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When your favorite show ends, we're just getting started. LIVE interactive podcasts take place on Youtube, right after the episode ends of shows like THE WALKING DEAD, GAME OF THRONES, 24 plus Netflix original shows like HOUSE OF CARDS. Post Show Recaps features Rob Cesternino from Rob Has a Podcast. See more at


The Walking Dead | Season 8B Preview Show

Rob Cesternino & Josh Wigler preview the second half of "The Walking Dead" Season 8 to prepare for Sunday's mid-season premiere
00:50:31 2/22/2018

Past Episodes

Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler recap the Season 3 premiere of "Game of Thrones", "Valar Dohaeris"
00:00:00 2/21/2018
Josh Wigler & Antonio Mazzaro discuss Season 1 of the Netflix original series, "Altered Carbon"
01:25:48 2/15/2018
Rob Cesternino and Jessica Liese recap the Season 1 Finale of Star Trek: Discovery, "Will You Take My Hand?"
00:52:50 2/13/2018
Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler rewatch Game of Thrones, Season 2, Episode 10 - Valar Morghulis
01:07:47 2/7/2018
Rob Cesternino recaps "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 1, Episode 14, "The War Without, The War Within" with Jessica Liese
00:40:22 2/5/2018
Jessica Liese and Nicole Cesternino discuss the first two seasons of "This Is Us" after the special post-Superbowl epsiode
01:14:34 2/5/2018
Josh Wigler (@roundhoward), Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) are together talking about the first two seasons of the NBC sitcom from creator Mike Schur.
01:44:12 2/4/2018
Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler re-watch "Game Of Thrones" Season 2, Episode 9, "Blackwater"
01:00:21 1/31/2018
Rob Cesternino recaps "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 1, Episode 13 , "What's Past is Prologue" with Jessica Liese
00:44:20 1/29/2018
Josh Wigler & Rob Cesternino rewatch Game Of Thrones, Season 2, Episode 8: The Prince of Winterfell
01:00:20 1/24/2018

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