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Pete and Dan are just a couple of lads who love to game.. after the nappies have been changed. The guys keep you up to date with the latest in gaming news and reviews, along with a few tips thrown in on how to juggle a love of gaming with being a *good dad*, ("Good dad" is subject to the interpretation of our wives, particularly if they try and get the kids to play 'Call of Duty').


Game On Australia (AUS)

Ep 104 - What is "The 12 Games of Christmas?"

Sorry for the slightly shorter episode this week gamers and esports lovers, but you know what we say, it's not the size that counts, it's how you use it ;)

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:
1. The 12 Game of Christmas
2. The GAME AWARDS 2018 nominees have been announced (not to be confused with the Australian Games awards), see who scooped the noms!
3. An Australian Paladins team have cracked the BIG TIME and are getting ready to compete at Dreamhack in Atlanta. They are Kanga Esports, and we catch up with their own Justin Vingerhoets to tell us about this awesome story!

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00:38:14 11/15/2018

Past Episodes

The top 3 things Gamers need to hear this week:
1. The Australian Games Awards are coming, we brief the deets and make sure you check out our interview with the director of the AGA's, Joel Van Daal, later in the pod!
2. Jill of the Jungle has just had a complete re-release, and it's FREE!
3. Friday the 9th of November is N7 day, celebrating all things Mass Effect, but did Bioware just reveal that they're working on a new ME title? Hear the audio....

It was announced that Feb 5th 2019 is Safer Internet Day, and we're joined by AESA president Darren Kwan, and Paul Dearaujo from the office of eSafety to discuss what it is and how we can all get involved.

Joel Van Daal is the director of the Australian Games Awards and joins us to break it all down, how to nominate, who can nominate, who can be nominated, and how the winners will win! (vote now at:

Why does Dan have Red Dead Redemption 2 firmly in his sights? You'll hear why!

Don't forget to join our facebook community for a chance to win a copy of NBA 2K19 on Xbox, and also we're soon to announce our major "12 Games of Christmas" promotion!


00:54:20 11/8/2018

FINALLY we have another Game On AUS song! You'll hear Pete and Dan's take on the Queen Classic, We Are The Champions!

Then onwards with a MONSTER episode, we're back from PAX and it gave us a great opportunity to test out a new little somethin' somethin' on a couple of unsuspecting gaming industry leaders.. READ ON!

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:
1. Fallout 76 B.E.T.A is now live, Pete shares his (surprising) thoughts
2. Titanfall 3 is on its way??
3. Red Dead Redemption 2 is smashing records.

Dan's been hammering RDR2, he shares his thoughts on the game.

Pete tells us all about his weekend at PAX, and while he was there he sat down with Chris Charla from ID@Xbox and Eskil Mohl the associate director of Hitman 2, and hit them with the Game On AUS Rapid Fire Questions!

We hear your answers to our big facebook question "which game do you absolutely SUCK at"

We also interrupt Australian Twitch streamer and artist Sam Green's live twitch stream (NO JOKE!) to talk to him about the Fallout T51 helmet he has designed to go to auction for Bethesda's awesome new Fallout 76 initiative, #HelmetsforHabitat, you can bid now on these beautifully designed helmets at Paddle8!

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01:01:46 11/1/2018

Top three things gamer's need to hear this week:
1. Red Dead Redemption is out and Rockstar have released an awesome companion app!
2. The Battlefield 5 developer who got banned from playing Black Ops 4!
3. PAX Aus fires up - we're joined by PAX content manager, Luke Lancaster, to talk us through what fans can expect!

What game did you absolutely SUCK at?

I've got you in my sights: We're having a crack at Storms and the NBuN.Co!

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00:53:00 10/25/2018

Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson. His title says "Director of Programming for XBox Live", but that is only one of the many hats that this legend of the industry wears. In our very special interview for episode 100 we talk to him about his life into gaming. How a chance crossing of the hallway at Microsoft started him on the journey to being one of the most recognisable names in the gaming community, and how he influenced every XBox since the 360! We also talk about the gaming industry and hear his opinions of how it's changed over the years, including his thoughts on gaming's "golden era", and where it will be in 20 years time.

This is an episode not to be missed, and if you finish listening to it and feel the same way, make sure you share it with your fellow gamer so they can hear an incredible story told.

