in 2017. VISIT US ONLINE:
Former editor of Hot Rod Rob Kinnan joins Brad, Matt & Aaron to talk about Mustangs, Days at Hot Rod, Fox body Mustangs, Driving CadZZilla across America and Mustangs. Yes, Matt is happy!
Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar take over the mics when Brad steps away during the Jimmy Shine Workshop Open House.
They grab hot rodder and owner of SCAT Enterprises for an insightful interview.
Brad, Matt and Aaron are at the open house for the Jimmy Shine Workshop in Orange, California. While at the shop they talk with Jimmy Shine, Brother J.D., about his new show that premiers on MAV TV February 2nd and Ed Tillrock, Automotive Artist.
Brad Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria talk to Alex Keechle the CEO of Monster Moto. This company is revving up and reviving the world of motorized fun. They are doing this with gas powered and electric mini bikes and go karts just like when you were a kid. Visit us online for photos of the mini bike fun:
Pete Chapouris' mic went silent on January 6, 2017 when he unexpectedly died. Pete was our Co-Host, but more importantly he was our friend. Brad, Aaron and Matt each share thoughts about Pete. Then we share a rebroadcast from October 2015 when Shift and Steer turned the interview to focus on Pete Chapouris, his life, his accomplishments and what he loved
Brad Fanshaw had some solid seat time in the 2017 Range Rover Supercharged Sport SVR recently. In this episode he tells Matt D'Andria what he thinks of this premium super SUV. Get the performance numbers, horsepower rating and the highlights direct from the guy who drove it for a week. Also, Matt tells about his experience submitting a Car Cast episode for the annual Motor Press Guild Awards and is ready to go drink at the bar and win an award. See the Range Rover Sport SVR specifications and a photo gallery at our website. VISIT:
This week Shift and Steer geeks out on performance when the VP of Marketing for the Comp Performance Group takes Brad Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria on a tour of the PRI Show and tells us about the Comp Performance Group of companies and Xceleration Media. Brad also tells about his invite to the season finale filming of Fast N Loud at the Hot Wheels Design Center. Matt fills everyone in on the L.A. Auto Show.

