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Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

William Shatner

William Shatner, actor, joins us along with panelists Roy Blount, Jr., Helen Hong, and Luke Burbank.
00:50:33 12/15/2018

Past Episodes

On this week's episode, Faith talks with the show's staff about job hazards, and we discover Peter's favorite day of the week. With Ian Chillag, Michael Danforth, Robert Neuhaus, Lorna White, Philip Goedicke, Miles Doornbos, Jennifer Mills, and Doug Berman.
00:37:14 12/11/2018
Candice Bergen, actor, joins us along with panelists Paula Poundstone, Faith Salie, and Peter Grosz.
00:50:15 12/8/2018
Peter Farrelly, producer, joins us along with panelists Bim Adewunmi, Brian Babylon, and Tom Papa.
00:50:00 12/1/2018
This Thanksgiving, we revisit our interviews with Cyndi Lauper, Bassem Youseff, Mayim Bialik, David Wise, and Bradley Whitford.
00:49:21 11/24/2018
Will Alonzo ever settle down? And what did Roxanne say about the Queen that nearly toppled the monarchy? Find out on this week's Wait Wait Naked and Ashamed.
00:29:16 11/20/2018
Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic joins us, along with panelists Tara Clancy, Mo Rocca, and Adam Felber.
00:49:24 11/17/2018
On this week's show, we learn PJ's origin story, Maz sings a love song and Helen ticks one off her bucket list.
00:32:09 11/6/2018
Kevin Kwan, author of Crazy Rich Asians, joins us along with panelists Helen Hong, Adam Burke, and Faith Salie.
00:49:55 11/3/2018
On this 20th Anniversary celebration of WWDTM, NPR journalists Nina Totenberg and Robert Siegel join us along nearly all of our panelists.
00:49:58 10/27/2018
Today, legendary anchorman Bill Kurtis tells Faith Salie about the tornado that changed his life and how Taco Bell almost ruined it.
00:26:18 10/23/2018

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