s1 ep1: Using astrology to help you thrive in 2017, with Stephanie Gailing

Stephanie Gailing isnt your average astrologer. The Cornell- and NYU-educated healer has astral insights that will change not only the way you read your horoscope, but how to apply what's happening up there to your life down here. After this episode, you'll know how to survive and thrive in 2017--regardless of who you voted for. You'll also be prepared for Venus, who goes retrograde in March. Buckle up!


Past Episodes

Did Christina get all of her questions answered? Will she write a lullaby for her next child? Plus, the real reason she thinks she finally got pregnant.
Today we're talking to Dr. Julie Von about the powerful, complex and and very emotional link between spirituality and fertility. Dr. Von is a Manhattan-based holistic doctor who merges her medical education with intuition into a method called Psychic Fertility. Through her unconventional approach and wisdom, she has assisted countless couples and individuals in conceiving and carrying healthy children into the world.

I asked my dear friend Christina to join the conversation as her own fertility journey shed light on a topic that I, admittedly, know very little about.
Phil has an aha moment about living a more self-full life and Elizabeth gets on her spiritual soap box.
Dreams have helped Darla Antoine navigate every major life transition and decisions, from divorce to moving to another country to starting a life with a near-stranger. Todays she's here to help us with our dreams as divine guidance.

But first, a love story for the ages.
Elizabeth gives producer Derek a hard time for being a skeptic and for having fish. But we can agree that questioning conventional wisdom is always the courageous path.
Bonnie Illies is an animal intuitive and energy healer who has helped thousands of animals suffering from chronic illnesses and behavior issues. For 20 years she has healed dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits, fish, ferrets and even dairy cows when nothing and no one else could. Bonnie has a gift for identifying and treating the root of the problem, not just treating the symptoms. In so many ways, she speaks for our animals when they can't speak for themselves.
HEALERS producers Derek and Phil further debunk the millennial mindset for Elizabeth, plus discuss how the man card continues to make therapy taboo for the male population.
Kaleigh Frey is a therapist who specializes in millennials and is a miliennial herself. But her message is ageless. It's time to replace comparison with self-compassion, negative self-talk with intentional self-care. Today we're going to talk about some about some of tools she uses in her practice that you can implement today to heal whatever's holding you back from the life that you deserve.
Join Elizabeth, Jes Rosenberg and HEALERS producer Derek Wetmore after the show as they geek out even more on mindfulness. This is where let our freak flags fly, recapping and diving deeper into Season 2, Episode 1.
Jes Rosenberg is a national yoga educator, Reiki master, and the creator of The Adventures of Super Stretch, an interactive fitness program and app developed to give children a physical outlet to express and empower themselves in a healthy and happy way. She has been practicing yoga and wellness since the early 1990s - long before it was cool or there was this thing called lululemon and teaching for more than 16 years. Whether you're a parent, a yogi or just getting started with this who woo woo business, you can benefit from Jess mission to help us all come home to our minds, bodies and hearts.

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