The last SEMA episode for the Derale stage and we pack it with Dennis Anderson the driver of monster truck "Grave Digger", then it's pinstriper and personality Von Hot Rod and finally, Theresa Contreras painter, fabricator and leader of the LGE/CTS pack who brought 15 show cars to SEMA this 2016. VISIT:
Ray Evernham, Darryl Hollenbeck, Steve Strope & Harry Hibler all join the Stage from the SEMA floor. Shift and Steer brings you more from the 2016 SEMA as Brad, Matt, Pete & Aaron are on the Derale Performance Stage. They speak with NASCAR crew chief for Jeff Gordon and Star of Americarna, Ray Evernham, then they are joined by Darryl Hollenbeck the 2016 AMBR Winner and custom painter. In the second half car builder and BMX enthusiast Steve Strope stops to talk about how bmx and hot rods have a common interest. Then we wrap the show with Hot Rod Magazine Publisher Harry Hibler who talks about CadZZilla, Aluma Coupe, Gray Baskerville and more. VISIT:
Wayne Carini of Chasing Classic Cars on the Velocity Channel joins Brad Fanshaw, Pete Chapouris, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar for a great talk about collector cars. Opening the show are friends Jimmy Shine of the Jimmy Shine Workshop and Dave Marek, Executive Creative Director for Acura telling all about the NSXGT3 project they created for the SEMA Show. VISIT our Website:"
Shift and Steer is live from the SEMA Show 2016 and on this first show we invite Farmtruck & Azn from Street Outlaws to the Derale Stage. Next Rutledge Wood from Top Gear America, NBC Sports, NASCAR and Lost in Transmission joins Brad Fanshaw, Pete Chapouris, Motorator Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar. Visit us at"
Brad Fanshaw, Pete Chapouris and Aaron Hagar tell the tales you have never heard of what SEMA was like in the early years, cars that were built and debuted under the clock and disasters that took years off of their lives.
Jim Beaver joins Brad Fanshaw, Pete Chapouris and Matt D'Andria to talk about the world of off-road racing, speed boats and his families life long passion for everything fast. Jim also brings us all up to speed on the Razor UTV growth and the new racing series. Jim also lets us know about his podcast, Down & Dirty. Finally, Matt gives us an update on what is going on with his SEMA project Mustangs. Visit:
This week 3X NHRA Top Fuel World Champion, Larry Dixon joins Brad Fanshaw, Pete Chapouris and Matt D'Andria. The champ talks about getting back in the seat for a couple of races and how it feels. Then Larry discusses the upcoming SEMA Show and Dixon's Wild Ride podcast. Finally, we get the scoop on Dixon's 1966 Nova that he just took on Drag Week. Wrapping up the show Pete gets gun crazy and Matt again drops the "F" bomb.
Brad Fanshaw, Pete Chapouris and Matt D'Andria are joined by Dave Kindig the star of the Velocity Channels hit TV series, Bitchin' Rides. Dave calls in from a sketchy cell phone while on the Goodguys Rod & Custom Hall of Fame Tour. Then Pete tells a story that can't be told and tales of SEMA Hall of Fame members. Plus idle chat about our SEMA stage and Adam Carolla's new fim about the Ferrari vs. Ford racing rivalry.
The guys welcome Gary Bennett the Vice President of Consignment for Barrett-Jackson Auctions. Gary tells us what to expect for the upcoming Las Vegas event, what is hot in the car world, where values are headed and much more insight on collectible cars.
This week Brad Fanshaw, Pete Chapouris and Aaron Hagar make do without Matt D'Andria. The trio talk recent show attendance and bring the discussion back to where collector car values will be in the near future. There is also an interview with Mike Linner of discussing a great charity of Cars For Blake.
Matt D'Andria, Aaron Hagar, Brad Fanshaw, & Pere Chapouris sit down for this weeks episode of Shift and Steer to talk in depth about Aaron Hagar's custom built 1946 GMC Red VooDoo.
Black Lab Ventures CEO and Velocity TV's Garage Squad host Heather Storm sits down with Matt D'Andria, Aaron Hagar, Brad Fanshaw, & Pere Chapouris for this weeks episode of Shift And Steer.
This week Brad Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria let loose telling stories from a week in Monterey, CA for the 2016 Monterey Car Week. The pair talks races, car shows, parties, the incredible cars they saw and the people they met. The two discuss meeting up with the likes of Sammy Hagar, Jay Leno, Ed Welburn, Dave Marek, Bruce Meyer, Barry Meguiar, Mr. Lamborghini, Dario Franchitti and more! Matt was there with Adam Carolla and Brad was in town filming for a BBC WorldWide TV show. Stay till the end because the two tell you about their experience bidding on and winning the $4.8 million dollar Porsche 935 at the Gooding & Co. Auction.
55:00 8/31/2016
The guys from Shift and Steer invade the SEMA Garage during the open house and talk car trips, car tips and have great guests such as Courtney Hansen, Sung Kang and Dennis Pittsenbarger.
52:00 8/19/2016
Shift and Steer's second day at the Syracuse Nationals and for this podcast they are broadcasting from the noisy and action filled midway at the Ford Motors Co. stage.

Along with some tech filled rants about Ford cars and trucks the guys invite East Coast hot rod builder Dave Tucci of Tucci Hot Rods for a "Chat & Scat". Then Steve Hale of Steve's Restoration and star of History Channel's American Restoration takes a mic.
40:00 8/12/2016
This is our live show from the floor of Artie's Party at the Syracuse Nationals. Shift and Steer invites Rob Ida on the show to talk about the 1940 Mercury he built and is up for the Gene Winfield Award. We also talk travel, fast cars and then Art Schilling "Artie" gives us an update on the Charity pinstriping event. Finally Gene Winfiled crashes the podcast.
52:00 7/28/2016
This week we have a bonus episode of Shift and Steer. Brad Fanshaw, Pete Chapouris and Matt D'Andria are in studio talking Ferrari's, the drive of the Cadillac CTSV the Syracuse Nationals and they have a guest also. The guest is Ray McClelland of Full Throttle Kustoms who talks dyno tuning your car. Ray was also on TV's Motor City Masters and on Car Warriors with Brad.
1:00:00 7/26/2016
Summer is in full swing and that means it's Car Show Season! In this episode of Shift and Steer the entire crew (Aaron Too!!) head over to So-Cal Speed Shop for their 20th Open House and Car Show! It's a wild time as always and it starts off by Brad getting called a bitch by a very drunk passer by. Special guests in this episode include calls from Man Seeks Adventure Co-Host Diamond Dave Merrik and Syracuse Nationals promoter Rob O'Connor. We also have spirited conversations with So-Cal Speed Shop legend Alex Xydias and legendary customizer Gene Winfield.
1:13:00 7/8/2016
Summer is in full swing and that means it's Car Show Season! In this episode of Shift and Steer Brad and Pete talk with Art Shilling about the upcoming Syracuse Nationals show and Artie's Party! The whole Shift and Steer crew will be at the show again this year, recording live and taking part in all of the festivities at this amazing event. The guys have a lively discussion with Art about his history in the industry and how this party got started. Make sure to check our Event Link above to get all the specifics on the show or visit
1:04:00 7/6/2016
A look back at the premiere episode of Shift & Steer, now on Carolla Digital! Hosts Brad Fanshaw, Pete Chapouris, Aaron Hagar and Matt D'Andria attend the epic event that is the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and give you all of the behind the scenes action.

