Riggle's Picks with Rob Riggle & Sarah Tiana

Laugh with Rob and Sarah as they discuss everything from the world of sports, pop culture, and of course, themselves.


Riggle's Picks - 001

Rob and Sarah launch their podcast by discussing their New Year's experiences including Rob's time in New York working on Steve Harvey's New Years Eve show on Fox and Sarah's very long day at the Rose Bowl game. They also discuss the idea of big cities dominating sports coverage and smaller market schools getting almost no love even upon great achievement. As the show wraps up Sarah tells Rob about her recent trip to Europe to celebrate the holidays.
01:08:42 1/18/2018

Past Episodes

Riggle's Picks with Rob Riggle and Sarah Tiana is coming to PodcastOne Sports on January 18th, 2018.
00:01:00 1/8/2018

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