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Pete and Dan are just a couple of lads who love to game.. after the nappies have been changed. The guys keep you up to date with the latest in gaming news and reviews, along with a few tips thrown in on how to juggle a love of gaming with being a *good dad*, ("Good dad" is subject to the interpretation of our wives, particularly if they try and get the kids to play 'Call of Duty').


Ep 96 - Exclusive AFL Evolution 2 Audio

This week's episode is CHOCCA'S! Two major announcements over the last week has seen us grab some great talent from across Australia's gaming scene to give us exclusive insight into what you need to know. You'll only hear it here on Game On AUS!

Top 3 Things Gamers Need To Hear This Week:
1. AFL Evolution 2 - We're joined by Daniel Visser, Managing Director of Wicked Witch Software, the devs behind AFL Evolution and Evo 2, for an in depth chat about what fans can expect from the sequel coming in 2019.
2. We received a pretty cool invitation... from FACEBOOK!
3. Francesco Macri, Senior Manager at EB Games, joins us to talk us through EB's new "no regrets trade policy"

How did Dan's daughter use gaming to win her sports carnival? Find out with our discussion about how gaming made you better in real life.

Your comments to our weekly BIG FACEBOOK QUESTION - best mini-games!

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00:48:11 9/13/2018

Past Episodes

Dan's off so two of the Game On AUS' finest from the community join Pete this week, Stix and Garbs!

Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week:
1. 2K for 2k is our brand new competition! 2k games has sent as about $300 worth of AWESOME GEAR to give to a lucky GOA listener. Head to the facebook page for more information!
2. No Esports at the Olympics? Why the IOC has crushed that idea
3. We've been playing through EVERYTHING, we discuss our experience with a week full of releases - Destiny 2's Forsaken, Battlefield V, and SCUM.

It was a monster discussion about those games so not much time for anything else ;)


01:00:16 9/6/2018

Top 3 Things Gamers Need To Hear This Week:
1. XBox Games With Gold
2. Who is Anathan Pham?
3. The Destiny 2 Forsaken pre-load details are live

Father's Day is this weekend, we have the most incredible Father's Day story that will turn on the water-works for any gamer.

Is it our fault Malcolm Turnbull lost his job?

Sights: Dan tee's off on his son...


00:55:09 8/30/2018

We have a real treat for you this week gamers!

Top 3 things that gamers need to hear LIVE FROM GAMESCOM:
Our good mate Alex from Kotaku is over in Germany at Gamescom and graciously took some time out of his hectic schedule to tell us the top things we need to know coming out of Gamescom.
We also pick his brain on what it's like being one of the main guys who gets to go and represent a major gaming news brand at these gaming festivals talking about who he gets to meet, what morning until night looks like for him while he is there, and if he gets any cool stuff to take home!


We are joined by Jacquie Garrett - founder of GGWP, an up and coming brand looking out for gamers who want to make it big creating content in the space, she's off to Germany for another reason - to have a heap of investors pick GGWP apart and hopefully throw some money her way.

Jacquie also tells us about her son Max aka "Orange Ocelot" - he's Australia's youngest professional sponsored gamer and he's heading over to the US to compete in the Pokemon World Championships!


01:10:10 8/23/2018

Top 3 Things Gamers Need To Hear This Week.
1. DOTA 2 The International fires up this week
2. How to win a gold plated XBox One X
3. 81 year old finishes Destiny 2's Raid for the first time. Writes short story about it.

The results of our Bachelor poll - and why a gaming house is doing a bachelor poll anyway.

Also your answers to our big question last week - Which game turned you into a gamer!

I've got you in my sights segment: Dan tees off on Network 10.


00:43:45 8/16/2018

Top 3 Things Gamers Need To Hear This Week:
1. Game On AUS' new game show, the Wheel Of Keys, is your chance to score XBox and steam codes!
2. Everything announced from Nintendo's latest Direct livestream
3. A new God of War game

We've dived deep into the best injuries/illnesses to have for gaming, now comes our top 5 WORST!

We get incredibly philosophical about "the game that made you a gamer" - then it's over to you at

Don't forget to check us out on your socials - we're bloody everywhere!


00:59:03 8/9/2018

Top 3 news gamers need to hear this week:
1. How to play Grand Theft Auto Online for free this month!
2. Parents are paying tutors to teach their kids how to play Fortnite!
3. Tesla is bringing Atari games to their cars!

We have a special announcement - we're introducing a brand new weekly tournament night to the Game On AUS community to say thank you for being a part of it. Called "GOA PUBG Casual Fridays" the new casual gaming night will bring together the community to hang out for some shenanigans and banter and enjoy some custom PUBG goodness!

Some more awesome news about our Steam curators group.

1997 in games - we revisit last week's discussion and tally your votes about the best year for gaming ever!


00:37:46 8/2/2018

KAIZER makes a guest appearance as we welcome Pete back from new babies and flu strains and we're pumped to get the second half of the year firing with our latest episode.

Top 3 Things Gamers Need To Hear This Week:
1. An update on video games at the 2024 Olympics
2. Fortnite's new update is leaving gamers in a tizz
3. No Man's Sky "Next" - is it the update that brings us all back?

We dive in an article about why 1997 was the greatest year in gaming

We revisit an old discussion about which illness is the best on to have for gaming, coming up with a very well thought out top 5!

I've Got You In My Sights: Pete's kids are in his sights...


01:01:10 7/26/2018

Well you wouldn't bloody read about it! So after not being here last week because he had a new baby arrive (excuses...), Pete the bloody bugger ended up in hospital this week crook as a dog! He's on the mend but the podcast isn't, so instead we thought we might pull one out of the archives from when the lads were just a few months into doing this.

We've got a lot of people who have joined the journey since then so here's your chance to hear how far Game On AUS has come!

It's Episode 18 - Rumble Paks and throw backs, and it originally aired on the 20th of June 2017:

Top 3 News Gamers Had To Hear That Week:
Switch release date & launch titles
Nintendo confirms the Wii-U is a failure with their next move


We discuss some of the gamertags weve come across online & the epic fable that is how Dans CaptainAlbion was born.

What we think of how the Switch looks when playing as a handheld

The pain of a quick wee wee (and everything else that interrupts a dream multiplayer run)

Dan hates minecraft and Pete tries to convince him otherwise

We remember what it was like to play handhelds when you needed a link cable to connect them

Mad Retro Old Skool Pick of the Week: Metroid fans will love what weve found!


00:43:28 7/19/2018

We'll be back next week!!!


00:01:15 7/12/2018

Regular listeners of the podcast would've heard last week we were on baby watch for Pete! Well baby Isabella Evie is now here, and Pete is busy on dad duties for the next couple of eps but that hasn't stopped him put together something really special! This episode Pete goes 1v1 with Darold Higa, Senior Game Designer at Wargaming - makers of World of Tanks / Warships / Warplanes! World of Tanks: Mercenaries has now been released to console and Darold walks Pete through the new addition plus his life as the man whose job it once was to monitor the live game health and community of this massive franchise, and whose job it is now to create the stories inside the games as a narrative designer!

You'll hear some awesome history, some philosophy, some questions without notice, some mind blowing revelations, and some candid chat about cross-play!

Don't forget to check out Wargaming!


00:31:15 7/5/2018

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