Interview guests include 3X NHRA Top Fuel Champion Larry Dixon, real car girl and TV Host Courtney Hansen, and hot rod fabricator Jimmy Shine from SO-CAL Speed Shop.
*Now on Carolla Digital: It's a new year and the boys are all together reflecting on the shows first full year and what is ahead for 2016. Between the laughs, we hear about Aaron being snowed in up on the mountain, his love of Pinzgauers and wanting to "Rat Rod" his house! Pete tells us about playing Santa over the holidays. Matt tells the guys about getting screwed by every machine shop in Arizona and Brad fills everybody in on his new project "Man Seeks Adventure".
1:03:01 1/16/2016
This week is our second show from the Ferrari Challenge in Sonoma, CA. This week we visit with Ferrari owners, racers and a dealer liason.

Matt Kegan: An owner of three White Ferrai cars and he tells us the allure of the cars and his plans to keep the journey alive.

Emmanuel Turin: From the dealer Ferrari of San Francisco, he is a dealer who truly reveals the relationship that the Ferrari Challenge builds among customers.

Emmanuel Anassis: Race winner and three time champion driver from Quebec, he tells us about racing, winning and the fight on the tracks.

On this episode of Shift and Steer Brad, Matt and Aaron take an excursion to the Sonoma Valley of California. Wine can be the drinking kind or the wine of a gearbox, we prefer the latter and went to Sonoma Raceway for the Ferrari Challenge.

Our friends at Ferrari U.S.A. invited Shift and Steer to the race, strapped us in a Challenge car and even gave us a new Ferrari California T to tst drive. While we wre at the track we met some incredible people and in this first of two episodes we talk with:

Marc Muzzo from Toronto, Canada owner of multiple Ferrai's including the new and coveted La Ferrari. We ask Marc what it is like to drive the car on and off the track. We also discuss his involvement in the Ferrari Challenge.

Didier Theys the Ferrari Driving Head Coach and Champion racing driver. Didier is the head driving coach for the Ferrari Challenge Series and his qualifications are not in question. The Belgian is a two-time overall winner of the 24 hours Daytona, a winner of the 12 hours Sebring and competed in the CART racing series ad the Indy 500.

Chanterria McGilbra a Ferrari 458 owner and Ferrari enthusiast. We talk to a new Ferrari owner about ownership, the Ferrari factory experience and the friends she has made in the Ferrari community.

Link to Ferrari Website

Click for more information about the Ferrari Challenge N.A.
This is is a huge show that you need to carve out a little more time than usual. First Brad, Matt and Aaron grab passes to the pit area of the Long Beach Grand Prix Pro/Celeb race. There they talk with Rutledge Wood from Top Gear and his new show Lost in Transmission. Then they speak with Tricia Heler known for Battle Star Gallictica and many other shows including her new series on SyFy. We even grab Brett Davern, last years Celeb winner right before he takes the track.

In the second half of our show we go back to the studio with Brad, Pete and Aaron for a vibrant conversation with Caludio Zampolli an expert on exotic cars and star of the iconic Sammy Hagar video I Can't Drive 55. Claudio tells us incredible stories about the video, the Ferrari Boxer in the video and so much more.

See Claudio in the Video: Can't Drive 55 Video Link

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On this week's episode Brad, Aaron and Pete open he show with our first ever listener questions. Then they review the film premier of Winning The Racing Life of Paul Newman that was Produced by Adam Carolla, Nate Adam's and our own Matt D'Andria.

Th guys review the film and the after party, they even give you some behind the scenes details.

Finally, Aarron and Brad talk about the upcoming visit to the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. Matt will join the two and they will be getting pre-interviews from the celebs and Pros racing in the Toyota Pro/Clebrity Challenge.

