Barstool Rundown

1. Mariah Carey
2. Musberger/Mixon
3. Nick Saban
4. Pacman vs. Talib
5. Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown
6. Girls Hoop
7. Ronda Rousey


Past Episodes

Bieber Church
Homerun Off The Head
Womens Hoops
Trump Trans Comment
24:25 7/26/2017
Lebron Mad Online
Isis Guy
Trump Eyebrows
24:25 7/25/2017
Kyrie Irving
British Open
Child Support
Lavar Ball
Trump Mr. Perfect
24:25 7/24/2017
Florida Vs. AT+T Truck
Jake Paul
UCF Student Suspended
Machete Vs. Garbage Can
24:25 7/20/2017
Chris Christie
Chad Johnson Imposter
Storage Pods in Japan
Cyclist Legs
Kliff Kingsbury
24:25 7/19/2017
Lucky Whitehead
USC Med School
Baby Reveals
Chris Christie
Ed Sheeran
24:25 7/18/2017
Nardini Texting
Ann Coulter
R. Kelly Sex Cult
Zeke Elliot
Aaron Carter
Goodell Butthurt
LPGA Dress Code
Gender Reveal
24:25 7/17/2017
Nate Dogg
Conor vs. Floyd
Sammy Sosa
Vegas Flight Grope
24:25 7/13/2017
McGregor vs. Mayweather
Trump Prayer
Nate WSOP Fold
McDonalds Poop
24:25 7/12/2017
Homerun Derby
Planet of the Apes Premiere
ICP Hostage
Trump Jr.
24:25 7/11/2017

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