Barstool Rundown

1.Bobby Bowden
2. Family Feud
3. Kareem vs. The Bachelor
4. Paul Ryan Dab
5. Japanese Man Grudge
6. Newspaper DUI


Past Episodes

LeBron Dancing
Shaq's Reaction to Death
More Aaron Hernandez News
Roy Hibbert
Westbrook Press Conference
Stokke & Fowler
33:50 4/24/2017
Serena Williams
Inmate Fax Fail
Julia Roberts
Richard Simmons
33:50 4/20/2017
Aaron Hernandez
Gronk Crashing white house
Couple fucking at tennis match
Pigeon CPR
Elizabeth warren favorite Curse word Poop
Sports Playoffs
33:50 4/19/2017
NHL Playoffs
People Kissing a Kia
Kim Jong Un Haircut
Jazz Fan
24:00 4/18/2017
Zero Blog 30-23
Zack Rewnski
United CEO Meme
Migos Kid
Bowling Dude
26:37 4/17/2017
1. NY Post Guy Retires From Hot Women
2. Penguins Fan Stabbed with Screwdriver
3. Moe Harkless
4. Indians Protest
5. Kid drives car
26:37 4/13/2017
Tom Herman
Lindsey Pelas
Kane for Mayor
Oilers Owner Sex
26:37 4/12/2017
United Update
Sergios Fiance
Janet Jackson Prenup
You Trying To Pop?
50 Cent
26:37 4/11/2017
1. The Masters
2. Otis Nixon
3. United Airlines
4. Colorado Arrest Video
5. Florida Sherriff
26:37 4/10/2017
1. Curt Schilling Denies Negotiating for dummies
2. Texas Rangers Girl crying
3. Kid accepted to Stanford writing "#BlackLivesMatter"
4. Guy Texts Ex everyday
5. LaLa Land prom proposal
6. I'll Never suck dick again
7. Reds Prospect doing coke on snapchat
8. Guy eats 20 punches from chick
26:37 4/6/2017

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