Barstool Rundown

1) Kid hits golf ball ice
2) MTV video
3) Lena Dunham Abortion
4) NFL Security Guard Jerking Off
5) Trump N-Word


Past Episodes

Logan Coutoures Face
Dirty Jeans
101 Year Old Lady Dash
Blowjob Doll
Balls Blender
Dog Sniffs Owner
26:25 4/25/2017
LeBron Dancing
Shaq's Reaction to Death
More Aaron Hernandez News
Roy Hibbert
Westbrook Press Conference
Stokke & Fowler
33:50 4/24/2017
Serena Williams
Inmate Fax Fail
Julia Roberts
Richard Simmons
33:50 4/20/2017
Aaron Hernandez
Gronk Crashing white house
Couple fucking at tennis match
Pigeon CPR
Elizabeth warren favorite Curse word Poop
Sports Playoffs
33:50 4/19/2017
NHL Playoffs
People Kissing a Kia
Kim Jong Un Haircut
Jazz Fan
24:00 4/18/2017
Zero Blog 30-23
Zack Rewnski
United CEO Meme
Migos Kid
Bowling Dude
26:37 4/17/2017
1. NY Post Guy Retires From Hot Women
2. Penguins Fan Stabbed with Screwdriver
3. Moe Harkless
4. Indians Protest
5. Kid drives car
26:37 4/13/2017
Tom Herman
Lindsey Pelas
Kane for Mayor
Oilers Owner Sex
26:37 4/12/2017
United Update
Sergios Fiance
Janet Jackson Prenup
You Trying To Pop?
50 Cent
26:37 4/11/2017
1. The Masters
2. Otis Nixon
3. United Airlines
4. Colorado Arrest Video
5. Florida Sherriff
26:37 4/10/2017

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