Barstool Rundown

1. NFL Recap
2. Sheldon Richardson
3. McCaffery / Fournette
4. Lax Fight
5. Bryce Harper
6. Backyard Brawl
7. iPhone Chick
8. Bernard Hopkins
9. 8 Year Old RB
10. Ron Baker Posse
11. Deer in Gym


Past Episodes

Bieber Church
Homerun Off The Head
Womens Hoops
Trump Trans Comment
24:25 7/26/2017
Lebron Mad Online
Isis Guy
Trump Eyebrows
24:25 7/25/2017
Kyrie Irving
British Open
Child Support
Lavar Ball
Trump Mr. Perfect
24:25 7/24/2017
Florida Vs. AT+T Truck
Jake Paul
UCF Student Suspended
Machete Vs. Garbage Can
24:25 7/20/2017
Chris Christie
Chad Johnson Imposter
Storage Pods in Japan
Cyclist Legs
Kliff Kingsbury
24:25 7/19/2017
Lucky Whitehead
USC Med School
Baby Reveals
Chris Christie
Ed Sheeran
24:25 7/18/2017
Nardini Texting
Ann Coulter
R. Kelly Sex Cult
Zeke Elliot
Aaron Carter
Goodell Butthurt
LPGA Dress Code
Gender Reveal
24:25 7/17/2017
Nate Dogg
Conor vs. Floyd
Sammy Sosa
Vegas Flight Grope
24:25 7/13/2017
McGregor vs. Mayweather
Trump Prayer
Nate WSOP Fold
McDonalds Poop
24:25 7/12/2017
Homerun Derby
Planet of the Apes Premiere
ICP Hostage
Trump Jr.
24:25 7/11/2017

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