Holmberg's Morning Sickness

We hadn't gambled on the ghouls in some time and when we decided to wager on U-Guys this morning you didn't disappoint! Or did you?

00:23:34 1/11/2017

Past Episodes

Guadalupe Squares Friday July 21, 2017 - Today's Squares guests included our boss the Trip Reeb, President Donald Trump, Progeria Jerry Lewis, late Valley resident WWE Wrestler The Ultimate Warrior and the center square the 'Brooding Goth' Brady Bogen, among others.
18:05 7/21/2017
Entertainment Drill Friday July 21, 2017 -
10:33 7/21/2017
Comedian Paul Virzi dropped by the studio to talk about his upcoming comedy special, using Twitter, parenting, youth sports and to promote his weekend performances at Stand Up Live downtown (central & washington). For tickets/info for SUL call 480.719.6100 or click to www.standuplive.com
23:48 7/21/2017
Entertainment Drill Thursday July 20, 2017 -
14:32 7/20/2017
It was Dick Toledo's birthday today so we of course determine what we get each other by playing trivia for prizes off of TV and QVC. Today Toledo's gaming partner was none other than our sister station mid-day maniac Ian Camfield
14:39 7/20/2017
Our former morning radio colleague from down the hall, Ian Camfield, dropped in for his weekly visit to talk about his experiences and stories about Guns N Roses and more!
20:29 7/20/2017

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