This week in the studio Brad, Matt and Pete get back to talking aftermarket goodies with some hot shots of the custom automotive world. We welcome Art & Craig Morrison of Art Morrison Enterprises, the manufacturers of some of the very best chassis and components.

Then John McLeod the owner of Classic Instruments joins the guys to talk about custom gauges, drag racing and growing a company in the aftermarket. Tune in for this technically advanced episode of Shift and Steer and learn how you can win a bunch of Mothers Polish products.


Art Morrison Enterprises

Classic Instruments

Shift and Steer

bonspeed Wheels
This episode of Shift and Steer we welcome Ralph Sheheen, Sportscaster and Motorsport host who is also the owner of National Speed Sport News. Ralph begins this weeks show with our first ever Speed Sport Racing Report, which wil be bi-weekly.

This week Ralph gives us the up to date information on the Monster Supercross Series, Nascar, F1 and Moto GP.

Then we have a great interview with Nate Adams the Producer and Co-Director of Winning- The Racing Life of Paul Newman. Nate takes us behind the scenes and tells us not just about the film, but insight into Paul's career on and off the track. Matt D'Andria gives us the details on the red carpet premier in Hollywood.

Visit our facebook page at ShiftSteerMedia and find out how to win freebies courtesy of Mothers Polish and Waxes.


National Sped Sport News

Winning- THe Racing Life of Paul Newman
This episode is hosted by Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Pete Chapouris. The guys recorder this episode live at the 2015 Street Machine & Muscle Car Nationals in Pomona, California. The event which has doubled in size takes over the fairgrounds.


Hot Rod Pioneer and Icon: Alex Xydias; founder of SO-CAL Speed Shop

John Hotchkis: Hotchkis Sport Suspensions and tells us about the autocross race series for 2015.

Allen Grant: World Champion driver who worked and raced for Carroll Shelby.

Rich Waitas: Rich is from Magnaflow and he gives us some great information on exhaust technology.

Uncle Joe Benson: A legendary L.A. radio personality and car guy from 100.3 The Sound and Uncle Joe's Garage.

Pin from drops in for the longest Chat and ScatŠ ever.
This episode of Shift and Steer is all about collectible car values and emerged from our off air conversation about the newest Ford GT Supercar. We welcome our friend and the shows expert on car values, Kip Sheward or KipShewardMotorsports in Novi, MI.

Kip counts among his clients and friends two of the most famous Motor City Celebrities, Tim Allen and Bob Seger.

We discuss the newly announced Ford GT and if it will affect the value of the present model.

The skyrockiting prices of Ferrari and Lamborghini's.

What cars you should buy today for future returns.

If you should be the first to own a newly released car or not?

The 33+ Ford GT supercars that have been sold by Kip.

Email us:

NOTE: This episode is being played out of order, so no you are not crazy and you did not miss an exciting episode!
Brad and Matt drive an BMW M4 into downtown Los Angeles to attend the filming of Battle of the Streets. The event presented by Nitto Tires, took 16 high-performance vehicles to the famed 6th street bridge for a grudge match. You can see all of the action at

Then Matt, Brad and Pete talk car audio electronics with Ozzie Lopez from Pioneer Electronics.


Pioneer Electronics

Nitto Battle of the Streets


Shift and Steer

Marrs Electric Cycles

bonspeed Forged Aluminum Wheels
This week the Shift and Steer adventure is in studio with Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar talking with Skrape from Tapout Clothing and his new company Black Widow Exhaust.

Get the lowdown on how TapouT began, the underground fight scene in the early years of an almost fightclub scenario. You will find out about Skrape's exhaust company his cars and the love of LS motors.

We also converse about Matt's crappy daily drivers with flat tires, Aaron's trip to So Cal, Brad's radio voice that appears frequently and the big question why can't they have cars and lunch, it would be an easier time of day.

Check Out:

Black Widow Exhaust


bonspeed Wheels


Aaron Hagar's Rat Runners Garage
In this episode of Shift and Steer Bard Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria get hings going by talking about the forthcoming Paul Newman racing documentary from Adam Carolla. Then they jump over the edge talking how great a new $300,000 Rolls Royce Wraith will do a burnout! They discuss Matt's Fox bodied Mustang project and then introduce Ralph Sheheen.

