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College basketball season is back and we miss Dickie V calling the big UNC/Duke game (2:57 -12:00). Charles Oakley vs James Dolan and a power rankings of ex-athletes you would least want to fight (12:00 - 18:40). Super Bowl Champion Chris Long joins the show to talk about Bill Belichick smiling, what the halftime locker room was like in the Super Bowl, and the first 15 minutes after winning the big game (18:40 - 40:22). Segments include Mike Greenberg's dumb rules, Sabermetrics, Perspective, Respect the Biz, As A White Guy, Emergency Who's Back, PR 101 for Sean Spice on how to deal with big J Journalists and Jimbos of the week.

75:15 2/9/2017

Past Episodes

NFL Week 11 preview including the good games and the Tom Savage vs Blaine Gabbert matchup(2:05-12:30). We pay homage to Mike and Mike's last show with a tribute song remembering all the good times(12:31-17:31). Chad Millman joins us to talk about his career as a Big J Journalist, how we can be smarter gamblers, what the bookmakers in Vegas know that we don't and his GUARANTEED winner lock of the week(18:43-35:32). 3X Super Bowl Champion Mark Schlereth joins the show (37:01-58:39) to talk about the 2017 NFL season thus far, what's wrong with the Broncos, and how much he lifts, not to brag (WATCH THE RETURN OF EXIT INTERVIEWS WITH MARK SCHLERETH). Segments include Fantasy Fuckbois (1:02:50-1:05:38), Grumors(1:06:20-1:07:40), People forget that the Giants are still under investigation(1:07:41-1:08:16), Uhhh ya think for Alabama and Auburn fans shooting each other(1:08:20-1:10:03), and Jimbos of the week(1:10:04-1:18:28)?
79:17 11/16/2017
Grayson Allen hating season is officially back and the return of College Basketball is official (2:02- 7:18). The new College Football rankings are released and Tiger Woods seems to be ready to dominate again (7:17 - 14:12). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including a stay woke that Apple is making all of our old iPhones shitty so we're forced to buy the new one (14:12 - 23:42). 2X Super Bowl Champion Julian Edelman joins the show to talk about his new book "Relentless", how he made it in the NFL as an unheralded college player, whats it like playing in the Super Bowl and Questions from a first grader (more Julian Edelman coming next Wednesday with great Tom Brady/Bill Belichick stories) (23:42 - 63:43). Embrace Debate which Sex in the City character is Lebron James? Hmmmm for Kansas basketball player Billy Preston crashing his car, Sorry not Sorry for Papa John, People forget that the NY Giants are still under investigation and Guys on Chicks.
81:37 11/14/2017
Fastest 2 Minutes from Week 11 and a full recap of the weekend of Football (2:02 - 7:53). The NFL is going to kick Jerry Jones out of the league, maybe ( 7:53 - 21:02). Who's Back of the Week and Football Guy of the Week (21:02 - 31:38). Frank Caliendo joins the show to talk about his career, what it was like working for pregame Football shows, how much money he's worth and a script reading Scarface (31:38 - 61:50). Segments include Mike Greenbergs Dumb Rules, Sabermetrics for the Giants, Uhhh Ya Think for Josh Beckett, Whats the internet mad at today and Thats enough internet.
78:37 11/12/2017
Color Rush Thursday was on fire with Seahawks lime green jerseys, Russ Wilson's fake concussion and Richard Sherman injury watch ( 2:02 - 9:09). We imagine what it would be like if Bruce Arians started wearing a G.I.L.I booty suit and NFL Week 10 Picks (9:09 - 20:17). Fantasy Fuckbois gets you ready for the weekend (20:17 - 22:23). Peter King joins the show to explain Jerry Jones and Ezekiel Elliot to us like we're 5 years old and we also ask him what happens when he decides to eat the twitter trash (27:51 - 50:32). Segments include Uhh Ya Think for OJ Simpson, Spinzone for ARod Corp, Hurt or Injured for Vince Carter and Ned Yost, Radio Wars for Mike Felger saying Roy Halladay's death was deserved, Humans vs the Sun and Bill Nye is a Fraud. Emergency Jimbo for Big Cat having another "accident" and the return of Roasts.
79:32 11/9/2017
NBA Drama and Lebron expre

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