We finish things up with a special thank you message to all those who have been involved, including you, over the last two years leading up to this episode.

What a hell of a journey it's been, and here's to the next 100!

Pete, Dan, and the Game On AUS Podcast team.


00:29:59 10/18/2018

Hang around until the end of the podcast for a MAJOR announcement

Top 3 things that gamers need to hear this week:
1. CoD Blops 4 is out - what does this mean for Fortnite and PUBG?
2. See you at PAX - if you're going to Australia's biggest gaming and tech fest, find out where you can find Pete!
3. EB Games announced AfterPay is going live. We catch up with Jo from to talk us through the pro's and con's

Do you remember your "gamers first" - Dan explains what he means

An impromptu "got you in my sights" this week as Dan realises towards the end of the show he is pissy about something!


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00:50:58 10/11/2018

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:
1. The #1 mod Skyrim players are downloading is seedy and hilarious
2. Anthem's dev team reveals details on how its raid system will work
3. Another incredible story about gamers doing good - 6 gamers who have been playing online for years, and what brought them together to meet for the first time!

We're so excited to add ANOTHER guest to our hall of game! AVRL, Kevin Walker, is one of the best Overwatch analysts/casters we've had the pleasure of hearing. You'll see him hammering out Overwatch Contenders on some incredibly well produced Blizzard esports broadcasts. We chat to him about his history, what it takes to get to where he is, what the future holds, and a whole host of his thoughts on the Overwatch scene. Even if you don't play OW, you'll enjoy this chat.

PLUS - One of our GOA content team, Tidget, is a mad Overwatch fan, and AVRL helps us drop a little surprise on him - hear it all here!

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00:56:26 10/4/2018

We'll be back on deck next week!


00:02:29 9/27/2018

Someone must be listening because we're starting to hear from industry people and others are starting to take our call.. this week is certainly a great example of it because instead of the top 3 things gamers need to hear this week, we've got...

The Top 3 INTERVIEWS Gamer Need To Hear This Week!

1. PHID from "may or may not have" ended up at Capcom yesterday playing some yet to be released games with some yet to be released surprises.. hypothetically speaking of course.

2. STEVE MO STACHE aka has in up and coming talent who was picked for the twitch ANZ grassroots program, we speak to him about what his first week of being a twitch supported streamer has done for his show and what it took to get the opportunity!

3. THE GAME BOYS are back with a new 90's gaming comedy show, they join us to talk about what fans heading over/to Melbourne Fringe can expect.

BTW some pretty awesome news, 2K (of 2k19/Xcom/Borderlands etc fame) called us during the week, we'll have a copy of 2K19 landing in our laps to give away soon so hit the facebook page and keep an eye out for it!


00:59:06 9/20/2018

This week's episode is CHOCCA'S! Two major announcements over the last week has seen us grab some great talent from across Australia's gaming scene to give us exclusive insight into what you need to know. You'll only hear it here on Game On AUS!

Top 3 Things Gamers Need To Hear This Week:
1. AFL Evolution 2 - We're joined by Daniel Visser, Managing Director of Wicked Witch Software, the devs behind AFL Evolution and Evo 2, for an in depth chat about what fans can expect from the sequel coming in 2019.
2. We received a pretty cool invitation... from FACEBOOK!
3. Francesco Macri, Senior Manager at EB Games, joins us to talk us through EB's new "no regrets trade policy"

How did Dan's daughter use gaming to win her sports carnival? Find out with our discussion about how gaming made you better in real life.

Your comments to our weekly BIG FACEBOOK QUESTION - best mini-games!

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00:48:11 9/13/2018

Dan's off so two of the Game On AUS' finest from the community join Pete this week, Stix and Garbs!

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:
1. 2K for 2k is our brand new competition! 2k games has sent as about $300 worth of AWESOME GEAR to give to a lucky GOA listener. Head to the facebook page for more information!
2. No Esports at the Olympics? Why the IOC has crushed that idea
3. We've been playing through EVERYTHING, we discuss our experience with a week full of releases - Destiny 2's Forsaken, Battlefield V, and SCUM.

It was a monster discussion about those games so not much time for anything else ;)


01:00:16 9/6/2018

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