Sheheen is a motorsport broadcaster and journalist who you have surely seen on TV. He has been part of the broadcast team on everything from Suprcross on FOX currently to Barrett-Jackson and nearly every racing event. Ralph provides a behind-the-scenes look at racing coverage ad his publication National Speed Sport News.
PART TWO of Coverage from the SEMA MPMC Conference

Shift and Steer welcomes Bill Tichenor the Director of Marketing from Holley Performance. Bill talks about the SEMA MPMC conference and the Holley Peformance family of products; including Holley, Hooker, NOS, Flowtech, Weiand, Earl's and Diablo Sport.

Learn about the Holley EFI systems, LS Swap Kits, goodies for LS motors, the LS Fest, Using Nitrous, Black Ceramic Coatings.

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Shift and Steer attend the annual MPMC Media Trade Conference presented by SEMA. The event held in Southern California is a three day meeting of aftermarket manufacturers and the media.

The Shift and Ster cast of Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar all attend and meet with almost 100 performance companies. The best part is the information that we learned will be coming to our listeners for the entier year.

Hold on tight as we speak with Roush/SLP Performance Director of Marketing, Jay Velthoven and in the second half we have GM Performance Marketing Manager, Dr. Jamie Meyer.

The Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, California and we talk with the Winner of the America's Most Beautiful Roadster award, Bobby Alloway. We also talk to Troy Trepanier of Rad Rides by Troy, Darryl Hollenbeck of Vintage Color Studio and Bruce Canepa of Canepa Motorsports.

Shift and Steer dedicates this episode to Jack Trepanier.
The cast of Shift and Steer attends the big Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. Despite huge noisy crowds, noisy cars being driving through the staging area and a giant audience they get you interviews. The guests include Jimmy Shine from SO-CAL Speed Shop, Actor Tyson Sullivan from Cinemax's Banshee, Tim Allen, Michael Anthony, Gene Winfiled and The Ring Brothers.
The guys from Shift and Steer go out to Irwindale Speedway for the Mooneyes X-Mas Party Show and Drags. They were down one man as Aaron Hagar was snowed in up in Lake Tahoe, but Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Pete Chapouris made the best of it!

At the show they grabbed Barry Weiss from Storage Wars, Perry Barndt stuntman - Producer and Car Chasers star along with Chico Kodama from Mooneye and and KC Marrs up to the microphones.

It's a party for sure and they also have a holiday gift of great video that will be posted later!
In this episode of Shift and Steer we take an in-depth look at what it takes to sell your pride and joy at a big auction such as Barrett-Jackson. We reveal both sides as we welcome Jimmy Shine from SO-CAL Speed Shop and Gary Bennett from Barrett-Jackson.

Jimmy Shine has cosigned his iconic hot rod pick-up and he tells us of the emotional and marketing side of selling the truck.

Garry Bennett, V.P. of Consignment gives us an insiders look at selling and some very valuable tips and tricks you must know before you sell!


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This show was recorded LIVE at SEMA 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada with your hosts Brad Fanshaw, Pete Chapouris, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar. This ginourmous show includes star studded appearances by our rocker and chef car friends who discuss among other this each of their chefness!


Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top a tru car fanatic and always fun to have on the microphone.

Guy Fieri the clebrity chef who has multiple shows on TV and is always finding the time to make a car show or SEMA.


Andrew Hendricks - Driven Experiences

Roger Demaree - Kicker Audio

Jessi Lang - Host of J-Turn on You Tube

Mitch Henderson - MHD Car Fabricator

Doug Evans - SEMA Chairman Elect & TEN Media Group
Shift and Steer Media, Show #2, SEMA 2014.

Hosted by: Brad Fanshaw, Pete Chapouris, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar.

Guests: Ed Pink, Legendary racing engine builder who was just awarded the Robert E. Petersen, Lifetime Achievement Award.

Bryan Murphy, Ebay Motors GM who tells us about selling a Bugatti on Ebay and how so many cars and parts roll through the amazing marketplace.

Terry Kargus, Petersen Museum Executive Director provides a look inside the rebuilding of a world class automotive museum.

Chat & ScatŠ conversations with:

Theresa Contreras of L&G/CTS

Ray McClelland of Full Throttle Kustomz

Craig Fraser of Air Syndicate
Shift and Steer Media - Show #1- SEMA 2014

SEMA 2014

Hosted by: Brad Fanshaw, Pete Chapouris, Aaron Hagar & Matt D'Andria

Guests: Larry Dixon 3X NHRA Top Fuel Champion, Courtney Hansen Real Car Girl & Jimmy Shine - Hot Rod Fabricator at SO-CAL Speed Shop

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