Romantically Challenged (AUS)

Sami Lukis and guests chat about the crazy world of dating in your 40s. From dating disasters to funny sex stories and the challenges of modern dating, nothing is off limits! Journalist and author Sami and her guests create their own tribe for people trying to navigate the jungle of modern dating as well as those who love hearing a good dating story.


Romantically Challenged (AUS)

Dealing With Rejection

Why does rejection hurt so much? Psychologist Rachel Voysey's answer might surprise you. Rejection is an inevitable part of dating so Sami Lukis chats to Psychologist Rachel about how we can get better at dealing with it...and the answer involves Tim Tams.
00:48:59 10/2/2018

Past Episodes

Romantically Challenged (AUS)
Are You Dating a Narcissist?
Megan Holgate dated a narcissist, and he nearly ruined her life. But how can you tell a selfish person from a narcissist?Megan opens up to Sami Lukis about the warning signs she ignored, the damage it did to her self esteem and how she built herself back up after the relationship.

Romantically Challenged (AUS)
Who Wears The Trousers Now?
Bachelorette winner Stu Laundy is a reluctant single who finds modern dating (and modern women) terrifying. Sami Lukis debates with Stu whether or not his assessment that women nowadays are "too sexually aggressive" is fair.

Romantically Challenged (AUS)
Getting Back In The Dating Game
How do you know if you're ready to date again? News presenter Jacinta Tynan took 2 years off dating after the breakdown of her longterm relationship. Jacinta opens up to Sami Lukis about finding herself again and the exact moment she knew she was ready to date again.

Romantically Challenged (AUS)
Things Your Married Friends Say
Sami Lukis chats with author Kerri Sackville about the hilariously misguided things people say to you when you're single, Kerri's experience of online dating and the positive things about being single and dating in your 40s.

Romantically Challenged (AUS)
The Male Experience
Peter is a divorced dad in his 50s looking to settle down again. Sami Lukis chats to Peter about what his experience of dating has been, what kind of women he encounters and what his perception was of Sami the first time he saw her.

Romantically Challenged (AUS)
Healing Through Sex
Before her divorce Cassie thought she wasn't 'That girl', the girl who has casual sex. Then after her divorce she tried it and liked it! Sami Lukis chats to Cassie about what it's like being a larger lady in the modern dating world, how casual sex has empowered her and why she won't date a man who has a fishing picture on his profile.

Romantically Challenged (AUS)
Can You Be An Expert At Dating?
Katia Loisel is a relationship and body language expert who admits that it's tough out there! When she found herself single again after her divorce, she realised just how different and difficult modern dating can be. Sami Lukis and Katia chat about the judgement people passed on her for being divorced dating expert, how you'll know if you are ready to date again and tips for reading your date's body language.

Romantically Challenged (AUS)
Intimate Conversations With Men
Samantha X has had plenty of raw, honest chats with men about love, sex and relationships in her line of work. As Australia's highest paid escort she says that the sex industry is the only thing not driven by sex because the sex is guaranteed. Sami Lukis chats with Samantha X about how men view sex and intimacy, the types of women her clients want and Sami learns some tricks of the trade from Samantha X

Romantically Challenged (AUS)
Sex With A New Partner
Nadia Bokody is a sex positive journalist who focuses on encouraging women to embrace their sexual needs and desires. Sami Lukis and Nadia discuss having sex with someone new after being with a long term partner, the orgasm gap and changing sexual trends.

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