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Bit 53 - Slender

Not having played enough spooky games, Alex turns to the Slender Man for assistance in his darkest hour.
00:16:01 10/17/2018

Past Episodes

Alex compares Luigi's Mansion with its sequel during October. How original.
00:27:20 10/10/2018
Right after going all-in on Ocarina of Time, Alex turns to Majora's Mask and gives it the same treatment. Because it'sspoooooky.
00:27:04 10/3/2018
Happy 50 episodes! In celebration, Alex and Anthony discuss all things Ocarina of Time. Does it hold up? Favorite temples? The Running Man's backstory? All here.
01:04:34 9/26/2018
Alex finished Octopath Traveler at long last. What does he think of it now?
00:40:17 9/19/2018
All aboard the Arctic Express while Alex describes A Hat in Time's DLC. Does it look good or do Gears For Breakfast have a Death Wish?
00:18:02 9/12/2018
Alex and his BRRROTHER reminisce on Metal Gear Solid now that it's 20 years old.
00:50:02 9/5/2018
Halfway into the game, Alex talks about his impressions of Square's newest RPG.
00:37:37 8/29/2018
Want to play lightning fast minigames that range from everyday activities to surreal situations to classic Nintendo references? You're in luck- Warioware is the series for you.
00:20:49 8/23/2018
A series that refuses to be labeled by any genre, Alex talks about Wario and his crazy minigame collections.
00:20:49 8/22/2018
Time for a Kirby history lesson, now that Daroach, Adeleine and Dark Meta Knight have joined Kirby Star Allies.
00:23:55 8/15/2018

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