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Sean Davis (The Federalist) on Obama gun control speech "It was a nice admission of how he views laws". New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie "we've got a message that's resonating here because we're trying to include the whole party".

1:09:42 1/6/2016

Past Episodes

Guest Host John Hinderaker welcomes Senator Roger Wicker (Mississippi) Former DEA agent Jeff Prather.
01:15:00 7/21/2017
Guest Host John Hinderaker welcomes Dan Perkins, Author of the Brotherhood Of The Red Nile trilogy, and Fox News and Fox Business Network Host Melissa Francis.
01:15:00 7/20/2017
The Best Of The Laura Ingraham Show
01:15:00 7/19/2017
Guest Host John Hinderaker welcomes Economist Steve Moore and Congresswoman Nan Hayworth.
01:15:00 7/18/2017
Guest Host John Hinderaker welcomes:
RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel and No Campus For White Men Author Scott Greer.
01:15:00 7/17/2017
Alan Dershowitz - Lawyer, Jurist & Author; Fmr. Harvard Law Professor on Donald Trump Jr Russian Meeting: "It is problematic but it's not illegal"

Tucker Carlson - Host of Tucker Carlson Tonight on the Fox News Channel on Trump Russia issues: "I've never seen hysteria like this"
01:15:00 7/14/2017
Craig Shirley - Author, Lecturer, Historian and Public Affairs Consultant.
"It's beyond reckless to say what Reagan would've done"

Sen. Rand Paul - U.S. Senator from Kentucky on Trump/Russia relations:
"I really think the hysteria over it is partisan politics"
01:15:00 7/13/2017
Mark Halperin: 'Donald Trump Is Actually Tougher on Russia than Previous Presidents'
01:15:00 7/12/2017
Newt Gingrich: 'The Trump Administration Will Have a Civil War with the Bureaucracy for the Entire 8 Years in Office'
01:15:00 7/11/2017
VP Pence: 'President Trump Drops His Call for a Joint Cyber Security Team With Russia; Not a Good Idea After All'
01:15:00 7/10/2017

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