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College basketball season is back and we miss Dickie V calling the big UNC/Duke game (2:57 -12:00). Charles Oakley vs James Dolan and a power rankings of ex-athletes you would least want to fight (12:00 - 18:40). Super Bowl Champion Chris Long joins the show to talk about Bill Belichick smiling, what the halftime locker room was like in the Super Bowl, and the first 15 minutes after winning the big game (18:40 - 40:22). Segments include Mike Greenberg's dumb rules, Sabermetrics, Perspective, Respect the Biz, As A White Guy, Emergency Who's Back, PR 101 for Sean Spice on how to deal with big J Journalists and Jimbos of the week.

75:15 2/9/2017

Past Episodes

Ladies (sup) and gentlemen, we present to you the 2017 takie awards, the only award show by guys for dudes that love takes. Warm up for the takies includes OJ talk (2:32 -7:15) and the Mt Rushmore of old takes/dumb things we thought when we were kids (7:15 - 21:25). The Takies include awards for Take of the year, snowflake of the year, journalist press box complaint of the year, podcast listeners of the year, the Nyquist award for biggest fraud of the year, special guest appearances from Rachel Nichols, Mark Titus, Chris Long, Michael Rapaport and much much much much much more
81:24 7/20/2017
The middle of summer is upon us which means someone in the NFL is in trouble. Is it Lonzo Ball's league now because he won Summer League MVP?(4:37-5:33) Hot Seat/Cool Throne (7:20-15:50) and the return of All Business Pete. Mt Rushmore of non mainstream sports(15:52-25:05). JJ Watt joins the show for Part 2 of his interview including a rundown of all his regrettable social media posts based on a 1 to 99 scale(25:33-58:03). Segments include Trouble in Paradise for the Redskins(1:01:15-1:03:45), Thoughts and Prayers(1:03:47-1:05:35), People Forget That(1:05:36-1:07:00) and Guys on Chicks(1:08:55-1:16:10).
80:57 7/18/2017
Before we get to the long awaited JJ Watt interview the guys talk Mayweather/McGregor and Lonzo Ball. Who's Back of the Week including Ryan Lochte, Magic Johnson and Mark Cuban (8:50-13:20). Mt Rushmore of types of friends (13:23-22:50). Houston Texan JJ Watt joins the show from his log cabin in Wisconsin for Part 1 of his 2 Part interview(23:11-53:10). Talk about the Uhhh Hey JJ movement, Football, injuries, and whether or not he has an alibi for Making a Murderer. Segments include Talking Tennis for the Wimbledon Final(54:17-57:21), Humans vs The Sun with a bonus PFT theory that the Sun may not actually be hot(57:22-59:50). Talking Thrones by guys that don't watch Game of Thrones(59:53-1:01:56). PR 101 for D'Onta Foreman (1:01:59-1:04:02) and Emergency Football Guy Of The Week(1:04:03-1:05:27).
69:55 7/16/2017
The guys are back in studio and it's a Mayweather/McGregor World. The Cubs and White Sox execute a big trade(6:13-8:50). Mt Rushmore of annoying office people with special guest producer All Business Pete(14:52- 27:15). Former New York Yankee Mark Teixeira joins the show to talk about his baseball career, Aaron Judge, A-Rod, and being teammates with Derek Jeter(28:40-58:15). Segments include Emergency Football Guy Of The Week, Bad Visual for Sammy Sosa(1:00:12-1:01:45), Hmmm for Lebron wearing purple(1:01:50-1:02:10), Talking Tennis and Soccer(1:06:25-1:08:32) and Billy Football's Higher Education(1:09:35-1:16:35)
79:55 7/13/2017
The guys are still in Miami, dying of heat exhaustion, and spending their off time living with a ghost. Recap of the 2017 ASG that didn't mean anything and the Home Run Derby that was awesome (2:40-10:20). We have an official Ghost diagnosis from a Paranormal Investigator and it turns out we are in fact haunted (11:54-17:18). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (17:20-28:31). Joe Buck joins the show to talk about calling 2 of the craziest games in sports in the past year (Cubs World Series and Patriots Super Bowl Comeback), whether or not he's been thinking about Big Cat every time the camera zooms in on his face, why we should all stick to sports, and the Mt Rushmore of Voices (29:48-1:02:35). Segments include Mayweather/McGregor update (1:04:50-1:07:02), Put one in his earhole Nelson Cruz and Joe West(1:07:03-1:09:53), Stay Woke the Freeze lost his foot race but was it actually the Freeze and is Jeffery Loria counting fake attendance (1:09:54-1:15:07), and a Cease and Desist to Mark Cuban (1:15:08-1:18:16).
