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Bit 44 - Kirby Star Allies, Part II

Time for a Kirby history lesson, now that Daroach, Adeleine and Dark Meta Knight have joined Kirby Star Allies.
00:23:55 8/15/2018

Past Episodes

In the wake of Luigi's passing, Alex describes the vampire killers, Echo Fighters and evil king who all joined Smash Bros. Ultimate.
00:35:25 8/8/2018
Alex invites Henry's dog (and Henry himself) to react to Smash Bros. Ultimate some more, now that it's been known for a while.
01:00:03 8/1/2018
Alex and Henry celebrate their birthdays by talking about one of their favorite games and soundtracks.
00:53:05 7/25/2018
Alex tries an RPG that throws back to the SNES days but keeps things fresh. And he doesn't totally fanboy over the game he's barely played. That's silly. Don't be silly. This is the most professional podcast ever.
00:20:10 7/18/2018
Alex is joined by two of his confidants while they social link together over what they liked and disliked in Persona 5.
00:54:28 7/11/2018
Alex tries to explain just what Kingdom Hearts is all about.
00:24:47 7/4/2018
Imagine a game where you, your friends, your favorite TV characters, random game characters, and more all live together on an island. Alex pitches Tomodachi Life for 3DS.
00:23:43 6/27/2018
Alex's brother returns to pine for Waluigi, defy Kraid, look at Greninja's amiibo, and discuss the Smash Bros. Ultimate reveal.
01:04:32 6/20/2018
A new Smash Bros. game is announced and everyone is invited! Alex sits down and gives his fresh thoughts after the game's first day in the public eye.
00:48:34 6/13/2018
The boys talk about what they want, and what they DON'T want to see in the new Smash Bros.
00:58:08 6/6/2018

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