Young and Happy

Back in NYC after six weeks on the road, Caleb reunites with his intern Glenny Balls and catches up on everything he missed. Caleb talks about leaving UFC 205 before the McGregor fight, and Glenny describes his understanding of the big bang theory.

00:48:00 11/15/2016

Past Episodes

On today's episode, we bring you our official diss track towards Mike The Bike. We also talk DJ Khaled's weight, Usher's sexual diseases, and a Weeknd Update. All that and more. This is Young & Happy.
33:12 7/21/2017
Mike The Bike has been fired from Young & Happy. Unfortunately, we recorded the episode before that happened, but we still bring you a quick update. Besides that, we talk Taxstone's involvement in the Troy Ave shooting, if Despacito is the biggest song out, and how much money the Weekend has made this year. All that and more. This is Young & Happy.
36:25 7/20/2017
On today's happy burst we are joined by New York Giant's safety Duke Ihenacho. We discuss R. Kelly's cult. We discuss Duke's taste in music. And we get to the bottom of why that U2 Album is still on everyone's phone. All this and more. This is Young & Happy.
39:28 7/19/2017
Things are not looking so happy at Young & Happy. Our intern, Mike The Bike, continues to misbehave and cause trouble for Producer Ben. After the feud became public, we found it necessary to address it on today's show. Things get very real. This is Young & Happy.
51:39 7/18/2017
Tex is back, and he has a contract. After negotiating terms, we have come to an agreement that allows Tex to officially become an associate of the program. Listen to today's episode to hear how it went down. This is Young & Happy.
33:09 7/14/2017
On today's episode, Caleb & Rone take a deep dive into the life of Calvin Harris. We talk about his upbringing, we talk about his love life, and most importantly we talk about the music. Buckle in and come along for the ride. This is Young & Happy.
01:09:24 7/13/2017
Is Tyler, The Creator really gay? Is Kim Jong-un becoming a festival promoter? And can we figure out who the father of Nicki Minaj's child is? All this and more on today's happy burst. This is Young & Happy.
24:32 7/12/2017
Green Day is not respecting the dead. Spotify is stealing money from artist's. And the guys from Savant join us to break down some contradicting lyrics in 21 Savage's new album. All this and more on today's happy burst. This is Young & Happy.
26:12 7/11/2017
Ke$ha is dropping diss tracks. Coldplay is talking to aliens. And 21 Savage's album is boomin. All this and more on today's happy burst. This is Young & Happy.
25:13 7/10/2017
Carly Rae Jepsen is back with the song-of-the-summer. Drake is calling the shots at Media Take Out. And we pick the winner of the MIke The Bike advice contest. All this and more on today's happy burst. This is Young & Happy.
32:24 7/7/2017

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