69:55 7/11/2017
We are live from the MLB All Star Game in Miami and we're facing a little advertisy. Sucking at journalism, a hotel guest that decided to just not leave the room we booked and a ghost (2:19 - 7:10). Mt Rushmore of ways to stay cool in the summer (7:10 - 13:32). Who's back of the week (13:32 - 20:50). Former MLB Catcher AJ Pierzynski joins the show to talk about baseball, the art of catching, what it was like to be hated, his fight with Michael Barrett, and how often Hawk Harrelson calls him for pillow talk (20:50 - 51:02). Segments include Mike Greenberg's Dumb Rules for the All Star Game. Just Chill Out Man for Darren Rovell. Put one in his earhole for the guy mad about snacks and the Indians fan angry at sex. Drunk Ideas and thats enough internet for today.
69:55 7/9/2017
The guys are back in studio to recap 4th of July holiday and all that happened in NBA Free Agency (3:13 - 11:50). Bonus Who's Back/Hot Seat/Cool Throne (11:55 - 15:05). Jon Taffer joins the show to talk about the bar business, listen to our business pitches and the Mt Rushmore of shitty bar attributes (16:26 -1:01:42). Segments include Guy's on Chicks for Rickie Fowler (1:02:11 - 1:04:01), Guy's on guy's for the Brazilian soccer team (1:04:03 - 1:06:31), PR 101 for Fox Sports(1:09:09 - 1:12:40), Peter King ate the trash again (1:06:32-1:07:52), Talking Tennis (1:07:54 - 1:09:08) and Higher Education with Billy Football(1:13:14 - 1:21:40)
83:17 7/6/2017
Special 4th of July edition (2 hour episode). The guys breakdown the upcoming NBA free agency by predicting where each player will go. (2:20 - 14:17) We talk to Danny Woodhead about the 4th of July, Kool Aid, and the pledge of allegiance (14:17 - 18:39). Blake Bortles joins us for a Wikipedia club meeting on the 4th of July as well as a Mt Rushmore of Boat activities (20:42 - 40:56). Joey Chesnut comes on to talk about the 4th of July hotdog eating competition in Coney Island (41:38 - 53:26). Bo Pelini joins for a Mt. Rushmore of angry coaches live from Vanny Woodhead + 2 bonus interviews that you will have to listen to in order to find out who they are.
02:02:05 7/2/2017
4th of July weekend is here and Knicks fans are officially free. Chris Paul traded and is it time for Cubs fans to hit the panic button (8:44-11:13). Former NFL lineman Ross Tucker joins the show to talk football, media, and Mt Rushmore of Patriots (New England and American)(14:44-41:30):. Segments include PR 101 for Jim Irsay(43:08-46:15). Respect the Biz for Lou Williams(48:10-50:55). NASA Update. Stay Woke are we Russian Spies?(53:02-54:48) And our newest segment "Higher Education"(56:45-1:04:08)
66:41 6/29/2017
It's summer time so that means it's time to have stupid arguments no one cares about. This week it's can Serena Williams beat men in tennis (2:30 - 4:50). Russ Westbrook gets his MVP, Lavar Ball is a wrestling phenom (4:50 - 8:50). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (8:50 - 18:25). Mt Rushmore of Middle School lunch snacks (18:25 - 28:17) . 11th pick in the NBA draft Malik Monk joins us to talk about playing MJ 1 on 1, how many points he'll score in the NBA, and what type of Coach John Calipari is (28:17 - 41:42). We also include some of our highlights from our guest hosting appearance on Kentucky Sports Radio (41:42 - 52:30). Segments include Trouble in Paradise for Vince Young/Jeff Fisher, PR 101 James Harrison, Bad Visual for the UFC Fighter that pooped herself and Guys on Chicks.
66:17 6/27/2017

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